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Police Chase -- Ain't that a Kick in the Head!

5/13/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A high-speed car chase just came to an abrupt end just south of Los Angeles -- and the perp is gonna have one nasty boot imprint on his head come morning... but did the cops cross the line, or did dude deserve it?

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As angry as the cops get from these idiots wasting their time and putting others in danger, A GOOD COP HAS SELF-CONTROL. Although tempting, and other non-professionals would want to kick him to, A GOOD COP HAS SELF-CONTROL, period.

1959 days ago


Actually, It's not just the LAPD. Los Angeles County Sheriffs are horrible too. WEST HOLLYWOOD SHERIFFS DEPT is the most CORRUPT IN THE WORLD! They get paid by the Paparazzi for tips. They arrest based whether or not there's something in it for them. They hang out at places like Saddle Ranch, Villa, One Sunset etc picking up on drunk girls leaving the clubs. FILTHY, FILTHY, FILTHY WEST HOLLYWOOD!!!!!

1959 days ago


I watched this live on TV- the guy was pulled over for a normal traffic violation.
The cops were COMPLETELY out of line here. The first two should at LEAST get fired- maybe jail time...

The guy so CLEARLY surrendered and still got the crap kicked out of him.

not okay LAPD.

1959 days ago


If that guy had killed a child during the chase, you people would't be saying these things.
Remember, if your house is broken into or your child is missing = DON'T call the cops, they're no good, right???

1959 days ago


I am absolutely appalled at this clip. Granted, dude was doing something wrong, but the arrogance and behavior of the officers involved is ridiculous. The dude gave up, laid down in the position he's obviously used to (getting arrested, pervs)a few seconds before police caught up, and got kicked in the head by someone who is supposed to SERVE AND PROTECT. He was ready to get his arrest over with and SURRENDERED. What was the need for the kick in the head? Tough guy arrogance. That's all. The officer with the dog was even trying to keep the dog away...If the criminal was a true threat, the dog would be loose. This is overkill at it's finest. I bet the case is thrown out because of the treatment of the criminal and he is able to sue the police department and win, therefore living a cushy lifestyle. This is worth a lot of money, for sure. The cops are in the wrong regarding the scope of their duties.

1959 days ago

ex lax    

Don't kick me in the head BRO! Just taze me till I die!

1959 days ago

just me    

the sad thing is since the cops decide to go do that then the criminal is now going to get a lesser sentance or get off scott free for the sh!t he did because of the cops reacting in an unofficial mannor. F*ing stupid guy & dumb @$$ cops

1959 days ago


Easily resolved: Don't break the law and you won't have to worry about getting a boot to the head. Crime rates are sky rocketing because everything is SO PC now. Cops can't actually do their job - which is LAW ENFORCEMENT - because of of the weaknesses of this country and whiners claiming "brutality". DON'T BREAK THE LAW & YOU DON'T HAVE TO FREAK'IN WORRY ABOUT GETTING WHUPPED ON! We've created a country where there is the illusion of law enforement. And the crooks are having a hey day. "Oh no - I stole a car and the officer was rough with me!" TOUGH CRAP-OLA! Maybe more kids wouldn't continue their lives of crime if they get due punishment up FRONT and early! In the meantime, our houses are getting broken into, our cars are being stolen, our children are being assaulted - WAKE UP AMERICA!

1959 days ago


Pigs!!!!! What goes around comes around! A**holes. Just remember that one guy who doesn't go down so easily and now u know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1959 days ago

ex lax    

To serve, honor, an protect... we treat you like a king.. Rodney that is!

1959 days ago


That is just completely F'd up. Don't you morons understand that cops do this to (1) people who the cops incorrectly believe have comitted crimes and (2) to people who's "crime" is talking back to the police. This doesn't just happen to real criminals. Also, these crap cops put honest cops in danger by creating anger and distrust towards police.

Real cops should want cops like this aka felons in jail.

1959 days ago


Everyone can laugh at the guy getting kicked in the head, I also laugh when cops get it back. HAHA

1959 days ago


Ridiculous. So sick of BABYING criminals. So he got a whack to the head. ANYONE think about what he just did to endanger our children, our community or loved ones? Smack that sh!t around. Stupid ass criminals.

1959 days ago

over it    

He almost ran over a crossing guard when he went up on the sidewalk and in the end he did hit another car. Hopefully that kick knocked some sense into him

1959 days ago


I'm a cops wife and even i think the kick to the head was uncalled for. now what they are calling kidney blows was to get the guys arm out cause he wasn't following directions. although i'm not sure he could hear the directions after being kicked in the head. looks like a write up and anger management classes for that officer.

1959 days ago
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