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Howard K. Stern, 2 Docs: We're Not Guilty!

5/13/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern and two doctors, Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor, just pled not guilty to a pile of charges in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case.

The dynamic trio have each been charged with 6 felonies -- after a massive investigation that led prosecutors to charge that they funneled drugs to Smith in the years leading up to her death.

All three defendants had no problem with giving the D.A. handwriting samples that cops could use in determining who signed what prescriptions.


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

sandeep kapoor?? sounds like someone who would be prescribing hot chili powder curry as put on the bung hole or something like that.

1997 days ago



All of these charges against them is from people who are trying to get Howard out of the way!
TX wants the Marshall $. This was proven by Anna's mom on TV over and over!
She wants Larry to sign her rights to have a say in that child's estate.
Virgie has sued how many people? How many times? I believe it is 5 times now.
Virgie is now pulling TMZ and Larry into a false allegation suit in TEXAS!
Ford Shelley and group do not want the Estate to continue to prosecute them for theft.
Rit wants out of her court case in NY.

There is no proof any of these people tried to harm anyone.
Anna called the shots.
If anything they were trying to help her.

1997 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

4. I don't get it. An adult who knows that taking illegal drugs are against the law, obtains them anyway, gets others to abet in her obtaining them, and then after taking them, dies from an overdose and the authorities come after the other people. Will someone please tell me how much of an onus for the illegal drug use falls on Anna's shoulders? Oh! I get it! They all held guns to her head and forced her to take them.

Posted at 1:22PM on May 13th 2009 by justsaying"

Yes. You don't get it. Go read the archive , then come back and give us your insights. thank you for trying.

1997 days ago


She (Anna) is at fault, but you can't prosecute the dead. They are guilty as hell and they damn well better be found as such. I do believe Howard loved Anna but that's beside the point now. The issues are the amounts of drugs they prescribed to her in names that were not her own, and I think they prescribed drugs in Howard's name to which he gave to her (ugh that right there is illegal) and she was way, way, way over medicated for how many years, again, illegal, you're medical doctors, it's your job to know these things. If you're prescribing umpteen pills, god knows how many times a week, month etc., ugh, you're liable for that, she is your patient. If your patient is a known abuser of drugs (which ugh, they can't say they were not aware of her abusive nature with drugs), again, you're responsible for NOT prescribing addictive type medication to your patient. What I do forsee happening though is all 3 will point the finger at each other in the blame game.

1997 days ago


While no one put a gun to her head, she was an addict and you just don't keep providing drugs to someone you supposedly care about.

1997 days ago

passing thru    

Did you really expect any concern over the costs to enter into the pleading?
Did you really expect truth and integrity to enter into the pleading?
If you did, then you apparently have NOT been following this case.
None of these three rise to that level of care or compassion.

Give it time.
Crow will be served up!

1997 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Posted at 1:28PM on May 13th 2009 by JustMe"

Dear JustAnIdiot: More of your pathetic BS ! There will be no Marshall money, whatever money has been made off this saga should go to DL not to HKS DEFENSE' FUND, DOI !


1997 days ago


"...after a massive investigation that led prosecutors to charge..."
LOL A massive investigation?
CRAZY! It was a ploy from JB if you ask me!
* I hope that the CA DA finds these allegations and charges are: UNFOUNDED!
The State of CA does NOT have the resources for this facade brought up by JB via the texas crowd with their agendas! IMO
Massive investigation is a joke! JB and his office fell for the Rita Cosby version of lies in her book that were given to her by the likes of Hatten, and SC bunch and the texas bunch who want a piece of the estate of ANS. JMO on this crap!

1997 days ago


..pathetic BS ! There will be no Marshall money, whatever money has
been made off this saga should go to DL not to HKS DEFENSE' FUND,
Posted at 1:36PM on May 13th 2009 by TRA-LA-LA ! Just sittin here
watching the PERPs WALK
* * * *
You are wrong. Texas would not have spent over one million dollars of
a law firm's money to try to get Howard out of the way if there was
really no M. $.
You need to read the Estate Will, HKS is NOT SPENDING ONE CENT OF
Any money so far that the baby has is from the appearances that the
executor and her legal guardian have go for her.
Anna did not have very much to leave her child, HKS & LB have made
the child's estate have more money than it was.
You need to grow up, and quit calling my opinion pathetic, because we
could all say the same about your opinion.

1997 days ago


Read the indictment alleging a conspiracy to supplies these drugs to a KNOWN ADDICT, AKA. Anna.

1997 days ago


Look, it's simple. Anna was a drug addict. These people were enablers and purposely fed in to her addiction which *surprise* led to her death. Get it now?

1997 days ago


Do you really care at this point? Shouldnt someone have cared before?

1997 days ago

very sad day    

The doctors should most definately be prosecuted. They wrote scripts in massive amounts ( above and beyond the usual adult dosage) and in false names, which is a crime in all 50 states. HKS not only called for these scripts, but picked them up, knowing they were in different names, including his own. That my friends is a crime.

1997 days ago

420 GIRL    

My M.D. is on the staff of the same hospital as Kapoor.

He is a Sparkle Jockey that of course was enamored by Anna Nicole.

1997 days ago


Anna Nicole was purposely kept physically and mentally incapacitated to the point that she had NO control over what was being done to her...
When you're virtually comatose, it's hard to prevent someone from popping a syringe in your ass, or slipping you a mickey...
Her condition in the video footage that was taken during her pregnancy speaks volumes...Not only was she intoxicated, but some idiot found it amusing enough to record the episode...This same person had an OBLIGATION to report the dangerous behavior to authorities, especially since Anna Nicole was pregnant, but chose instead to become complicit in the criminal acts that took place that day...
Many people involved in this fiasco are equally guilty of contributing to her death, and they should ALL be held accountable...

1997 days ago
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