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The Fonz

Jew Gotta Love Easter, Too!

4/11/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Henry Winkler took a break from the gas pumpin' to offer a holiday shout out to everyone out there -- Jews and goyum alike -- because nobody appreciates matzo and painted eggs like The Fonz!

Henry Winkler: Click to watch


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that 'razzo is a RAT.    

14. All you painted egg people need to lighten the hell up, and I mean right now. He was a nice guy making a nice comment and you @ssholes are going out of your way to be insulted. All you idiots snarking that Jews don't understand the significance of Easter need to know that Passover is the the most important Hiliday of the years for us. Do you understand the significance of matza? Do you know that the Ladt Supper was a Passover Sedar? Incidentally, the egg is something that has significance for both Holidays. Did you know that? Reallly people. STFU! It's Christians like you that giver all of them a bad name.

PS Henry Winkler seems like the nicest guy ever.

Posted at 11:20AM on Apr 11th 2009 by Sara

Get over yourself, Sara. If I didn't know the "significance " of a Jewish holiday, should I just dismiss it by saying something like Dradle, Dradle. Dradle, they made it out of clay...or should I just keep quiet and say NOTHING about any of it, so as not to offend people who take their religion seriously? That's what he should of done. He's insulting Christians whether he meant or not, and whether he realizes it or not. You know how I know? It's because I'M Christian and I found his comment INSULTING.

You seem like a bit of a bitch, Sara, so the fact that you think Henry seems like the nicest guy ever doesn't really mean too much, does it? Do you think Billy Bob Thorton seems like a nice guy, too?

2030 days ago

Perro Loco    

Christians- don't get mad at the Jews, because your holiday has been taken over by a large rodent who hops around leaving chocolate eggs. More people will be celebrating the arrival of the Easter Bunny than the TRUE meaning of Easter! Sad, but true.


2029 days ago


Rabbits aren't rodents, they're lagamorphs. And as a Christian, I see nothing wrong in what Henry Winkler said. Oh, and Sara, perhaps you should do some more research into your own religion and learn that it is "seder", not "sedar". Before you try to school someone, make sure you're schooling them properly. And did you know, Sara dear, that in the Good Friday services, Catholics prayer for the Jews, who were the first to know the Lord? Catholicism doesn't ignore the Hebrew tradition, we embrace it because we COME from it.

2029 days ago


Passover is for all people not just jews..Easter is a Pagan stupid holiday....STUDY STUDY and READ

2029 days ago

I bet the fonz does passover and easter. check out the tweet idea of passover in 140 characters here

2029 days ago

jen newman    

harvey levin, as a Jewish person yourself, why would you use such a crass line as "Jew Gotta Love Easter, Too.?" Let me explain your ignorance: the correct info is that his name is Henry Winkler and he is Jewish. You should not speak of anyone of any religion in those terms you did. Shows a total lack of respect, especially your own self-respect, if you have any. You should be ashamed of yourself. Believe me, it does not add to your limited readership at all and serves to offend...

Jen Newman

2029 days ago


Neither Levin nor Winkler are practicing Jews...few are these days, most just make claim to the Creed when it is of benefit to them---ala, minority status, sounds good in certain professions (banking,accounting,legal,medical) everyone relax, these are not the type of Jews who will fight to the death for Israel. They are however the types to cry foul about every other Creed and generally all tend to be Democrats, even though Democrats are getting queasy about support of Israel these days. Suddenly its the in thing to be in support of Oy Vey...

2029 days ago


Hey TMZ, you're use of the derogatory slur against non-Jews, "GOYUM", is duly noted. Don't suppose you have the chutzpah to slur blacks by using the "N" word, do you, and I'm sure any anti-semitic or otherwise race based comments or behaviors from celebrities would catch them hell fire on here. Hypocrites.

2029 days ago


I wonder if he's pumping regular or Supreme?

2029 days ago


Like you lousy sob's wouldna killed em." He would be actively speaking out on your rascist neighborhoods/churchs, hard drug preoccupation, addiction to violence and porn, idol worship (money, status ), using credit, etc... He wouldn't have been able to minister for the 3 years we let barbarians would've killed him within a week!. Get off your high horses and stop throwing stones from glass (crack) houses (with giant mortgages you can't/will never be able to afford).

2029 days ago

Jaimie Gebrochtz    

Moadim Lesimcha Henry!
We love you and your painted eggs!

2029 days ago


First of all, the mispelling is because I was quite angy at the time I typed, hence the typos. Second, "sedar", is also an acceptable spelling of the ceremony. Thirdly, I wasn't a bitch when I started reading these posts, but when all you whiners starting crying because a non-Christian had the audacity to refference one of the more superficial aspects of Easter, you all freaked out. What would you have considered a better-natured comment from him? Speaking of superficial, a "dreidle" is used at Chanukah, not Passover. Do I get to chew everyone out for not understanding the history behind every Jewish Holiday? Bottom line, a nice guy made a pleasant comment wishing Jews and Christians a happy respective Holiday and all of you got your panties in a bunch. But to those of you who do use the occasion of Passover to pray that Jews be converted, Thanks, we're doing just fine.

And finally, yes, my mother is very proud of me.

2027 days ago

Interracial facial    

Leave the Fonz and his tribe alone. He's the only TV show character who ever made Italians look good. This invitation for anti-semitism would have better spent on pop genius turned lady killer Phil Spector.

2026 days ago
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