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How to Make an NFL Draft Pick Blush...

4/24/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Quarterback Matthew Stafford could ink a six-year deal in the $80 million range with the Lions by this weekend's draft, but who the hell cares -- we can't get over how darn cute he is with that "Aww, shucks" smile!

Matthew Stafford: Click to watch

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Michael Madsen    

Arrest him

2006 days ago


WEIRD. definitely wasn't expecting to see M.Staff's face pop up when I clicked the link to TMZ....
(I graduated high school with him.)

2006 days ago

Igor Loves Green Cheese    

First it was Tom Brady and Gisele, then it was Tony Homo and fat-ass Undressica Simpson; now we got another soon-to-be-famous quarterback to laugh at, who will soon be answering TMZ questions why his "celebrity" girlfriend Lindsay Blo-han was found passed out in the end zone, after mistaking the goal line as one long line of coke! ....

2005 days ago


People out of work, kids going hungry, people can't afford colleges and they're going to pay this guy $ 80 million?

America has truly gone nuts; good for him making this money but it doesn't speak well of us as a Nation.

Folks.....this is the beginning of the end like ROME.

2005 days ago


Doesn't Detroit have like the highest unemployment rate in the nation........ If the Lions can't fill the stands to see this overblown paid slug, how is he going to get paid?

2005 days ago


WWWHAT? This guy isn't going to save Detroit. Let's put a cap on athletes pay. Ridiculous. No one in Detroit can afford to go to a Lions game.

2005 days ago


Well he may look good now so take a picture because he will be playing for the 0-16 Detorit loins I'm sure he will need some plastic surgery after the season.

2005 days ago


not only do they need to put a cap on professional athletes salaries...this kid will be the next big NFL draft bust.

2005 days ago

GA Peach    

Don't put the guy down because you don't like the system. There are lots of entertainment and sports stars making the big bucks. Put away the wealth envy and celebrate the success! At least the athletes actually spend years in training and work hard for the money.
Way to go Dawg! Wish you great success. Just try to stay off TMZ, unless it is for how cute you are when you blush.

2005 days ago



2005 days ago


All this whining and bitching about the people of Detroit and Michigan, give me a break!!! That's what happens when you elect dumbass, anti-capitalist Democrats for office from top to bottom. Every state, city, township that has been moronic enough to elect a majority of Democrats is bankrupt. It's not rocket science people. You get what you deserve when you elect the dumbest of the dumb.

Good for you Stafford. Make as much money as you can and flaunt it in front of all the idiotic unemployed Dems in that God forsaken state that are stupid enough to keep electing the most incompetent people alive.

2005 days ago

f you meg    

Hey Meg I'm from Detroit...glad to hear you live in a state where they never vote in a Democrat and that you state is doin good with their finances..
You dumb f...king bitch.

2005 days ago


Yes I do live in a wonderful red state with intelligent, pro business Conservatives running the ship. So why don't you stop voting for all the anti-capitialist Democrat douchebags up there and do something about it? Instead of sitting on your fatass waiting for my tax money to take care of you. You lazy POS!!!

2005 days ago

Just Cirroc    

"...but who the hell cares -- we can't get over how darn cute he is with that "Aww, shucks" smile!"

Until he admits to believing, like his president, that marriage is the union between a man and woman.

Then all bets are off and TMZ will summarily begin ripping him to shreds.

2005 days ago



You are a dumb bi^ch. Capitalist are the ones who also helped us get into this financial mess. Hello Wall Street. The love of money is the root to all evil (so says the bible). And please tell me who has been in charge that last eight years and what the surplus looked like before that jackass was elected. Also, lets take a look at the top ten cities for job growth according to Forbes magazine. Majority, liberal to moderate cities.

2005 days ago
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