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Gloria Allred vs. Octomom -- The Mystery Lawsuit

5/4/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom, Gloria AllredOctomom is being sued ... but the person behind the lawsuit is keeping their identity a secret!!!

Mega-mouthpiece Gloria Allred is letting everyone know she has been hired in a secret case against Nadya Suleman, but she won't reveal who her mysterious client is or what she is suing over. That is, not until she holds a press conference today at 11:30 AM PT to give away all the juicy details.

All Gloria will say is that she is doing it "in an attempt to protect Nadya Suleman's children."

Selfless as always.

Oh, we'll bring you the press conference live at 11:30 AM PT. Damn you Gloria, you got us again!


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Nadya has a lawyer. I asm sure they already know what the child law is. They said long time ago there was a trust for the kids. How does Gloria know if they or do not already have in place what she is requesting. She is just being a pest and seems obssesed with Nadya. Another thing to do to irritate Nadya. She is almost harrassing.

2001 days ago

Gram 23    

Charges imo need to be brought against Gloria, Stocking and Harrassment is what I think should be brought against Gloria.Gloria only wants fame she is just doing this for publicity and for revenge..

2001 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Well...Allred sure used my fav. saying in regards to Suleman..."Never interupt your enemy whilst the're making a mistake"

Its about time someone brought Suleman's conduct to task.....

Listen up Octo-minions, Please stop making arses out of yourselves by trying to defend Suleman. It really makes you look like a bunch of village idiots. For every feeble attempt to defend Suleman there are 100 anti Suleman posters issuing a more plausable debate based on her very visible behaviour. Don't, for one second, insult our intelligence. Just let us insult your lack of it.
What ever Allred has on her.....she has it coming. Couldn't happen to a " Nicer girl" ( Bleccccckkkk).

2001 days ago


Gloria Allred is a media whore looking for 15 minutes of fame in every incident or tragedy and I can't wait till the beady-eyed rodent-faced battlaxe gets her day.

2001 days ago

cry me a gay river    

I've never been a fan of Gloria Allred, but in this instance...? Go for it girl!!!

2000 days ago

Jesus juice    

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! Good for Gloria!!! (I guess PIGSLUT will have to make her own coffee from now on...instead of Starbucks. Oh....and while she's making coffee...maybe she can give those kids a home cooked meal for a change) Oh...THAT'S right!! She DOESN'T KNOW HOW to cook!!! PIGSLUT is a 2 bit whore. Maybe now she'll have to go back to "giving "blowies" again to her customers in order to get a buck"

2000 days ago


Nadya is getting upwards of 7.7K a month in ssi payments for the 'disabled' children + the premie ocuplets, The State of California should be investigating exactly what she's doing with that money. Considering all the other welfare and state benefits Nutya gets like free health care for herself & her brood via Medi-cal, you kinda wonder exactly why she has to pimp her litter on tv so much.

2000 days ago

Allred Tree    

The six kids Octomom has act like wild animals. It is a miracle that none of them have been seriously injured or died but I wouldn't be surprised to hear awful news about one or more of them at any time. Just last week, they were shown on tv and there were three of four of those kids hitting each other in a portable pool. Supervision seems to be seriously lacking and I can't understand why she'd risk one of those kids drowning by having a pool there.

Good for Gloria. Since Octomom selfishly refuses to place any of the eight babies with loving adoptive families, guardianship is their only chance. Nadya has shown what a liar she is and blew over a thousand dollars on makeup. She is pimping those kids and I hate to think what they'll be like as teenagers, if they survive till then.

I don't believe Octomom's explanation of the autistic boy's black eye and the TEACHER WAS REMISS to send a note home that Nadya claimed to have not seen. Teachers are MANDATORY REPORTERS of suspected child abuse and neglect, just as nurses and doctors are. The teacher should have called CPS immediately when she saw the bruise. CPS already had contact with her on several occasions before she had her current litter of eight. Things are bound to get worse, imo. and something needs to be done to protect these kids now.

2000 days ago


Question What do you call a thouaand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

Answer: A good start.

Question: What's an even better start?

Answer: Throw Jeff and Gloria in first, but tie Octofool to a leg before you dunk them..

Anyway, who gives a flying copulation in a hailstorm about any of these repulsive media hounds. Not many people really care about this situation or the players anymore. Those kids don't stand a chance, poor things. Their mother's an idiot, and some of them will have autism or CP because of their birth weights. Neither of these disabilities is very mediagenic, so no one's going to get rich off this farce. The US is going down the toilet, and the Sulemans and the lawyers are just another bunch of swirling floaters. The sooner they are flushed from sight and smell the better.

2000 days ago



2000 days ago

Brit Fan    

Leave her alone!!!!!!! Why is it ok for every other couple to have shows and use there numerous kids, and not her, she is a single mother and the rest are married so right away she is not a good mother, PLEASE,!!!!!!!!!!! Gloria leave her alone and look for a paycheck somewhere else. She is doing the best she can. They are her babies and Im sure she loves them and is doing all that she can to make sure they are taken care of well including a show. You on the other hand, are a trouble maker and its really getting disgraceful.

2000 days ago


Cali. I love your post.

2000 days ago

Allred Tree    

Octonut could be lying about the bruise on her autistic boy. It is easy for her to blame him for it, saying he hit himself on a desk and another one of the kids bit him. WHO IS SUPERVISING her unruly mob? Those children should be removed from her custody and control for lack of proper parental control and supervision, if not child abuse. How do we know the kids really did it? Did CPS talk to them alone? I wonder how they all behave in school and what kind of attendance and grades they have as every time I've seen them, they look terribly ill-behaved and ill-mannered. Do they fight in school? Their selfish "mother" seems only concerned about her own education. I've not once hear her say anything about the six kids she had before this new litter except mentioning the one has autism.

I hope some of the neighbors and friends/schoolmates of Octonut give Gloria or Entertainment Tonight a call.

1999 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Those of you have followed my 30-year journey as an advocate for children working in the entertainment business will not be surprised to see me here today. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that there is but one commercial commodity in the home of Nadya Suleman, and that is her children...the octuplets, now just three months from their birth...and the six older siblings.

The understandable astonishment we all felt when the octuplets were born has transformed from News, worthy of reporting, to the disgraceful behavior of a mob masquerading as the 4th estate who surrounded the arrival of the first Preemies released from the hospital. That conduct was driven by one thing...the money to be gained from selling images of the infants to the commercial media. Inside the home that night, and nearing Midnight, another circus ensued since the broadcast rights to the most intimate moments of these pre-mature newborns had already been sold and the Rights-Holders were there to take advantage of the purchase.

Money is being exchanged. Rights, copyrights and even trademarks are being negotiated for access to these helpless and vulnerable babies who were born into a family that we know is even now dependant on public assistance.

In short, these 14 children are dependant on us, the tax-payers, even as they adjust to a newly purchased home, a home acquired by means unknown.

A rational person might ask, "Where are the laws that protect these infants?" who are trapped in a situation they cannot possibly comprehend. They are now, I believe, working in the entertainment business yet they cannot walk or talk...and like all children in the Entertainment Business they are exempt from federal child labor laws. Let me repeat that: Kids in the Entertainment Business are exempt from federal child labor laws and have been since 1938 and the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

But they are not exempt from California Law.

The Preemie Law was passed in 1998 by a unanimous vote of the legislature and signed into Law on August 3rd 1998 to protect against Hollywood's growing practice of hiring premature, multi-birth babies. The Law states that an infant must be full term and full birth weight, and approved for very limited work activity by a licensed doctor's written declaration, and may then be employed fifteen days after their Due Date.

I know this Law intimately since the former kid stars who belong to A Minor Consideration, founded in 1990, drafted the legislation with the help and support of my wife, Rana Platz-Petersen who is both a Registered Nurse and the head of IATSE Local 767, Studio First Aid, which supplies all the union nurses and first aid personnel to the Eleven Western States on union productions.

There are, in fact, Laws, Regulations and Guidelines for even the youngest child employed in the entertainment business here in California, and we hold in this lawsuit that all fourteen children in the Suleman home are, in fact, employees in a commercial enterprise because of their continuing presence and utilization in that workplace. Photos-for-Pay have already appeared in the media well in advance of the "Due-Date plus fifteen days" provisions of the Preemie Law.

We are asking the Superior Court to judge whether the Suleman home is, in fact, a work site since the Department of Labor has been slow to intervene, and the Department of Social Services seems unaware of the statutes governing the employment of infants. We hold that the truth of the working status of these children is Self-Evident.

As employees these children fall under the provisions of the Revised Coogan Law which came into effect in the year 2000, thanks again to the efforts of A Minor Consideration's members, the combined theatrical unions, and with the full support of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The vote was unanimous and the Bill was promptly signed by the Governor. The main features of the Bill are these:

1. Children employed in the broadly defined entertainment industry now own the money they earn. Their income is their individual property.
2. All children must have a current State-Issued work permit.
3. A blocked Coogan Account must be in place for each child who works and a portion of their income, 15%, must be saved until the age of majority.
4. Infants below the age of six months may only work in two narrow time-windows...9:30 am to 11:30 am, and 2:30 pm until 4:30 pm...and must be attended by a welfare worker and a registered each for every three infants under the age of six months.

We have good reason to believe that these laws are not being followed, and are thus asking the Superior Court for the State of California to act expeditiously to protect the youngest of our citizens.

I am grateful to Ms. Allred and her firm for undertaking this difficult task. I have not taken this legal action as the Chair of

1999 days ago

Sean P.    

Hi sistas -- Here we are at our temporary base camp! How long before the next incursion? We'll see. . .this is the oldest post still open I believe. It will be harder to get intel with Razzi gone, but maybe TMZ will put something up now and then.

1912 days ago
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