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Liam Neeson -- Family on the Rebound

4/16/2009 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joined by his two sons and fellow actor Aidan Quinn, Liam Neeson cracked a huge smile in some awesome courtside seats at the Knicks game in NYC on Wednesday.

Liam Neeson

This story even has a happy ending -- the Knicks won the game!


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I know if I lost my husband I would not be, or could not be out lauging having a good ole time a month later. Just doenst seem right. We'll hear soon enough of him dating and marrying again REAL SOON!

1979 days ago


I have been through family tragedy on more than one occasion. I have lost a father in a tragic accident, a cousin and an uncle. Were people (relatives) smiling and laughing at their funerals. YES! There were tears as well. We smile and laughed when talking about the fun and happy memories of the family member we just lost. You are judging these people on just a few photographs that you have seen. I have also seen photos of Liam where he looks absolutely devastated, as well as the children. It takes a very long time to get over the death of someone you love, but it is not healthy to sit and be depressed all the time. You need to have some fun! You need to start moving on, even very shortly after the death. There is nothing wrong with going to a basketball game and enjoying the company of a good friend and family. There is nothing wrong with children playing at a funeral, or smiling and laughing at a sports event a couple months after their Mothers death. YOU don't see them when they are alone! You don't see their tears or hear them talking about "What if?". You should not judge if you are not in their shoes. I say good job to Liam and his family. And I say "get a life" to those who are insulting them because of this. To the person who says they are grieving more for her death than they are. How dare you? You are an idiot! You are not grieving more than they are. All I know is when my Dad died. I went to work that day. I wanted a senses of normalcy, since the rug had been pulled out from underneath me just hours before. Everybody was tip toeing around me, and all I wanted a few hours away from the pain and sorrow. So they went to a game.. big deal. Bravo fo rgettign your kids out an dhaving a good time. I seriously doubt that her death had anyting to do with them gettign good seats. Don't think they are rich enough to get seats on their own paycheck. It amazes me on how judgemental people can be. There is nothing wrong from taking a break from the sorrow. NOTHING! Bravo Liam

1979 days ago


For heaven's sake-this is ONE photo of the family-the shutter snapped when they were smiling- Do you expect them to be weeping into hankies at a basketball game? 8 out of the 11 people in the pic have smiles on their faces-maybe-just maybe something funny happened. Yes, you DO go on with your life after someone dies and that includes smiling and laughing--if you don't know this then you've never had it happen to you. Good for them!

1979 days ago


HEY ! .......he's Acting

1979 days ago

Awake in Seattle    

Hey LTB, #29, You freak. "I do not know ANYONE that sits in their homes in the fetal position dressed in black sobbing 24 hours a day, and if they do they are only looking for pity" someone who collapses in grief is looking for pity. They couldn't POSSIBLY just be devastated. So the "brave" thing would be to put on a phony front to make sure you don't think they are looking for pity. You have obviously never been loved enough to know what true loss feels like. Everyone grieves differently...and if someone wants to be in the fetal position wearing black 24 hours a day...newsflash - THEY ARE ENTITLED! If they want to go to a ballgame, great...but not everyone will react this way.

1979 days ago


What a beautiful pic. My thoughts and prayers are with them. It's good to see a smile on their faces.

1979 days ago


Stop taking pictures of Liam Neeson. You never took a damn picture of him before his wife died, and now all of a sudden you're interested. Leave these people alone.

1979 days ago


i know this picture is about liam and his family, but jesus! is that really aidan quinn?? he looks OLD!!!! it's been a while since i have seen him in anything.....

1979 days ago


If only their were more husbands like Liam in this world. God Bless him and his sons.

1979 days ago


I'm so torn by this. On one hand I think it's really important that they get out, go on with their lives, etc. But I have to wonder if maybe those boys need a little more encouragement to grieve and a little less "let's all buck and be men and move on" kind of stuff. I don't know, of course, I'm not in the house with all of them, but the fact that they are handling it SO well and seems to be moving on so quickly - I just don't know. When I lost my mom I was so devastated, the pain was unbearable. A wise person said to me, "The thing about grief is, you can't go around it, you have to go THROUGH it." No truer words were spoken.

1979 days ago


How nice to see them smiling. The son sitting next to him sure looks like his Mom.

1979 days ago


I actually have had the pleasure of working with Natasha on a show and I know how in love Liam and Natasha were... and are. One moment in someone's life is not representative of the whole life. I know Liam was devastated by Natasha's death. Just because he is up and at a basketball game in no way diminishes the love he had for his wife. When my boyfriend died, I didn't stay at home. I couldn't. I needed to be around people and laugh and live. That in no way diminished the love I had for Mike. As a human, I needed human contact. And I imagine it is the same for Liam and the boys.

1979 days ago


after losing a loved one --- i did a lot of crying in private.

1979 days ago


STFU judgmental (jealous?) people, really! They are still in shock and even though they are smiling in that moment they are still crying inside. Look at Mr. Neeson's eyes.... I have unfortunately had a lot of people close to me die suddenly and I can tell you this is healthy and normal. I agree that Aidan Quinn is almost unrecognizable...

1979 days ago

Awake in Seattle    

#44, I'm sorry I was so rude. I'm sure you are loved. I just took great offense to your comment about grieving. I hope you never have to go through that kind of pain...the kind that would make you understand. Your comment really was thoughtless, but it did not warrant my response.

1979 days ago
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