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Williams -- Being 'Miss Anything' Is a Setback

5/21/2009 4:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa Williams and "biblically correct" Miss California have both had their reputations tarnished by nudie pics in their past -- but according to the "Ugly Betty" star, it's pageantry in general that's damaging to one's credibility.

Vanessa Williams: Click to watch
Williams was on "Larry King Live" last night, and when Carrie Prejean's name came up, she blasted beauty pageants as a whole -- calling them a "setback" to anyone trying to be a "serious artist."


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just saying    

Quit using the I'm a black woman excuse. I'm a white woman and Vanessa makes more money than me I'm sure. BLACK WOMAN?? With those green eyes someone has some explaining to do. JUST SAYING Still love Vanessa

1918 days ago


It's pageanty in general that let's everyone know that TMZ neophytes are incapable of spelling or using a spell checker.

Those little red lines under pageanty indicate you should correct the spelling to pageantry. Duh!

1918 days ago


So basically jennay, you are telling us that Carolyn Sapp, Shawntel Smith, Debra Moffett and Kaye Lani would have been bigger than Vanessa Williams had they had a scandal when they won Miss America? Bitch please!

1918 days ago

Black Teef    

I still spank it her Penthouse hot hot!

1918 days ago

the short chick in the back    

Why do we even have these pagaents anymore? Everytime a winner is crowned, you EXPECT the pictures to come rolling out at this point.

Ive pretty much lost all faith in what "Miss America" is supposed to stand for in the first place. Sign of the times, I suppose.

1918 days ago


If you saw Vanessa's photos you know they were WAY more graphic than Miss California's pics. I do agree that pageants need to go, they're from a by gone era.

1918 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

What the hell do any of you ordinary people know? You wear plastic!

1918 days ago


Why does TMZ ALWAYS post " biblically correct' before Carrie Prejean's name? A couple times, its funny to see, but all the time? Give it a rest already. Just my opinion.

1918 days ago


If she had not had the Miss America title taken away due to the scandal, she would still have been remembered as being the first black Miss America-at the time, this was a major big deal. V got a lot of death threats and had to use a bodyguard during most of her reign. I can't see this sort of thing happening these days in the pageant world, but sadly I'm sure it still does. BTW, when I knew Vanessa, she would always tell me and my friends, "Sucess is the best revenge!"

1918 days ago


Can't wait when Carrie Prejean's lesbian movie comes out.

1918 days ago


Haha, was the beauty pagent a setback for a serious vice presidential candidate? Sarah Palin for President?

1918 days ago


Vanessa Williams scandal with the intimidating shots was not pretty. She did an amazing thing and pulled herself up despite of it. Her experience with Miss America did notthing but hurt her career.

Most people do not take beauty pageant winners seriously. They think they are people who do not have anything important to do with their time. I get a kick out of watching them, sometimes, but none of my friends will watch them with me. They think they are a mindless joke. For the most part, I guess I do also.

1917 days ago


I thought Carry Prejean's mother was the lesban - not her mother. I guess Carrie could play her mom in a movie.

1917 days ago


Chalk up another petty swipe at Miss Cali from the low life's at TMZ. You losers should really move on. You lost, she won, get over it.

1917 days ago


I love Vanessa! She is one talented very beautiful lady! Very smart too!

1917 days ago
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