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Chris Brown -- Extreme Makeover: Baby Edition

4/14/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown posed for pictures with a baby in Los Angeles on Monday. The baby's parents clearly don't have access to the Internet, read the newspaper, or own a television.


Sorry Chris, this photo doesn't make this photo go away.


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I don't think just because you got upset and did something stupid as a teenager you should pay for that the rest of your life. Deal with it and move on.

1983 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

put the bitch in jail where he belongs, and even if a woman provokes it, he is alot stronger than her, he should have opened up the car door and got out, walk away, he choose to punch and slam he deserves what he gets!!!

1983 days ago


TMZ has become so pathetic. You make such a friggin issue about someone having ear wax. EAR WAX for God's sake. Now it is Chris Brown. DUH! The baby is male, haven't seen Chris Brown beating up on males. Besides, Rihanna went back to him. It is none of our business. O.J. killed someone and all the media outlets followed him around like he was a demi-god but yet tell us not to let Chris Brown hold a baby. The media has lost sight of everything they are suppose to stand for. You are to write stories not pass judgment,

1983 days ago


tmz you people are so petty and so predictable. you all will make other people lose their incomes so you won't have to lose yours. it sickens me to see that this young man made a mistake and he has been put on blast for it for the past 3 months. he has the right to hold that baby without every one's opinion. yeah he committed domestic abuse , he is out in the open but , how many holding them cameras and writing them articles are doing the same thing at home. it is so sad that a person can have a car wreck and kill another person and receive less coverage than this young man has. Chris brown has a problem and it is an anger problem but he is not he is not the only one in America that has it. i will continue buying his Cd's and watching his videos. I am not condoning what he did but i like his music and still want to listen to it. this is not news any more tmz so move on.

1983 days ago


ooh yeah Chris keep your head up cause the fellas were waiting for a chance to hate. and they are doing a good job at it don't cha think so.

1983 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

way to go sono.... i agree, whatever a woman does, the guy should be man enough to walk away, karma will get the people stickin up for the loser!

1983 days ago


Damn TMZ, will you and your writers get off his nut sack. You do more bashing than anything on this site, don't be such retards. When ppl are trying to move on from stuff you take it and throw it in their faces like they aren't human.

1983 days ago


Jeez celebrities will do anything to get their images back on track. I will never forget those pics of Rhianna after their "sweet" date. I only hope any woman in an abusive relationship remembers too and high tails it out the door!

1983 days ago


Nothing he does will change the fact that he's a low life WOMEN BEATER!!!

1983 days ago


No hater .. no friend .. but he seems to be O.k. .. I heard other stories :P

1983 days ago

Chris Fan    

He Sexy!!!

1983 days ago


I don't know what girls see in him, I wouldn't give him a second glance, he is so unattractive its painful. I don't think the parent had to worry about their son, he only likes beating little girls.

1983 days ago

Rachell Tebaux    

the people who wouldn't let him hold their kid should really ask God for forgiveness. Chris Brown is still a kid. Goodness he is still 19 yrs. old. you know TMZ and everyone else should give it a rest. People have done far worse than this kid.

1983 days ago


I'm proud to say tgat tge radio station here in ATL has decided to play Chris Brown's music again!!!!! So that proves to me that people are starting to get back in his corner!!!!!!! Keep ya head up!!!!!!

1983 days ago

Breezy Gurl    


1983 days ago
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