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Allred Goes into Labor War with OctoMom

5/4/2009 5:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just announced what her new fight with OctoMom Nadya Suleman is about -- she wants to make sure the octobabies are gonna get paid for being her miniature cash cows.

Allred's mystery client is a former child star named Paul Peterson, who's also the president of "A Minor Consideration" -- a company that protects the rights of child actors.

Peterson said he filed a petition in Orange County to appoint a guardian for the estate of the octobabies -- to make sure Nadya doesn't waste all the money she makes from constantly selling them out.

Allred said she also sent a letter to the California Division of Labor Standards & Enforcement, to investigate whether or not OctoMom has violated laws set up to protect "child performers."


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Oh Ankaret,

First of all, IQ has NOTHING to do with spelling or typos. It measures how well one REASONS. You can have a person over average or below average IQ who can do well in school and even become a Doctor. Anyone can become"educated". An IQ is an INTELLIGENCE test. A baby can be intelligent and be uneducated. And educated people can be unintelligent or of average or below average intelligence. Please do NOT confuse the two. Any dumb dog can learn tricks. But a smart one can do it better with less training. Just by you making that statement says a lot about you.I like everyone make typos or over look my spelling, this is not a place where I am taking a test. So get over that one. Oh, and FYI...I ALWAYS mistype the word BECAUSE as "becasue", it is just the way my fingers type it when I type fast. It does not mean that I CAN'T spell. Lets see if you can grasp what I have said. Here is a quick review....#1. Intelligence and education are NOT the same thing. #2. Spelling errors and or typos have nothing to do with intelligence, the intelligence is what is IN the message, not it's delivery.


1932 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Wow....I don't believe I made any comment regarding IQ vs Intelligence. YOU brought your IQ into this discussion, then went on to disprove this claim by your ridiculous and somewhat sophmoric responses. Sometimes its just too damn easy....

Pavlov...Ring the Bell and amuse me again....hehe

1932 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

After reading the excellent verbiage concerning Child Labor Laws (fro, Mr Paul Petersen) I can only applaud the sacrifices he is making (and has made) to the people in his industry. Children grow to adulthood and in his lengthy professional and advocate career ... many of his peers grew from infancy to adulthood THE BETTER for Mr. Petersen's interventions on their behalfs.

What concerns me is the LACK of CRIMINAL culpability for those parents (and otherwise) who are abusing their power over innocent, defenseless infants/children. FOR EXAMPLE:

The nightmare scenario (orchestrated of course by Nadya & her minions) that occurred the NIGHT Nadya RISKED HER NEWBORNS' lives (along with the OTHER 6 older children's lives) ... with the pandemonium that was witnessed and confirmed additionally by the miles of video footage in all the media cameras.

IT WAS LATE AT NIGHT (10 o'clock or so) LONG past the hours OUTLINED and governing use of the babies in filming. These babies were NOT EVEN at normal full BIRTH WEIGHT. They were PREMATURE and at GREAT RISK. The THUNDERING HOARDS endangered the babies and the other six children.

WHAT ARE THE CRIMINAL ASPECTS for violation of children's SAFETY STANDARDS set forth in the Child Labor Laws (specific to California)?

There should be SIGNIFICANT criminal penalties attached to every single violation of these vital laws. Otherwise, like Nadya (and her LAWYER) ... violations of these laws will occur without compunction.

Every REALITY SHOW featuring children MUST be MONITORED and be forced to abide by child labor laws. It APPEARS these reality shows have flown UNDER THE RADAR for FAR TOO LONG. They have gotten AWAY WITH abusing children under the GUISE of "home movie" footage.

IT SHOULD BE MADE INTO A LAW that ANY CABLE OR TELEVISION NETWORK that BROADCASTS any program IN VIOLATION OF CHILD LABOR LAWS - should be SEVERELY FINED --as in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars for FAILING TO INSURE the children and babies USED are protected by every aspect of the laws designed to PROTECT THEM.

And rather than permit the ambulance-chasing LAWYERS who are content to allow their parental unit CLIENTS to EXPLOIT THEIR CHILDREN --should be SANCTIONED for their participation in such heinous violations of children's rights.

It should be RETRO-ACTIVE for these reality shows (like Jon and Kaate, Table for 12 ... ETC),

1932 days ago

Jesus juice    

According to Milady's profile on the Dr. Phil site, she does not even live in the US, so until some of her money goes to support PIGSLUT, she needs to keep her mouth closed. Actually, with having 4 kids of her own, you'd think she would be caring for them instead of her rants about the american people being "jealous". I am curious though.....she doesn't work and has the 4 kids.....nothing about a husband that leaves one to believe that she too lives off of others...can't imagine a man(men) who would stay with anyone with that "self righteous", "I've got an IQ of 145"---which I agree...decimal point is missing...I'm thinking .145, attitude. Hey Milady.....since you obviously believe and support the crap that comes out of PIGSLUT's mouth, why don't you have her move up there to Canada with you??? (Oh, that's right...some other Canadian's had written in a while ago on other posts saying "You keep her, we don't want her here.") Us Americans wouldn't mind one bit if she moved in with you. (smiling)

1932 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

I even offered to pay her airfare....for all of them. Alas....we got no takers ( Big SURPRISE there).

1932 days ago

Jesus juice the Child Labor Law above.....I'd like to ask Milady WHY SHE feels PIGSLUT is above the law and should not have to live by them. ????? (oh...and I guess Milady should also know that there is PLENTY of video coverage of PIGSLUT DRIVING around with her kids in the van while TALKING ON HER CELLPHONE.....which, too is against the law.) PIGSLUT's children ARE ther victims here......NOT PIGSLUT!! (And Milady asks..."Why are you so angry?".....Get REAL LADY!! US LAWABIDING citizens, hard workers, who support our children on our own, and act responsibly---as in, we don't have more children if we CANNOT afford it!...ARE MAD and have the RIGHT to be upset and disgusted with that lowly piece of LYING trash. Us intelligent people already KNOW what is in those children's futures.....and it is NOT looking pretty for the little ones. I PRAY THAT the children are given a court appointed Guardian to look out for THEIR interests. Actually...they need to do an intensive psych eval on the "egg donor" to check her mental stability (we all know what the answer will be on that one)..BUT, if she is a "threat" to the safety of her children, then something else needs to be done. Oh...and octominions can say.."BUT SHE LOVES THE CHILDREN!" Yes, in her twisted world, she just MIGHT....but, who hasn't heard "mothers" who have killed or abused their children say afterwards..."But I loved him/her/them...a voice told me to do it!"

1932 days ago

Jesus juice    

Also Milady (sorry...guys, I'm on a roll)......Being a MOTHER means SELF-SACRIFICE....NOT SACRIFICING your children's lives for your own attention/financial gain. If this is PIGSLUT's "work" as she calls it....then it looks like she needs to find a new job or jobs, because from the looks of those videos, those kids aren't happy campers and will never have a chance at a "normal" life. How would you like it if you had a camera shoved in your face everyday while strange people are asking your "mom" personal questions that children shouldn't even be in the same vacinity of??? If THAT'S not abuse, then I don't know what is...I'm sure the older ones have already lost their innocence because of their irresponsible "mom's" discussions in front of them.

1932 days ago


Another waste of California taxpayers money. OctoMom should sue Gloria Allred for harashment... Gloria loves the limelight and is always getting into someone's business....even if they don't want her there. The judge should throw the book at Gloria Allred and tell her to "bug off."

1932 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

THANK YOU no donation sender, for taking the time to discover MILADY’S SECRET: SHE LIVES IN CANADA.

AH, the joys of TOTALLY FREE medical care Canada. How could YOU conceive the MULTI-MILLION dollar COST for all the hospital bills WE (as Americans) PAY –for OCTO-PIG and her BROOD of 14?

How ‘bout we send the BILL to you (Canadians) for the MILLIONS it’s ALREADY cost taxpayers?

From a state already broke, denying seriously-needed benefits to honest people who lost their jobs, homes –ETC and felt forced to KILL THEMSELVES & THEIR KIDS (as many have done).

Or, just tell their kids THEY HAVE TO GO “without” (things like FOOD, clothes –and shelter).

This same state (CA) was also forced to DENY LEGITIMATE TAX REFUNDS to its tax-PAYING citizens who were DUE RETURNS from over-paying payroll taxes, etc all year. INSTEAD of tax refunds, they got LETTERS telling them the state could NOT PAY them.

How nice for you to sit UP THERE and judge all of US down here in the states. HYPOCRITE? YOU define that term.

And to think that I wasted so much time and energy TRYING TO TALK YOU DOWN from your (stupid) yes, even ignorant positions! What a WASTE. NO WONDER THEY CALL YOUR CONS: loony’s! Describes YOU perfectly.

NOW that we know all we need to KNOW about you … we DISMISS YOU and all your LOONEY opinions because frankly, Ms Imbecile, you and your opinions about this country simply DO NOT MATTER.

YOU don’t live here –or pay taxes here. The fact you are entitled to enjoy the TV programs produced in this country is another matter entirely. You should be grateful so much in YOUR LIFE is FREE to you!

WE pay a lot more to live and work in this country; and most of us are GRATEFUL for all we pay for our rights and the help we provide to those less fortunate.

Those “less fortunate” does NOT apply to the OCTO-LEACH, who is sincerely, the “MOST HATED WOMAN in America.” Deservedly so.

1932 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

NO WONDER THEY CALL YOUR C O I N S: LOONY's. Describes YOU perfectly.

1932 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

QUOTE FROM: 199. “…Another waste of California taxpayers money. OctoMom should sue Gloria Allred for harashment... Gloria loves the limelight and is always getting into someone's business....even if they don't want her there. The judge should throw the book at Gloria Allred and tell her to "bug off." Posted at 6:41PM on May 6th 2009 by Betty [END OF BETTY TROLL QUOTE]

WONDERFUL … another TROLL being heard from! Really, Betty –and WHERE do you live? Timbuktu?

Gloria Allred and Paul Petersen are SAINTS! Both are independently wealthy from decades of their own hard work. They are doing this PRO bono (free) and not for any purpose OTHER than genuinely PROTECTING those defenseless babies.


SHE WILL TAKE EVERY CENT thrown her way EXPLOITING her kids by stupid tabloid media and SQUANDER every BIT OF IT on whatever latest LUXURIES “have to have” for HERSELF.

SHE HAS NOT SET ASIDE one cent of the (million or so) she’s already got. She has no concept of saving or creating a FINANCIAL PLAN to insure the future of all her kids. These kids will become COSMIC OCTO-freak JOKES! Ridiculed by everyone as they grow … only to realize (if they are lucky enough to SURVIVE that is) THAT OCTO-Leach had squandered ALL THE $$$$ -- and there is NOTHING LEFT for them.

YOU SEE: she doesn’t HAVE to plan because to date, her scam of living off taxpayers WITH ALL 14 of HER IVF-babies seems to be working pretty well –FOR HER.

THOSE NEWBORN (PREEMIE) babies are AT RISK for every conceivable stray GERM that flies IN THE AIR or OFF THE COUNTLESS STRANGERS she routinely allows in her home EVERYDAY.

Instead of being in their cribs, safe and protected, those babies spent THEIR first nights’ HOME surrounded by all the MEDIA TRAFFIC Octo-Leach could garner FOR HERSELF.

You see, MONEY WAS PAID (to her) and she didn’t give a RAT’S PATOOT that her preemies were exposed to FIFTY to ONE HUNDRED or more strangers –intruders with INTENSE, HEAT-SEEKING/drawing TV LITES. Not only are they THOUSANDS of watts beating down on sensitive PREEMIE eyes and skins –but also the GERMS spread by everything EVERYONE IN THAT HOUSE came into contact with ARE NOW CIRCULATING in their (supposedly-clean) NURSERY ATMOSPHERE. AND: the babies are EXPOSED to all this PANDEMONIUM for hours. This is NOWHERE NEAR like mom & pop with their HOME handy-cam.

Paul and Gloria are acting to INSURE those babies are not EXPLOITED and EXPOSED beyond LIMITS set by medical professionals WHO KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS – designed to PROTECT babies.

THIS is also WHY OCTO-Leach FIRED her trained, professional PREEMIE REGISTERED NURSES. Because RIGHTFULLY were cognizant of the very real DANGERS all that pandemonium caused the babies.

THIS IS WHY Octo-Leach got RID of AIW and instead got herself IMMIGRANT (non-English speaking) nannies who wouldn’t KNOW or be able to COMMUNICATE any of the significant THREATS Octo-Leach exposes those preemies to DAY-in/DAY-out.

There are child (and baby laws) for good reasons. They must be enforced –and CRIMINAL PROVISIONS should be included for violators. SUCH provisions should ALSO INCLUDE very heavy FINES to any cable or TV network (or production company) INVOLVED in violating these laws.

1932 days ago


I am not particularly a fan of Gloria Aldred, but I am a fan of Paul Peterson and what he has done over the years to protect child actors.

I think what people here are missing is the fact that the Gosselins and the family of 18 are doing what they are doing for the benefit of their kids. As someone earlier wrote, I am sure all of the Gosselin kids have trust funds and are well provided for once Jon and Kate are gone. My guess would be that the other family of 18 (don't know their name as I don't watch) has done the same. That family may have 18 kids, but they built their own house and have their own sources of income. Therefore, I suspect while some of the income from the show may go to a church or charity, they also have set up funds for their kids.

Octonut is a whole different story, however. She has no sense of responsibility and no common sense. This is all a game to her. All she cares about is how much she can scam from the state, the Fed and good hearted people. ANY money coming in should first be put aside for the octo litter. Beyond that, it should go to someone who will pay the bills, taxes, etc. None of it should ever go into Octonut's hands unless she makes a specific request stating why she needs the money. Otherwise she is just going to blow it......and we all know it.

If, in fact, she does come up with a reality show, I am prepared to write every sponsor announcing I will no longer buy their products nor will I watch the show. I would hope all of you would do the same. Hit the sponsors where they hurt and perhaps they will think twice about backing a show. It worked for a sponsor who was going to bac k Hulk Hogan's son to become a race car driver AFTER HE PUT HIS BEST FRIEND IN A VEGETATIVE STATE. The sponsor pulled out.

People need to know there are consequences for their actions.

1932 days ago


Milady. It is obvious that the subject of your opinion, is not the focus of your opinion. You are the focus of your opinion. Your opinion is all that counts, to you, & it 'will'be right, as far ayou are concerned. You will respond relentlessly, until you have subjugated all dissidents., to your opinion. IQ/ do prattle on. Really, who cares. Your IQ does not appear to be serving you well., so why brag about it ? Are you not intelligent enough to recognize that you are on the losing side of public opinion. You are entitled to your opinion. It may be adequate for your standards.

1932 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Due to nondonations statement regarding Miladys profile on Dr Phil's curiosity got the best of me. So I went to have a peek....
hehehehehahaahahhaahha. that I have regained my composure. You posted pictures of your minor children, your house...and what I can only assume is a picture of your eldest son shirtless.
By the state of your home....your certainly lack any taste.
You posted you don't allow your children to play sports...attend church...go out unsupervised...etc, but you post pictures of them.
Because of your over will raise children who don't trust anybody. Because of your fear will raise adults who spew the same insecure hypocritical views as yours.
What exactly were you hoping to gain posting pictures of your family on a national/international website? Trying to prove you're a perfect mother? Looking for accolades ? Its very sad that you feel the need to go to such extremes for approval. You seem very desperate to prove something and I find that unsettling. You really should concentrate on the problems in your OWN country. You don't pay taxes in this contribute nothing. Are you just a pissed off English Canadian who "lost" Quebec to the French? SACRE BLEU!
I guess because Canada is America's red headed stepchild you feel you reserve the right to step in and tell us about our welfare policy ? Just step away....quietly...we will hardly notice you're gone. Trust me.

Pavlov...get back here...the dog(s) are waiting for their cue !

1931 days ago

Jesus juice    

(Giving Ankaret a STANDING OVATION!!) WELL SAID!! WELL SAID!!! I'm speechless!!!

1931 days ago
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