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Hugh Jackman's Wife Is Elton John?!

5/2/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Hugh Jackman's gorgeous wife Deborra-Lee Furness (left) -- and music legend Elton John in NYC on Thursday (right).

Deborra-Lee Furness and Elton John

Neither has biological children with Hugh Jackman.

We're just sayin'.


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Hugh is one of the nicest GAY actors in the business. You TMZ guys are awful to pick on his BEARD wife like this. Just plain awful. wrong. clearly. The fact that they don't have actual SEX probably explains why they can't have any kids of their own. Go figure. Bad TMZ. Bad bad TMZ. Shame on you. Elton John. Funny.

1974 days ago

American Public    


1972 days ago

Buster Cherry    

Do ANY of you do a quick Google search on people you supposedly admire? She has NO biological children with Hugh. Had you read the story prior to posting, you would have figured that out. When I first heard the gay rumors about Hugh years ago, I thought they were just wishful thinking by the gay community. After watching Hugh perform in various music theater venues, I have to say he's probably a little light in the loafers. In case some of you haven't figured it out, his wife is a "beard". Rock Hudson had a "lavender marriage" and I'd bet real money Hugh does also. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read more about it HERE

Beards are common in Hollywood. Just ask Matthew Broderick, Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Apparently they're still necessary. Just ask recently outed Clay Aiken. His concert revenues are down because he acknowledged his orientation. Apparently he had hundreds of thousands of women fans with absolutely no gaydar. The backlash against Clay was substantial when a good number of his fans realized he was gay.

It shouldn't matter who you have sex with...but when your career is based on the opposite sex finding you attractive and the same sex wanting to emulate you, being gay will hurt your career.

1955 days ago


hey buster cherry - you make your brilliant deductions based on "research" on tmz and wiki?
according to you, brad pitt's gay, cause he doesn't have biological kids either.
btw, if you had bothered to do real research, you'd know that furness had two miscarriages, and she and jackman tried ivf treatments for months but eventually adopted.
there are so many couples out there where the husband or wife can't have kids so they adopt. you think that's wrong, or an indication of their sexuality?

1954 days ago


so... if women have ivf treatments, that could be used as proof their husbands might be gay. got it.
and he never slept with her, even though she had two miscarriages. got it.
i don't care about people being gay or straight. i care that people like you view things in stereotypes and make "assertions' about people they've never met, calling people's marriage a sham, and using sites like wiki for "citations'. anyone can edit wiki. so don't cite it as proof or assertions of anything.
the bottom line is, none of us have met the man. we have no way of knowing whether he's gay or not. but you claim you know his wife is a "beard" even though you've never met her. because he's done "musicals" and he looks "light in the loafers". whatever the hell that means.
thanks btw for letting me know that tom cruise and john travolta are gay. i had no idea. but because you said so i'll take your word for it. because there are rumors on the net. and an article on wiki. and oh! travolta did a musical. of course..
i'm sure you've done a very thorough research.

1953 days ago


he couldn't do better than that

1979 days ago


It's Harry Potter at 70! Ewww.. I can't believe he's married to that! Probably she was rich and he got married to her before he was famous.. or something.. she paid him to marry her? !!!?IDK?!!!

1979 days ago


he plays little kid roles on screen

1979 days ago

That explains things!    

OMG. He soooooooo needs a mother.

1979 days ago


i just saw Wolverine Origins today.. and Hugh Jackman is F-I-N-N-N-N-N-N-E-E-E. He bulked up so much. But why does his wife look so much older than him. I mean, she really, really looks old. And I see him carring around young kids. are they with his wife?


1979 days ago


She is smart, charming and loving and she's a real person. Hugh knows he's a lucky man, he comes home to a real woman not one who has had Botox, breast implants, plastic surgery, fake hair and nails. Take that away from actresses and it would be pretty scary.

1979 days ago


Just like Oprah Winfrey, David Bowie, Matthew Broderick and countless others, he is in a sham marriage as not to offend his paying moviegoing customers with his gay lifestyle, no biggie tho.

1979 days ago

Patrick Whitesell    


If it wasn't after hours, I'd certainly be giving you a call right now. As a friend and colleague of Hugh, I have to honestly say that I'm heart-broken from this article you have posted about Deborra. To compare her to another man, such as Sir Elton John, is completely distasteful and utterly disrespectful. What has she done to you? She's done nothing but good for humanity and the U.S. To go after someone who continually supports OUR country on top of their own, is entirely unacceptable.

If Jesus Christ was alive today, would you make fun of his wife? I'm not comparing the two, but simply stating that she has done no wrong and continues to give back to humanity. Please, at my request, remove this article. Show some class.


Partrick Whitesell

1979 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

She's beautiful and one lucky woman!!! :)

1979 days ago


To each is there own. Shes a very lucky women you go Deborra :)

1979 days ago
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