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Jolie Munches on Angelina Food Cake

5/25/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie is even a kinky eater -- the lippy superstar/day care nightmare stuffed her face with some rich, creamy chocolate cake while the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs dangled from her arm in NY yesterday.

She's been a bad girl.


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1985 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Man she has a big mouth I can not stand that two faced, backstabbing, lieing, trouble making,home wrecking, bi sexual, child collecting freak !!!

1985 days ago


I have a hard time believing that is a picture of THE Angelina Jolie. I think you posted a picture of someone else

1985 days ago


Hate is such a strong word to use on anyone. I'm sure the people who "hate" Angelina write nasty things about her simply because she is not Jennifer Aniston. Let's remember that is was Brad who left Aniston. If anyone should be disliked that's who it should be. personally I admire Angelina's film work as well as her humanitarian activism.

1985 days ago

mellon bruse N    

And cake sounds good to me!LOCK her up stop the eating left is best

1985 days ago


Surely her gigantic mouth can handle a bigger piece of cake than that? Come on Mick Jagger, I mean Angelina, open wide!

1985 days ago


#6, WTF are you talking about? Or do you mean she doesn't look as waxen and drugged out as she did in Cannes so you have a hard time believing it's her? The bangs cover her ten head, she should stick with bangs.

1985 days ago


#8, there are some of us who don't like AJ OR JA. But AJ comes off looking worse because she's more of a junkie trainwreck. Just saying.

1985 days ago


Angelina is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Jennifer Maniston will never find a husband
or have a family. She dated that doosh John Mayer. Nuff said.

1985 days ago


I just saw a movie she was in playing an Italian girl. Her acting was so bad that I can't believe she ever got work again. It was obviously before her nose job, but in general she just wasn't really attractive in that movie. It must have been before she went slutty, psycho, carrying guys blood on her neck, making out with her brother, bisexual, etc...all the things that for some reason made her a "name" in Hollywood. She got better looking, but her acting still SUCKS. How is she the highest paid female actress!?

1985 days ago

its me    

she looks GOOD ! i love the bangs . I'm so sick of everyone trying to look like her . if Megan Fox gets bangs I'm gonna LMAO because she wants to be Angie but shes not/. Angie can act and Fox ain't all that . shes plastic anyways . she even said she had a girlfriend like Angie LOL what a fake! just be yourself and stop trying to be like others because your embarrassing yourself

looking good Angie! cant wait to see your movie . this is one girl who can act her butt off!

1985 days ago


I agree that this doesnt even look like Jolie. She looks more like Catherine Bell to me.

1985 days ago


In my opinion, Angelina is a wonderful person. Of course I don't know her personally, but it seems like she just had a hard time finding out who she truly was. The only difference between her and a "normal" person is that she had to do it in front of the world. She has turned into a beautiful human being inside and out:)

1985 days ago


She became the highest paid actress once she hooked up with Brad Pitt. He's the reason she is where she is today. Did anyone think she was all that when she was bragging about getting jiggy with Billy Bob Thornton in the limo? I think not. She's a horrible actress, a fake humanitarian and sleeps with everyone and everything. And we won't even talk about her love affair with drugs.

1985 days ago


That's Jennifer's leftover SHlT

1985 days ago
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