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Jenny From the Rock

5/14/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez's biggest asset is no longer her amazing booty ... it's her massive bling.


The 39-year-old mother of two showed off her ginormous rock in Hollywood yesterday.

Rumors that the ring weighs more than Marc Anthony are not true.Launch  Photos


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Siegfried & Soy    

Peasant hands...

1956 days ago


She's still wearing those track suit outfits??? 1999 called...

1956 days ago


Gee, Sandy, a little bitter? You sound like an angry feminist from the 1960s. As far as your remark about housewives, I am one. As far as your remark about women with educations, I have one. I have been around many women with many degrees showing off their diamond rings with joy upon their engagements. They didn't feel like prostitutes. They were in love. Ten, fifteen, and twenty years later, they still are. Betty Friedan is dead, and so are her moldy old ideas.

1956 days ago


Everything about this cow is so gross, where do you start? Just trash.

1956 days ago


Why should she feed children in Africa? She can donate money to Puerto Rico if she wants to. Or not. It's her money; she worked for it, and she doesn't have to give it to anyone. BTW, where are all the men in Africa who produce all these children that they can't feed? I never see them around, but I've been told that African men do not work; their women do it all. They need to practice abstinence.

1956 days ago

Sing Sing    

I'm not an angry feminist. That's such an easy cop-out, isn't it? That's b/c you know I'm right. Women complain about equal rights but then they want double standards. You know what this makes these women? Hypocrites. And you know what happens to hypocrites. People lose respect for them. It's the same thing as when women sleep with men on the first date, dress like skanks, etc. and then wonder why men don't respect them. From where I come from and how I was raised, you have to act respectful to earn respect. And trust me, it goes both ways. I lose respect for guys who can't control themselves, too, and guys who act like animals and try to use girls. And I especially lose respect for guys who act like hypocrites. So why should I expect a guy to put up with my hypocritical behavior? Women have done themselves a major disservice since the "feminist" movement, and have done so much to undo all of the gains that were made by doing stupid things like continuing to demand engagement rings, asking guys to pay for meals in exchange for premarital sex, posing naked in magazines like it's no big thing, and the list goes on. We did it to ourselves ladies, and now we're left with a mess. And I, unfortunately, have to deal with that mess, too, because guys expect me to behave the same way, but I don't.

And don't even try to get personal and judge me. I am a beautiful girl who has had a few solid, loving relationships and many opportunities to get married. I have my reasons for not being married now and I am certainly not jealous of women who are engaged. I could give a rat's ass. Marriage to me is personal and sacred. And I don't expect anyone to kiss my ass when I get engaged or married either. I'd rather keep that as something sacred between me, my man, and a few close fam & friends. And you can bet I won't be one of the bridezillas shoving their wedding details down everyone's throats. It's an old act and it's disgusting. People have more important things to do than fawn over superficial crap in worrying about how to pay their mortgage, find a job, raise a decent child in today's society, or help the poor. I'd rather spend the bulk of my energy on things like that. I guess that just makes me a crazy feminist, though, huh? And makes you the pinnacle of equality and domestic bliss. Have a nice life.

1956 days ago


Fair enough, Sandy. I had a small, intimate family wedding. I have a college degree. I have a beautiful ring that I helped pay for. I worked until I had my first baby. Being a stay-at-home mom was a dream of mine that dated back to high school. It's not so simplistic as you're either:
- uneducated housewife with no means of support
- bridezilla who wants the big rock and her husband to do everything for her
- independent, I-don't-need-a-man feminist who hates all mean

Those are all charicatures. If I slapped the "angry feminist" label on you wrongly, I hereby remove it. I get so tired, though of hearing people saying "housewives" followed by a roll of the eyes and a sigh. I have no regrets about staying home at all.

1956 days ago


She totally posed to show that thing, another rich bitch that needs attention!

1956 days ago


Honey, AAAAAAAAAAAAALL the big rocks in the world simply *won't* change the fact that your twins are FUGLY! Only plastic surgery will change those little rats you call your spawn. Tsk. Homely little things. Poor things take after their dirtbag father.

1956 days ago

Sing Sing    

Ok, thanks. But I wasn't putting housewives down. I give them as much respect as any other woman, whether a career woman or otherwise. And I'm sure I'll be one at some point in my life when I have kids. I was referring to women who choose never to work...and not putting them down, but saying that it makes more economical sense for them to demand engagement rings than working women. I guess it's just a tradition that doesn't make sense to me. I see women using it to size each other up and compete, and men sometimes use it to compete to show off to others how much money they have, and that whole game rubs me the wrong way. But I am sure there are some women and men who don't view it like that and just view it romantically as a gift of love (which can go both ways and which doesn't need to be flaunted to others). And it seems that was the case for you. I'm just not in either category, but my intentions were not to put you down. I just wish women had more respect from men in today's day and age. When I see the media constantly bashing women of all ages, and women of all relationship statuses, and family statutuses, it just bothers me to no end. And it has me searching for answers as to why things are the way they are. Hopefully, all us ladies will be in a better position as a whole in the future. In the meantime, we can just agree to disagree. Cheers!

1956 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Wow - that thing could be sold to feed most of the homeless in my town!

1956 days ago


Just hope she purchased it through a conflict free distributer... and she has ugly hands! wow.

1956 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

You idiots made a big deal when she was not wearing it so she decided to get some more coverage now that she has something to promote. Knew you would notice. Good PR.

1956 days ago

bored with this    

she has ugly fingers...

1956 days ago


Sorry, Sandy, I had to go pick up my kids from school. As someone probably about 15 years older than you, allow me to offer my thoughts: First of all, I was one of the last among my group to marry. Of that group, 3 ended in divorce (2 of which were adultery) and 2 ended up in not great marriages at all. BE PICKY! Second, that type of woman who is flaunting her ring, not because she thinks boyfriend is so great but to impress you? If you hang out with her for awhile, she'll try to impress you with her house, vehicles, neighborhood, hubby's salary, children's brilliance,clothes,etc. Dirty little secret: She's in debt up to her eyeballs. Seen it again and again. There will always be someone trying to impress you or make you feel lesser. We have sacrificed for me to stay at home and for my kids to go to a nice private school. (I live in a Southern state that regularly is number 50 out of all the states for public schools - public school is not an option for us.) We're frugal, but can have fun without incurring debt. These shallow women have been around since the beginning of time, and will always be around, sadly. Thank you for what you said about housewives. I'm a little sensitive about it, because my mother-in-law makes snide remarks about me not working. I have never missed a school party and try to attend all of their performances. This is the most important thing to me. Cheers to you, too!

1956 days ago
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