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Carrie Prejean -- Every Dog Has Her Day

5/13/2009 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanA battle is raging inside the school district where Carrie Prejean learned all she knows -- and it's all over whether to honor Miss Cali with her very own special day.

We're told a member of the Vista Unified School District in San Diego is campaigning to get a green light from the board to make June 1st "Carrie Prejean Day" -- but he's running into some serious opposition.

Opponents think it's a thinly veiled attempt to promote the anti-gay marriage agenda. Supporters say baloney -- that she should be honored because she was a good student and a strong female role model ... and she looks really good without a bra.

The battle over the "biblically correct" beauty queen is set for tomorrow night at Foothill Oak Elementary.

Fun fact: June 1st is National Day Against Homophobia in Canada.


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As a PS to #89: In fairness, the girl who won gave a mind-numbingly bad answer to her question, as well.

1989 days ago


Seriously? Come on. Is this school district related somehow to Rick Warren's Purpose Driven (Saddleback) church?

BOTTOM LINE... The Miss USA pageant is NOT a political platform. Represent ALL of California, OR keep doing your religious appearances WITHOUT the "Miss California" name alongside them.

Stop promoting your personal agenda and do something for California.

1989 days ago


Now another pic has come out of her showing her boobs front an center full nudity. And she says it was a "wardrobe malfunciton"... after she lied and a week ago and told Trump there was only one photo. Before the other 3 came out. The funny thing is, no one is asking where was her parents when she was taking the semi nude pics? And Trump called them "pretty", she was 17, does that make Trump a pedophile? Things that make you go hmmm...I wonder when her porno is going to surface. What a hyprocritical, blasphmous, hate mongering, republican...yes republican is now a bad word... lying, bigot. It is people like her that give Americans a bad name!!

1989 days ago


I wish she would speak at my school.

1989 days ago


#97. You're just pissed because your fugly girlfriend don't look like her! Time to move on and find yourself a "real man".

1989 days ago


#96 - Which one? You'll have to be more specific.

1989 days ago


"violatoria" wrote:

"OK Liz. Yes Obama does not support "Gay marriage" AND he also believes that it should be left up to the individual religious organizations to determine if they support it or not. It's called seperation of church and state! That's what our founding fathers had in mind, fredom to practice religion freely and not have the goverment dictate what needs to be religiously correct. As Ms. America, she has the right ot her beliefs but also has an obligation to state those beliefs in a politically correct way. We live in the 21st century, not the dark ages."

WTF???!!!! She has an obligation to state her beliefs in a "politically correct way"???!! And WHO are you, you little nazi, to say what is "politically correct" and what isn't? That's facsism and nothing less. The gay judge demanded a gay answer and acted like a spolied, vindictive gay brat, when he could'nt extract it from Miss California.

You'd have us live in the Dark Ages. You're declaring war -- a war you will lose.

Posted at 7:19PM on May 13th 2009 by violatorla

1989 days ago

French Open Fan    

Have you forgotten about jesus? Don't you think it's time that you did? Stop the hate!

donald trump couldn't fire this bitch. It's only the neocons and little boys that watch his show. Haven't you noticed viewership is dropping like the number of republicans?

Send this bitch back to the kennel. vista is a very conservative berg. It would be good to give it back to Mexico.

1989 days ago


Okay...everyone hold hands and let's just sing for a minute..."Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya....." We're getting way too stressed over this!

1989 days ago


Harvey Levin must have been rejected by Carrie Prejean.
That or he's dating Perez Hilton.
Seriously, are you people at TMZ really this mentally disturbed?
Bunch of fools/losers/sleazes.

1989 days ago


All this hostility...
I don't recall Carrie Prejean stating that she is a "Republican", so why even go there?...
If she's half as "dumb" as some folks would like to believe, she'd have to be a card-carrying LIBERAL...Why?...Simply because they don't stand for anything that doesn't promote them...Miss Prejean at least had conviction enough to stand for God, and the only ones who would be offended are those who are not comfortable with THEIR choices/beliefs...
If the GLBT community really wanted "acceptance", they wouldn't be demanding that others change to accommodate them...They claim they want "equality", yet they push for legislation that gives them preferential treatment (Hate Crimes)...They insist that they're not out to hurt anyone, yet complain when they're on the receiving end of anything...Had a the shoe been on the other foot with Perez Hiltons sissified HETROPHOBIC rantings, heads would have rolled...
The GLBT community can't have it both ways...If they want equality, then they'd damned sure better be prepared for what comes with it...

1989 days ago


54. Ain't it funny how Obama's view on gay marriage is the SAME as Carrie's, but nobody is calling for his "crown". The left and their cronies continue to be "selective" and only condemn those they choose to.

Posted at 6:18PM on May 13th 2009 by Liz

1989 days ago


Christian porn star !!!

1989 days ago


LOL...1st off how sad for American conservatives that THIS skanky wh*re is the best example of THEIR "morals and values" they have LOL...I hope all the teenage daughters of bible-thumpers are taking note: 1. start sluting around and taking naked pix for money at 17, 2. get fake t!tts, 3. take more naked pictures, this time of your much bigger fake t!tts and post them all over the net...this will help you get into heaven and society will also reward you for your skanky ways, sad for the conservatives that THIS is what they support now *snicker* Perez and Trump got you by the the point where you've altered all your CONSERVATIVE views :-) WAY to go PEREZ!!!

and 2nd...will the students of this school be able to access this skank's "inspiring" t!tty pictures from the library computers????

1989 days ago


Why is TMZ on such a campaign to distory this woman. People have the right to indpendent thought! Those who support gay marriage want to take God and the church out of it, and get upset when everyone else uses God to defend traditional marriage- then want to change the definition altogether for everyone. On one hand there is this movement in the media as if the majority support gay marriage, but every proposition in California over the past couple of years failed to legalize gay marriage. Let her live!

1989 days ago
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