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Phil Spector Mug Shot -- Something's Fishy

4/13/2009 10:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil SpectorPhil Spector's mug shot -- taken today after he was convicted of 2nd degree murder in the death Lana Clarkson.


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Bout damn time!!!!

1934 days ago


"If the devil does not exist, and man has therefore created him, he has created him in his own image and likeness."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

1934 days ago


How long will a face like THAT last in the big house?

1934 days ago


Man, he is ugly!

1934 days ago


The life of Phil Spector is one of countless tragedies. The first and foremost, being the senseless murder of Lana Clarkson, a star-crossed woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. Secondly is, of course, the tragedy of mental illness. And, ever-more common-place, is what can become the tragic consequences of the over-inflated egos and influences of the rich and powerful. I first learned of secrets being hidden behind the gates of Spector’s castle many years ago, in an article published in the Rolling Stone, if I’m not mistaken. It told of his child or children being kept behind locked doors while Spector carried on throughout the night with his other “chosen captives”. Basically, to me, it was a tale of terror. It was my first glimpse of the demons that possessed a man I once idolized as a true genius in the recording industry. I’m sure, that on more than one occasion, throughout the many years of “Dr. Phil’s” rantings and ravings, he was advised to seek help with his demons. I’m just as sure that his over-inflated ego kept him from seeing the insanity of his ways and from seeking much needed psychological help. I’ve also almost got to believe that Ms. Clarkson was probably not the first to meet and un-timely death at his hands. I’m sure that there have been countless cover-ups, known only to a select few. People bought and sold, if not by wealth, then by the power and influence of Spector’s fame. Undoubtedly, his wealth influenced at least one juror during his first trial and bought him an additional six months of debauchery. I’m also sure that his ego kept him from allowing a plea of “not guilty, due to the reason of insanity.” The later, a blessing for the poor souls who suffered at this madman’s hands. A life, and lives, undone by mental illness, coupled with the excesses of wealth, power and influence. Truly a “Hollywood” story…. coming soon to a theater near you!!!!

1934 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

Jebus, that dude is a full blown raving wacko; look at that scary mug.

So long, spector; you'll be living the rest of your wierdo life behind bars...

1934 days ago

Alexandra Datig    

Judge Larry Paul Fidler is a hero to all women who have ever been abused by a Hollywood Monster like Spector.

1934 days ago


if in his words if he is right about her committing suicide , think about it, he was so ugly she would rather kill herself than to sleep with him. man what a loser, got fame, money, and could have got a hooker or alot of females gold diggers here in LA (85% are) but he couldnt stand NO for an answer. well funny now maybe he will get a roommate in jail who is much bigger and mean that will make him his bitch and wont except NO for an answer now that would be justice !

1934 days ago


6 years of freedom for this little twrip with the high falootin mop he wears as a hair piece. Should've been jailed after the first trial. Truly guilty. They say the eyes are the window to a persons soul, where is his? Those who watched the first trial would only have to look at his dark gaze and could see guilt written all over. Not only what happened to his first wife, but also his adopted boys, caged up like animals. Who in their right mind invites women over for a social drink and decide to
bring a gun out and either stick it in their face or downright say he will shoot them if they leave. Mental I say and nothing more. Their have been many men and women alike who have made a tremendous amount to the society and turn mentally unstable. Not all but some do. Now won't his sons and lana's family have a right to what is left of his estate? Maybe thats what is wife was crying about. Little man with a HUGE control issue. I hope he lasts for at least 6yrs in prison and be miserable as he has made others misrable. However, he probably will get some kind of redemption in prison, not only because of his size but of his mental issues. Maybe he will payoff some big inmates to protect his little whimpy rear. For those who say he didn't do it, and should read up on him and what he did, well I'm a year younger than he. Grew up with alot of the music.. They and us made him his millions, the entertainers, and the fans who bought the music.. He knew how to produce and sell. So what. This all doesn't make the man. I think he had more dark inner feelings than anyone ever knew about. Am happy that the prosecutors finally won their case. What is the saying? A Life for a Life. Well now Lana can rest in peace.

1934 days ago


What a looney tune...buh bye Phil....

1934 days ago


it is about time...for six years he has been walking around in his mansion and living the high life while Lana Clarkson was dead and buried...this is justice for Lana.,,and this guy is a total fruitcake...he has some major is galling that he may only get 15 years...after the last trial the frustration that someone on the jury actually thought maybe he was innocent was mind was a long wait but justice prevailed....Lana's family can be at peace now...thank god.

1934 days ago

Sedonia Sunset    

I don't know why everyone thinks he looks so terrible in this photo. That's the best I've seen him look in YEARS! He looks younger and way more animated than he has been in the courtroom over the course of two trials. I'm serious. I do NOT mean it as a compliment. I think it's funny that people think THIS photo looks bad when I know he usually looks so much WORSE. I think he's been TRYING to look like a frail, pitiful old man so that the jury would feel sorry for him. Now that he doesn't have to pretend, he looks like he's perking right up!

It's kind of scary to look at this photo and think he looks BETTER :-)

1934 days ago

excretive producer    

Maybe his laxatives haven't kicked in yet. Not to worry, I'm sure he'll get a good dose of rectal stimulation where he's going.

1934 days ago


He's going to go where Teddy Boy Kennedy should have gone 40 years ago.

1934 days ago


He looks higher than a kite! So glad that justice was finally served!

1934 days ago
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