Casey Aldridge -- Okay, But Just by a Hairline

4/26/2009 7:56 PM PDT

Casey Aldridge -- Okay, But Just by a Hairline

Casey Aldridge could have been screwed, but got real lucky -- he's going to recover from this morning's car accident.

We just spoke with a close family member/Baptist preacher who says Aldridge did not have surgery, but did suffer mild brain trauma.

As we first reported, Casey and 3 other passengers were in a single car accident early this morning in Louisiana.

His F-250 flipped over and Aldridge was airlifted for treatment.

The family member said Aldridge suffered a "skull fracture around his hairline" and will be kept at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for 2-3 days for observation.

Jamie Lynn Spears is at his bedside.

We're also told one passenger suffered a broken collarbone, one is getting X-rays on his hip and the third just suffered some bruising.