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Pat Boone -- I Called Elvis a Fatty

5/22/2009 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about making a great last impression -- because the last time Pat Boone saw The King, one month before he died, dude made fun of Elvis' weight.

Pat Boone: Click to watch


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No one cares! FIRST!

1916 days ago


And the ladiers at the View thought Pat Boone was the safe one instead of Elvis. This jesus-o-crit act's like a playground bully callin' the King a Pillsbury dough boy. Look at yourself with them $1.99 pleather's from Big Lot's you were sporttin' during your rebel mid-life crisis. Old dude's wearing leather doesn't attract the ladies Brother Pat. What would TBN say?
Boycott this yahoo cuz he ain't no better than Jim Baker.

1916 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Pat Boone is still alive? Wow -- who knew. Maybe somebody should 'splain to the kids who this guy was?

1916 days ago


WTF, Pat! Lookin a little chubby yourself! Still love ya, tho!

1916 days ago


Well, Pat Boone was right. When Elvis dropped dead in 1977, he WAS fat. He was obese, drugged and worn out at the young age of 42 and that's what killed him.

1916 days ago


For a man who has done some pretty outlandish things as he got older, I don't think his opinions matter much.

1916 days ago


Bet Pat Boone NEVER thought TMZ.COM would give him the time of day! He's got something to tell the great-grandchildren now!!!!

1916 days ago

let it go    

I love Pat Boone

1916 days ago


And if Elvis were still alive, he could call you "an old dried up prune". You're lookin' bad, Pat!!!!!

1916 days ago

Perez Hilton's Bumhole    

Shame on you TMZ, reporting this as tho it was a insult. He was only funnin and the king probably took it in stride. Shame on your for twisting words TMZ.

1916 days ago


"Love Letters in the Sand" was Pat Boone's dynamite hit song. I met Elvis when he was at Nudie Cohen's store in North Hollywood. Nudie made some of Elvis's outfits. Elvis was a gentleman and a gentle man. In my heart, I know that Elvis did not take Pat's humor as an insult.

Back in the '50's both Elvis and Pat were the biggest rock 'n roll stars. There were other terrific singers around back then like Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Sonny James, Jim Reeves, and so many others. It makes me gag when I hear the younger generation praise the horrible sounds from 1969 - 2009. They don't know what good music is.

1916 days ago


Funny, people are '"STILL" talking about Elvis the king of rock n' roll. Pat who???? My mom is 70 and she barely remember him, only that he stole and recorded a horrific version of little Richards' Tooty Fruity! lol

1916 days ago


uh hello I thought Pat Boone was dead, I don't see his face up in New York in Times Square but I sure do see Elvis's face...

Pat Boone is a geek just like Clay Aiken hahahahahahahahahaha no talent

1916 days ago

Wanda W.    

Never,ever cared for this man, his bubble gum music, or his holier than thou attitude. To my way of thinking he was always a hanger on who never could stand another performers (ie Elvis ) success. Elvis,even through all his personal demons, was always a Southern gentleman who was never JEALOUS of another performers success.

1916 days ago

Mary Worth    

Everybody "stole" from everyone else in the old days.
Blacks ''stole" from whites as often as vice versa.
Elvis "stole" form black singers/performers from the start.
Later, he "stole" from other whites ('Blue Suede Shoes") and even later, he covered many whites' originals.

So can the accusations against Pat Boone. His label only did what every other label did! They "stole" material from others.
(Translation: They released their own version of the material)

Love both Elvis and Pat. IMO, Pat was really the more sexy of the two. Even tho I felt Elvis was more pretty.
And Elvis would be even more wrinkly than Pat, were he alive today.
Elvis was wonderful, however. I even saw him do his karate thing in Las Vegas. BTW, he kissed the young girls, and guys who ringed around his platform.
And can that look of shock! This was/is Las Vegas!

1916 days ago
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