Allred Goes into Labor War with OctoMom

5/4/2009 5:19 PM PDT

Allred Goes into Labor War with OctoMom

Gloria Allred just announced what her new fight with OctoMom Nadya Suleman is about -- she wants to make sure the octobabies are gonna get paid for being her miniature cash cows.

Allred's mystery client is a former child star named Paul Peterson, who's also the president of "A Minor Consideration" -- a company that protects the rights of child actors.

Peterson said he filed a petition in Orange County to appoint a guardian for the estate of the octobabies -- to make sure Nadya doesn't waste all the money she makes from constantly selling them out.

Allred said she also sent a letter to the California Division of Labor Standards & Enforcement, to investigate whether or not OctoMom has violated laws set up to protect "child performers."