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Radio Host Waterboarded -- Hilarity Doesn't Ensue

5/23/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The torture method called waterboarding -- which is meant to simulate drowning -- sucks so much, the average person can only endure it for a few seconds... as demonstrated here by brave Chicago radio host Mancow.

Bottom line -- torture sucks.


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Comment 12 is dead on! The local Piggly Wiggly was not robbed, we were attacked by terrorists in an unconventional way.

Also, he can call it torture all he wants, but literally as soon as they stopped, he looked normal enough. Did not look like someone who was just drowning.

In Basic Combat Training in the Army, all recruits are put through the gas chamber without their masks...Anyone who thinks waterboarding is torture needs to enlist!


1980 days ago


People - THIS is true torture.

Anything we can do that prevents this from happening to another US citizen is fine by me.

1980 days ago


so let me ask the know it all libs on here; when US Marines are put into a gas chamber during the 3rd week of basic training; does that also count as torture? seems to me that the commander in chief should be held responsible for this horrible practice since he knowingly allows it to happen to all the Marines. and isn't waterboarding done to US Navy Seals?

1980 days ago

Jim Russell    

Mike, do you have any difinitive proof Pelosi was told? The answer of course is no. Waterboarding is torture, we, the United States of America has prosecuted people for it. A few directed legal opinions from some incompetent hack attorneys doesn't change that fact and will not hold up in a court of law. The Nazies tried that roos and were hanged.

Once again the girlymen Cheney, Limbaugh, and the wimp Hannity condone a gang of thugs beating up 1 bound and shackled prisoner not knowing if they are guilty or innocent. That's the refuge and actions of a coward. And they are cowards. None of these draft dodging sissyboys would face down a 6th grade schoolgirl unless she was bound and shackled, let alone a man.

1980 days ago


am also wondering why are we arguing at all in this nation about the words used 'torture' or not? Who cares? Is waterboarding torture? yes. no. whatever, if it works and seems the least invasive of a lot of choices that could have been made!
Nice 'No-torture' believing people will cheer on football games where people pummel each other, (I love football fyi) pay fortunes for good seats at a boxing match--yes, those are choices and not punishments but is it torture? Do you sit and cry because a great DE knocks the stuffin out of a QB on an opposing team? or do you cheer ? I mean the poor guy was just standing there doing his job? how DARE that DE sac him? (I cheer, but it's deteremined I am meanspirited) the QB put himself on the O side of the line and when you put yourself there-you just might get the stuffin knocked out of you. I'd say the terrorist or those with info On terrorist have put themselves on the other side of the line and if waterboarding is all they get? we need to shut up.

1980 days ago

Lori Peters    

Mancow is an idiot. I can't stand listening to his tirades. I refuse to listen to the local radio station that carries his programming. I feel sorry for his family, can't imigine what it must be like to live with someone who thinks his opinion is the only one worth while 100% of the time.

1980 days ago

Dirk the Impailer    

Terrorist are sub-human animals that kill and maim innocent people. When they capture an American, the torture they do is far more cruel and always ends in death. You could ask the survivors, but there aren't any.

You can't "reason" with terrorists. They only understand brute force and fear. It's what they live by, and it's the only thing they respect. If you hug a terrorist, he will kill you. If you show kindness to a terrorist, he will only see that you are weak and he will kill you. These are not human beings with any sense of morality.

The British tried to be respectful to Hitler in the late 1930's. He sensed their weakness and started one of the worst waves of terror in the history of the world, knowing the west didn't have the balls to stand up to him. Islamic terrorist are exactly the same way, only much more cruel and savage.

You can preach your "holier than thou" crap, I live in the real world. You don't try to reason with vermin, you exterminate them. You don't try to reason with terrorists, you do anything and everything in your power to stop them.

This isn't two countries going to war over some valid issue. This is a group of sub-human terrorists driven by religous fervor, that hate the west far more than they even love their own children. To them, everything and everyone is expendable to accomplish their goal of a world-wide islamic hell. These are not honorable soldiers fighting for their countries under the rules of warfare, they are sub-human terrorists that have no rules.

If you see a roach in your house, you don't get out industrial-strenth chemicals to kill it. You just step on it and throw away the body. But if they tell you that your walls are infested with termites that are destroying your house, you throw every chemical allowed by law at them to destroy them before they destroy your home. These are both measured responses.

If waterboarding stops another 9-11, then it's a measured response in my book that will save lives and stop horrible acts of terror. We aren't doing it to innocent people minding their own business. We are doing it to terrorists captured in acts of terror.

So go put your rose colored glasses on and pretend that we can reason with terrorists. I'm just glad that the government had the balls to show them that we weren't weak and wouldn't put up with their terror for at least a few years.

1980 days ago


TO PUMP 1 DER # 31 It makes no difference if you curse an entire FAMILY TO DIE or even ONE PERSON TO DIE, you are actually bringing your own curse to yourself or to your loved ones. Obviously, you are not familiar with the phrase, "NONE GOES HIS WAY ALONE. ALL THAT WE SEND INTO THE LIVES OF OTHERS, COMES BACK INTO OUR OWN. I hope it does not happen to you but, your own words could come back to haunt you ,forever.

1980 days ago


Granted water boarding is for sure TORTURE. BUT MANCOW is a poser ( just like Spencer Pratt ) and a LOSER to boot. HE can NEVER do anything original. Mancow what the hell happened to you?

1980 days ago


The water gets unleashed on the forehead not on the mouth and nose. If you will look at the footage of the real torture as seen on the news, you will notice that stupid mancow got it all wrong. Their people have done worse to our people, so quit whining. We have to defend ourselves because nobody else will. It's called FREEDOM!!! I for one, would like to keep mine........

1980 days ago


jack bauer used way worse methods

1980 days ago

eyes glued opened    

To the morons who support Water boarding... Pull your heads out of your arses and look at the big picture.. You’re not in high school settling some score, this is not a play ground where you’re getting revenge on someone because they’ve been mean or have threatened ya. At the end of the day, if the US is known for torturing those we capture, whether terrorists or prisoners of war, then these guys will do the same to YOUR FAMILY members if your loved ones are ever POW's. Research the Geneva Convention; this is why this was drafted and ratified. Look back in history, while there have been cases of US POW torture, aka McCain, the cases are few and far between because they know it would get them nowhere with us in their ability to get what they want. McCain, who was tortured himself and who some would naturally think would support this DOES NOT support water boarding OR torture. He knows it would only mean an eye for an eye. The BUSH admin simply DID NOT CARE what happened to your loved ones if they were able to justify their own agenda. Their policy decisions were decided in part around their inability to communicate or to even reason. NO, I’m not saying to NEGOIATE with these bastards, you can’t negotiate with extremists and terrorists but because the Bush admin. lacked the ability to communicate and had no other methods by which to gather intelligence, then the data you do get is only as good as the methods employed to gather it. We now know that the information that they got from this guy, that was supposedly to link Iraq to the 9-11 terrorist attacks was all lies and was gathered as a direct result after this guy was water boarded 83 times. Hell, If we simply want to get revenge on these people, just take them out back in the White House rose garden and beat the hell out of them but don’t use the information that spews from their terrorists mouths to then be the reason that more of your loved ones then die fighting in a foreign land. Think about this. So they got 3,500 American’s on US soil during 9-11 and as a result of the lies they gave us because of water boarding and other information gathering techniques, they’re responsible for killing another 5,000+ American soldiers who are fighting a war that was started based on BAD INFORMATION. HMMMM, who really won that one in the end? 8,500+ American’s dead, 50,000+ wounded so far. WOW, let’s keep using the same bad techniques to gather the same bad intelligence data so we can keep making the same bad war decisions so we can continue to feed our American soldiers to these barbaric animals. This is what they want. ALL WHILE THEY CONTINUE TO ORGANIZE IN NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES Afghanistan and Pakistan, WHERE THEY’VE BEEN FROM DAY 1. While Bush had us in the wrong country for the past 8 years to do nothing more than to exact revenge on Sadam Hussein for trying to assonate Bush’s father 2 times back in 1990 and 1992.

Wake up people, the real war on Al Qaeda, where they REALLY RESIDE hasn’t even begun yet, Iraq was just smoke and mirrors for Bush to use our troops, and over a 1 TRILLION of OUR TAX $, to get Sadam back for trying to kill his father.

1980 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

'would Jesus torture'?

Are you kidding me?! An eye for an eye. And thats without even factoring in inflation. Today it should be a head for an eye.

1980 days ago


I wonder if you far left loonies will be so upset about waterboading when the next terrorist attack hits?
Apparently you whack jobs have forgotten all of the people killed on 9-11. Regardless of what the Obamanation wants to call it, we ARE in a war. You don't fight with one hand tied behind your back. Quit being such wussies and realize that we have to stop these terrorists by any means necessary.

1980 days ago


What gets me is people keep calling this torture. It may be uncomfortable, but I have been through it in military training at S.E.R.E school.
I consider torture Americans getting their heads cut off by terrorist.. What about that? You liberals and the ACLU are amazing. How soon you people forget about real torture...

If sticking a red hot poker up a terrorist butt saves American and innocent lives, oh well, the answer is clear. Keep sticking to them...

1980 days ago
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