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Dr. Drew Gets Screwed in 'Celebrity Pornhab'

5/18/2009 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Drew Pinsky's former patient -- a term we use very loosely -- Mary Carey is striking back at him the best way she knows how -- by releasing a new porno that mocks the doc and his "Celebrity Rehab" reality show.

The porno is aptly titled "Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw," and in our behind-the-scenes footage, you'll see there's not much difference between the satirical XXX flick and the actual TV show -- except for the gratuitous sex, of course.

By the way, this is Carey's comeback to adult films. Dr. Drew frequently urged her to retire from skin flicks as part of her rehab. Guess she's skipping that step.

UPDATE: The real Dr. Drew just twittered about "Pornhab," saying, "For those of you wondering about my feelings about Mary Ellen Cook's [Mary Carey's] choice to mock : Res ipsa loquitur. Makes me very sad."


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SoCal Razzles    

I saw Mary in person a couple months ago and boy does she look different than her pic, WORSE! The poor thing was sloppy, too much make up and was out of shape. Not to metion always had a drink in her hand. She's on the highway to disaster!

1891 days ago

amie Class of 98 at North High    

She's nasty

1891 days ago

el polacko    

good for mary ! "dr" drew is an idiot. i used to listen to him dispense nonsense on his sex advice show until i couldn't take hearing any more prudish mis-information from him... he's just another under-qualified media whore.

1891 days ago


all of the roomies plus Dr. Drew were so supportive of Mary... she wanted the best of the celebrity rehab world and then of course couldn't get past NOT going to Hollwyood bars in the evening. You could really tell that she was a weak person and point blank, was given all the opportunities, tools, HOME, environment, free counseling... all of the things she needed to change. She didn't want to... she was all "boo hoo" when Seth was back yet again to the rehab house and then disappearing. EVERYONE tried to help her... she would not leave that loser boy control freak boyfriend who belittled and controlled her.... she does not have my sympathy at this point. HOW DARE she turn on Dr. Drew who tried to diligently to help her..? She has one foot on the banana peel and one in the grave.... poor poor choices...

1891 days ago


It's sad how Dr. Drew tried to do everything he could to help her and she basically took it for granted... Dr. Drew tried to help her get the life she claimed she wanted back and all he got was a slap in the face....

1891 days ago


she has reached a new low..she had a chance to straighten out and get some legitimate respect..but she decided to go back to her cartoonish, slutty ways..her behavior on the show at times showed someone in pain who could be saved but it was also clear her choices in boyfriends was going to keep her on a path that only goes one way. She is now just another porn actress who at some point will be dead. I believe dr. drew wanted her to suceed and now she mocks the only person who showed an interest in her and who she really is...maybe this is who she really is..

1891 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

44. She's appeared in over 80 movies, more than 30 cable shows and directed a couple movies, how can you say her 15-minutes of fame are about up?
Heck, Angelina Jolie has been in LESS than 40 movies, I'd have to say MC is the bigger star here by 40+ films.

Posted at 11:10AM on May 18th 2009 by Cleveland-West_Side

Well, if she is such a "success", then why did she have to do this lame ass movie or appear on any of the REAL Rehab shows? Answer me that?

1890 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

I am at a loss for words too over this stunt she has pulled. I'm sure that loser boyfriend/manager/ho-wrangler had something to do with this. It was obvious on the show, he didn't want her to get better, because if she was sober, she would see what a REAL loser he is and he wouldn't be able to capitalize on his cash cow (pun intended)!

1890 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Mary Carey is a fat, stinky, slutty, weak loser!
oh! and whore!

1890 days ago


so much for the skank to get away from porn. LOSER!!

1890 days ago



1890 days ago


Dead in 3 years....oh well later skank!

1890 days ago


I am saddened by reading all of these comments. It is so very obvious that the general public has no idea what addiction is or find that it is easier to spout judgements at this young woman than realize that she is just a small cog in a very large adult movie business that makes BILLIONS a year. As much as this adult business tries to make it all glamorous and desirable, the truth is MOST of the young women involved are addicts, . Shame and guilt running their lives, and no escape from the pimps who benifit more monitarily , than any of these women do. Their lives will end sad, lonely, and broke. I do hope she joins the show again , and keeps on trying to clear her mind, and start over. Relapse is part of recovery, and the fame that pulls at Mary's soul is addictive in itself!

1890 days ago


pole kwao......
but dat wasen't fair

1890 days ago


ohhhhh dats horrible.....

1890 days ago
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