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Lisa Rinna & Cojo Get Cheeky

4/15/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's former actress Lisa Rinna at an event in L.A. last night (left) -- and fashionista Steven Cojocaru at this year's Oscars (right).

Lisa Rinna and Cojo

Both are on-camera personalities.


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This is about as insensitive as it gets. Do you guys have a research team or are you a bunch of 12 year olds making fun of the pictures you find. Steven Cojocaru has Kidney disease and the medication he takes to combat his symptoms have side effects that cause fluid retention.

1986 days ago


Lisa was a beautiful woman until she became a plastic train wreck.

1986 days ago


Ack, I've been saying for a longggggggg time what an ugly mess Lisa has made of herself. Guess it's a good thing she started a business other than be in movies and on TV. I'm rather certain it's a boutique business in Beverly Hills. And what must her hubby Harry think (well they say love is blind) -- I do think they made some beautiful kids though. Posing for Playboy? Are you kidding me? What poor, poor taste that is for Hef and his crew. I couldn't agree more with the statements on plastic surgery and all the other fix it solutions, the botox, the collagen, the this the that, etc., a little touch up perhaps, but most of you celebs (men included) go way overboard and look so unnatural and just plain UGLY and freakish (and that goes for your fake ass tans too and your teeth whitners sooooooooooooo extensively white that we need sunglasses. Yes, white teeth are beautiful but I dunno some just look too too white to me. Take Brad Pitt for example, damn, I enjoy looking at his wrinkles around his eyes (along with the rest of him). As for you Cojo, I really don't care for your style or your reporting, as for your health, good luck to you.

1986 days ago



1986 days ago


Prednisone is the steroid that most typically causes "moon face" in transplant patients. April is organ donation awareness month.

1986 days ago


The one on the left looks like it's been chomping madly on marshmallows and the one on the right looks like a sex-changed marshmallow. Only in Follywood. Is it because of the Bisphenyl-A chemical in the water bottles and food cans in So-Cal? What the heck?

1986 days ago


This ranks with TMZ ridiculing Kathleen Turner looking big on top. Meanwhile she suffers from the effects of the painful disease Rheumatoid Arthritis and it is her medication that makes her look swollen. Now you ridicule Cojo who suffers the same side effects from his mediation due to a kidney transplant....lowest of the low....making fun of people who have serious illnesses. This is on par with the dumbass photographers they have swarming around Hollywood who get celebrity's names wrong and ask the most juvenile and stupid questions imaginable.

1986 days ago


Chipmunk cheeks and liver lips are not cute LISA!

1986 days ago

I Love Memphis    

Harry... you had such a beautiful woman. I mean Nicolette. Should have stuck with her.

1986 days ago


Oh my GOD Lisa, STOP with the injections/surgery!! You look AWFUL!

1986 days ago

Laura B    

Anyone who knows what Cojo has gone through should understand that he has to take medicinal steroids. One of the side-effects is what's commonly known as "moon face". He can't help it. As for Lisa...she did just get out of the hospital for issues related to her collapsed lung. Isn't it possible that she is also taking steroids which is starting to show? Come one TMZ, educate your users!

1986 days ago


The "look" Cojo has is acquired Cushing's disease from taking steroids to keep inflammation down post-transplant. He's alive and looks healthy. I guess chubby cheeks is a small price to pay for that. Thanks, TMZ, for reminding us just how ignorant and insensitive people can be about health issues.

1986 days ago


Don't defend Cojo, this is called payback! He made his living making catty statements about what he deemed fashion faux pas on the red carpet, and made nasty remarks about celebrities' appearances - it is fitting that he be inflicted with a disease that makes him ugly! It's called Karma and payback's a bitch!

1985 days ago


Does anyone else think that Steven C looks like Chastity Bono?

1985 days ago

Kat Roberts    

You need to hold back the comment about Cojo. He has medical issues that makes him swell up like that! When I worked at Warner Bros. in Burbank, he worked in the same building. I used to go downstairs with my boss while she took a cigarette break and Cojo would also be out there. Always as sweet as can be!!! Leave him alone.

1985 days ago
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