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Swine Flu -- The '70s Edition

4/29/2009 6:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out these swine flu commercials from 1976 -- you'll think twice before you go outside, kiss your wife or breathe again.


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Rap sucks    

Yo we got racists in the house like to beat your white trash racists ass down until you can scream how you made your cousins scream in sex. Man like if mexicans want this. It looks like these morons rather be racist and make fun of people dying so that's it huh? Damn tmz why don't you get all these damn racists out of here once they die they'll be riding the devils hot STICK!

1947 days ago

Rap sucks    

Any racists want to get Shot for real? SKin the head from a skinhead and i'll use that to wipe my ass!!!!!!!!

1947 days ago


The Swine Flu can be traced back to CLIFF CLAVEN! (hahaha)

Has anyone else notice that at the beginning of the second commercial, it's actor John Ratzenberger playing Joe who infects his whole family?

1947 days ago


people are so ignorants thinking this is a joke get a LIFE . its a serious issue grow the hell up

1947 days ago


LOL!!! I don't think I've ever heard the words, "and she died" in a creepier or more hilarious manner!!! You gotta love old commercials. ;)

1947 days ago


One thing that still puzzles me is why is there so much attention when it's the swine flu and yet every year we lose 40,000 people in this country from the regular flu. In the world there are half a million deaths annually from the regular flu.

1947 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

this is sick, samantha ronson joking and laughing about this on twitter, karma dummies, this is serious, it's hit AT LEAST 10 states in the us, also in at least 7 or 8 other countries right now, and killing people, the vac. they had back in the 70's killed worse than the flu! so yeah grow up and listen up to your news,

1947 days ago


It was once said that an African American man would become president "when pigs fly"...100 days into Obama's presidency...SWINE FLU!!! (lol)

1947 days ago


girlsnguns, thank you! People who are complaining that the media is hyping it too much (which they really aren't) are going to end up with it and realize that maybe they should've listened. They would also be the ones complaining if we weren't warned and they ended up catching it. It really is true -- damned if you do, damned if you don't. I guess you can't please everyone and there is always going to be something people find to complain about.If it's not one thing, it's something else. I feel like most adults have the maturity level of most 8-year-olds -- they just don't grow out of wining and I'm sick of it.

And no, I'm not a paranoid person who is absolutely terrified about the Swine Flu (and the fact that none of us have the ability to fight it off), but I do have some cause of worry when it's spreading so fast and I have a child whose life is in my hands -- and I have no control over what happens. I can take precautions, but they don't guarantee anything.

Karma is a bitch. That's all I'm sayin', people. Think about it.

1947 days ago


SARS, West Nile, and now this. All were hyped, called world wide epidemics, and they in total killed less people then the regular flu does. Everyone who’s freaking out about this is just too dense to look back and learn from the past.

1947 days ago


I remember the first commercial when it aired vividly. It came on between Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and American Bandstand and you knew that cartoons were over for the week. It also aired duirng "The Waltons" too.

1975-1976 were "fun times" with CB's, the Bicentennial and Swine Flu. I used to get to stay up and watch "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" and "Fernwood 2Nite" if I didn't ask questions.

1947 days ago

Der Allewiessnder    

I remember these! I took Jimmy Carter's hot in Junior High as did many and it was not a joking matter and it may not be now as the virus is only sitting in "detent" at the moment and may come back out and into a more virulent phase again as it was in Mexico! especially in the fall when the Flu season begins again and we could see another 1918 where millions died in a Global pandemic so I wouldn't be laughing so loudly as some of you are and taking this as lightly as you are since this is no joke!!!!!

1947 days ago


its those damn chemtrails causing this

1947 days ago



Posted at 6:18PM on Apr 29th 2009 by jandean61

Because those freaking people live with pigs!

1947 days ago


omg, these clips are HILARIOUS!!:)

1947 days ago
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