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Carrie Prejean -- Who's the Boob Now?

5/11/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanThose topless photos of Miss USA California Carrie Prejean were taken after she turned 18, according to one of her former pageant sponsors. This contradicts Carrie's position that she posed for the pics when she was only 17.

We obtained an email sent by the sponsor (we were asked not to use his name) and he says Carrie sent him one of the topless photos after January 6, 2009, asking "if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA Pageant." The date is significant, because that's the day Carrie got a boob job. The former sponsor says the pic was post boob job and she was well over 18.

TMZ obtained 4 topless photos a week ago. Her rep contacted us and said Carrie's position was that she was naive at the time she posed. Then we got a second email stating she was only 17. As a result we did not publish the photos. But the sponsor says he's positive they were taken when Carrie was a full-grown adult.

Launch PhotosUPDATE 9:40 AM ET Carrie Prejean will NOT be stripped of her crown today. There's a news conference at 2:00 PM ET by the peeps from the Miss California USA pageant, but they won't be pulling the plug on Carrie. That's Donald's decision, and he'll make it tomorrow.

We will live stream today's news conference at 2 PM ET.


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Gay marriage is NOT the same as interracial marriage and was ruled accordingly. Interracial marriage was permitted because marriage relates to children and perpetuation of the species. No gay couple has without outside intervention EVER been able to perpetuate the species. I fully support civil unions for all, but marriage for religious unions, but let's keep the topic truthful.

Oddly enough, Obama holds the SAME VIEW as Prejean but not a word is said about his bigotry. Ah, I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

2000 days ago


@No way!

The pictures WERE NOT taken on the day she got her boob job. The article CLEARLY SAYS the email was dated on or after the day she got her boob job.

Reading Comprehension 101.

2000 days ago


I agree gays should be able to marry. But I feel the attack TMZ has mounted on Prejean is one sided. The pageant gave Miss Rhode Island permission to pose topless. Making the Prejean photos MOOT! Harvey your witch hunt does not help the cause.

2000 days ago


Regardless of her pics, her beliefs, and her lies, she simply should concede to the fact that her actions are not befitting someone who should be representing Miss California. In fact, she shouldn't be considered a role model at all. If she truly believed what she says she believes, she would have relinquished the crown of her own accord.

In reality, all she sees is spotlight, money, fame and attention and is willing to do and say anything to get it. Give the crown to the runner up who actually lives the part. Not just pretends.

2000 days ago


I have seen the pictures and yes she has implants in the picture. I use to work at a medical supply office that sold the implants and it is rare that you can't see the form of the implant. Not very many drs know how to put them in right which is very important whether they look more natural. You can see the implants especially in a side view. She is a hypocrite.
I really don't like the way pageants have gotten and it is amazing Miss CA organization paid for the implants...that is fake and is hypocritical in itself.

2000 days ago


She's lied twice about these photos is anyone really surprised that she's lied a third time? .. did anyone really buy that nonsense that she was only 17? I sure didn't. She should just shut up and go away now. She dug this hole herself with all her moral bragging and prideful talk about her values.. too bad now.

2000 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

first of all, if anyone is comment on my previous comment, perhaps you need to actually read what I said. After reading the comments on this subject, I still stand by what I originally said. I am a hetrosexual by the end make up of my genetics and if I were to have been born gay, it would be because my genetics for attraction would have ended up in a different part of the same genetic spectrum. As for marriage being strictly for procreation, that is an very antiquated and ridiculous statement. I know many people who were married without having any intentions of ever perpetuating the species. The last wedding I went to was between people in their late 30s and neither one of them has any desire whatsoever to raise children and that is even part of the reason they are together. Growing up hetro, I never gave much thought on what it would be like not to be able to marry the person of my choice, but gay people don't have this same luxury. As for religious reasons to not allow gay marriages, what is it that makes you think that everyone has your same religious preferences? And they certainly are not going to alter the principles of any religion unless that religion was already moving in that direction. You certainly cannot tell someone of different beliefs systems that they absolutely MUST follow your tenets, even if indirectly. Religion is also not the sole reason for marriage in today's society either. I certainly did not get married for religious reasons, but for the bond I share with my wife. If you are coming at this issue from a religious standpoint, then you are trampling all over the basis of this society; the separation of church and state. I would like to think that people need not give their reasons or follow some archaic traditions if they do not feel the need to if they decide to marry. This is a civil and human rights issue and and to deny basic rights to others due strictly to their sexual preferences is bigoted, plain and simple.

2000 days ago

The Whole Truth    

Put the blame where it lies. Preachon; I mean; Prejean put herself it this spotlight. So sorry if the glare hurts her eyes. Those who live in glass houses and all.

I do believe her 15 minutes are up; so from here on out, I'll just point and laugh. Much like I do with Sarah Palin.
"Do as I say; not as I do." Yeah, that's WWJD. Hippo----crit.

2000 days ago


so the " NEW AMERICA" grants frredom of opinion and speech only to left wing liberals! WHAT A JOKE!

2000 days ago

If TMZ believes she was 18, then why haven't they posted the pictures?    

Miss Ta-tas has an opinion, and someone is upset about's Miss Ta-tas. Sounds like someone doesn't realize that the importance of Miss Ta-tas is, well...the TA-TAS!!! Please don't watch the pageant for concise political commentary, and please don't watch TMZ for an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of Al-Qaeda terrorist cells---it's just not the right place to look for those things!!! Geez...

For as many years as I can remember, these major pageants were criticized for being a bunch of bimbos with no sense and simply objects. In the early 90's, due to pressure from women's groups, the pageants were revamped to superficially add a sense of depth and intelligence--and in those early years, it was quite obvious that it was simply a ruse. Now, as the Politically Correct writers and coaches have fine tuned their clients to sound smart and sensible (note that in several reports, Miss USA gave a similar but more PC response, and even said that Miss Prejean should have answered "more responsibly"), an entire community of people want to crucify based on what they say and not what they look like in the swimsuit competition. Damned if they don't think, and now damned if they do think.

When they were just bimbos in swimsuits, no one cared what they said. But now that they have "depth", somehow they're now "ambassadors to the world". Unfortunately, they're just pretty girls--who are trained to be "just pretty girls with deep social understanding". If you're deeply offended or concerned about the words coming out of their mouths, then--might I suggest looking somewhere other than a Miss whatever pageant for your critical view on national social affairs?

I doubt that "The Donald" will greatly care what comes out of her mouth--just like the straight men and lesbian women who watch the show--instead, they'll only be concerned about what they could put in it.

May God forgive me for watching the pageant for what it's designed for---a little PG rated T&A.

2000 days ago

fred smilek    

Carrie is such a LIAR! she deserves it all..Now about gay marriage I support her 100%

2000 days ago


So, in addition to being inarticulate and stupid, she's a liar. Hoping Trump will say, "You're fired."

2000 days ago

Lenn K.    

I agree she broke the rules and if the Donald gets rid her that's that. But people still don't want gay marriage if there's a 100 more Miss California. Now go after the 70% of blacks, 65 % Asian and 60 Hispanics who voted against gay marriage in California. She just a whipping girl who we'll not ever talk about a month from now, but the people when they vote it''s against gay marriage, only liberal judges force gay marriage down a few states throats.

2000 days ago


You crazy right wingnuts... this is not about her 'opinion' anymore .. it's about her being a hypocrite, like most of you crazies. You want your opinion but your opinion involves having a say in other peoples lives based on nothing but your religious beliefs. Period. This fake ass conceited , vain, prideful hypocrite put herslef where she is. She has no compassion or social tack .. she's a liar, she is so vain as to get a boob job to try and 'win' a beauty pagent .. guess what?.. us sane people aren't buying your arguement. America is beyond fed up with rabid religious zelots qouting the bible every time it suits them while running off commiting every sin there is behind close doors. She is nothing more than an example of how far the 'rightous' have fallen and how rabid her kind will try and excuse her actions.

2000 days ago


Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for writing. I’ll definitely be coming back to this site.

2000 days ago
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