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Kelly Ripa: I Didn't Get Rippad That Way!

5/28/2009 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We now know how Kelly Ripa maintains her tight, ripped physique -- by fighting companies she claims lie about how she maintains her tight, ripped physique.

Ripa's lawyers just fired off cease and desist letters to a slew of Internet based purveyors of Guarana weight loss products, saying she never agreed to have her name and image splashed all over their ads.

Kelly also claims the Guarana gang screwed customers by allegedly accepting payment -- then refusing to ship the products.

The letters want the companies to remove anything Kelly-related from their ads, websites and blogs.

Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

Left: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

Right: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Mike Vick's Home Confinement -- One Lucky Dog

With the sun poking gently through the clouds, a calm lake glistening in the background, and majestic trees swaying in the breeze, Michael Vick is somehow finding a way to ride out his nightmarish "home confinement" sentence at his sprawling Virginia estate.

Michael Vick -- launch photos

TMZ obtained several photos of Vick -- who was found guilty of charges related to brutally slaughtering innocent dogs in 2007 -- enjoying a Memorial Day weekend BBQ in his personal waterfront detention center. Among the festivities, the ankle-bracelet sportin' prisoner found time to steal a sunset smooch with one of his baby mamas.

Vick still has to serve two more months of this hell. At least he gets conjugal visits...

Beach Bums

See whose summer bod is ready for a tan and who needs to go back in the oven to finish cooking!

launch photos

Kids Being Kids

Hammin' it up for the cameras usually runs in the family. Check out these celebuspawns giving us a show.

Launch Photos

Smudged Smiles

These avant-garde makeup artists need a second look in the mirror!

Celebrity Laker Fans -- It's Game Time!

The best place to spot a celebrity is at a Lakers home game ... on and off the court!

L.A. Lakers

Flippery When Wet

Leave the spray tans and spandex outfits at home, these celebs are doing the cha-cha with the chicken of the sea.


No Avatar


my... my... all the jealousy I see here is absolutely hysterical! Sorry, ladies, but fat and flabby is not the 'new normal'. Having kids and maintaining your pregnancy weight and then some is not normal. A BMI over 24 is not normal. I guarantee that every single person making these disparaging remarks is at least 25 pounds overweight. Try eating right, try walking more... my husband lost 25 pounds in six weeks just by walking two hours a night (up to 8 miles). If he can do it, so can you!

1938 days ago


Please keep the disgusting ugly women like Kelly Ripa, the Hilton bitch and other sleezebags including the Obammies off the web. Its the only way of escape we normal people have.

1938 days ago


Kelly Ripa------- Nice name for a Dog but thats all

1938 days ago


Overweight? Are you nuts? Kelly Ripa looks amazing. She works hard to maintain good physical fitness and her hard work pays off. Seriously...women need to take good care of their bodies. I'm not saying we should all look the same. I'm saying we'd be a healthier nation if we were more dedicated to healthy diets and physical exercise.

1938 days ago


Kelly Rippa Has an amazing bod! She deserves the credit for the work she puts into maintaining it!

1938 days ago


kelly ripa acts somewhat concieted on regis. she looks like a boy when she wears a bathing suit.

1938 days ago


she looks like she smokes crack LoL (crack is Whack) or like she sick

1938 days ago


People can change an image of a photo. With the right software. They could make a dud, look like a stud.

1938 days ago


I am just so happy to see Kelly going after those companies who are using her name and picture to promote their products without her permission. I sent for what was supposed to be a free trial of a tooth whitening product who posted unauthorized use of Oprah Winfrey's name and picture. It turns out this company is one of the worst scam artists around
and scammed tons of people for hundreds of dollars. I have no idea whether or not Oprah went after them or not, but if not , she should have. Good for you go girl!!

1938 days ago


If Kelly Ripa isn`t anorexic no one ever was.She is nothing but a bag of bones.Why in hell would anyone want to look like her?

1938 days ago


Kelly.. is way too skinny.. she looked much better when she first started on the show. Now.. she looks sick, especially w/ her clothes tight or in a swim suit. Poor Mark! She use to have such beautiful hair too.. oh well!
AS long as she is a good person who cares, its her life!

1938 days ago


Why dont you all leave Kelly Ripa ALONE!!!! She never claimed to be perfect. but she worked hard to get in great shape. She has always been small but now she has very liitle or no body fat. I know her and in real life she looks normal. paparattzi take hundreds of photos but only post the ones that suit thier money-makin needs for the trash mag they work for. Stop HATIN and look at your own bodies if you want to judge someone.

1938 days ago

Rebecca Phillips    

The main photo at AOL that linked me to this article did look like Ms. Ripa needed to "sit down and eat" right away. These photos are neither here nor there though, if she didn't give permission, she didn't give permission. Ms. Ripa, please use some of the money from your lawsuit winnings to buy a hamburger. =)

1938 days ago


I think that the media needs to leave JON AND KATE alone. How can a couple work through their problems with the media constantly following them? Yes they sign up for the media coverage when they do the television show, but the media also needs to respect their right for privacy as well. This goes for all stars not just Jon and kate

1938 days ago

Barbara W. Bishop    

I feel as though Kelly Ripa and Regis are my personal friends. I try to watch the show every week day. Negative comments about Kelly or Regis really hurt my feelings. Kelly is a beautiful lady inside and out. Kelly is extremely intelligent and it would be so wonderful if she might be commented on for her brilliance. Regis is so smart, also. That is why they have such lucrative careers and some of us do not. So, we sit around and criticize. I love Kelly and Regis.

1938 days ago
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