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Woody Harrelson: You're Undead to Me, TMZ - REDIRECT

4/10/2009 6:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Good for Woody Harrelson. The paparazzi are completely out of control. Being an actor or movie star should not mean that people have to give up their privacy, especially when they are with their children. We need to put a stop to these stalker photographers. It is out of control.

1960 days ago


I'm a cameraman in the UK and I started watching this clip thinking how terrible it is that a Hollywood star assaults a photographer. However after hearing your cameraman's persistent whining, hysterical and aggressive provocation I'm starting to think that he deserved everything he got. He obviously wanted to provoke a confrontation in a most unpleasant way.

1960 days ago


GO WOODY!! After the altercation started, the photographer followed you to your car? THAT'S ASSAULT!!

1960 days ago


I think the United States Senate should pass a law allowing the beatings of TMZ employees and all paparazzi.


1960 days ago


I hate those press guys, they never can leave someone alone, for me Woody did the right thing and he even warned him one time but the guy still did follow him around provoking him, no wonder his camera is broken.

Woody should have broken his face instead, i would do exactly the same, if they want to make a video or photos, then do it the civilized way by making an appointment with his agent. That he is an Actor an famous dosent mean he is their puppet and he has to do what the press wants.

Get a life TMZ and start treating the stars with respect.

1960 days ago

Michael Willems    

This type of behavious is inexcusable - and even more inexcusable is that most people here defend Mr Harrelson.

Seems to me that it is never OK to assault people. He looks to me like a typical high school bully - using aggression to cover up weakness. Sad. A photographer may be annoying, but it is not illegal to take pictures of people, especially not celebreties.

1960 days ago

Michael Willems    

..oh and it seems to me also that I would be concerned for his daughter. He has issues, that is very clear.

1960 days ago


With all the harassment that Pap was giving him, I'm surprised Woody didn't do more to him. That Pap is a weak loser hoping to sue Woody for an easy buck instead of getting a real job and earning money. What did he hope to accomplish by harassing Woody and his daughter? How would he or anyone react with someone stalking from 5 feet away while walking with their daughter???

1960 days ago

Ozzie the Aussie    

Hey you "boofhead" yanks - 1. Have some respect for privacy 2. don't buy this TMZ rubbish which contributes exactly nothing to the planet 3. America .... GROW UP - it's buying this "pap-crap' that lead to the death of the Princess of Wales (someone who did contribute) 4. Yanks - you CAN IMPROVE your international image (you look like a pack of drongos, galahs and wombats) 5. check out Australia and learn how not to be blockheads!!

1960 days ago


I couldn't agree more, paparazzi, especially TMZ are the most annoying and invasive people on the planet. I'm happy he did what he did and you can tell the photographer was setting him up yelling "this is assault, this is assault" just so he could make a story, it's brutal how these photographers can stalk people and they always seem to be the "victim", let some outside cameramen follow them around all day and see how they do what they do, i'm sure you'll find more illegal stuff than what Harrelson did.

1960 days ago


The dude sure did get what he deserves. hes annoying- and after he got is a*& kicked- he keeps following woody and verbally harassing him? What an idiot- i would have wiped up the floor with him- what was this,a setup to get your ass kicked? Mr. photog- you deserved much more than you got- go into sales, you are clearly an annoying wimp and sales is a much batter line of work for you-

1960 days ago


Come on TMZ, granted, Woody should never place his hands on another person. But come on, the pap continued to follow him and antagonize him. Give me a break!!

1960 days ago


Brilliant, Woody! Paps are vultures, anyway, and need to have their flocks thinned.

1960 days ago


if he were a zombie, he'd at least have a legitimate reason for stalking.

has this guy ever heard "no means no"? he needs to have his lame azz kicked. good for woody.

1960 days ago


I believe the camera man got what he deserved...Woody is a person and has a right to privacy just like everyone else. The camera kept instigating the issue by following him and kept yelling at Woody. If I were Woody I would had knocked his head off!

1960 days ago
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