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Kelly Ripa: I Didn't Get Rippad That Way!

5/28/2009 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We now know how Kelly Ripa maintains her tight, ripped physique -- by fighting companies she claims lie about how she maintains her tight, ripped physique.

Ripa's lawyers just fired off cease and desist letters to a slew of Internet based purveyors of Guarana weight loss products, saying she never agreed to have her name and image splashed all over their ads.

Kelly also claims the Guarana gang screwed customers by allegedly accepting payment -- then refusing to ship the products.

The letters want the companies to remove anything Kelly-related from their ads, websites and blogs.

Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Space

Left: Jon Gosselin knockin' back a beer with two ladies at Front Street bar and grill in Newburgh, New York on Memorial Day.

Right: Kate plus most of the eight getting off a ferry on Bald Head Island, North Carolina yesterday morning.

Mike Vick's Home Confinement -- One Lucky Dog

With the sun poking gently through the clouds, a calm lake glistening in the background, and majestic trees swaying in the breeze, Michael Vick is somehow finding a way to ride out his nightmarish "home confinement" sentence at his sprawling Virginia estate.

Michael Vick -- launch photos

TMZ obtained several photos of Vick -- who was found guilty of charges related to brutally slaughtering innocent dogs in 2007 -- enjoying a Memorial Day weekend BBQ in his personal waterfront detention center. Among the festivities, the ankle-bracelet sportin' prisoner found time to steal a sunset smooch with one of his baby mamas.

Vick still has to serve two more months of this hell. At least he gets conjugal visits...

Beach Bums

See whose summer bod is ready for a tan and who needs to go back in the oven to finish cooking!

launch photos

Kids Being Kids

Hammin' it up for the cameras usually runs in the family. Check out these celebuspawns giving us a show.

Launch Photos

Smudged Smiles

These avant-garde makeup artists need a second look in the mirror!

Celebrity Laker Fans -- It's Game Time!

The best place to spot a celebrity is at a Lakers home game ... on and off the court!

L.A. Lakers

Flippery When Wet

Leave the spray tans and spandex outfits at home, these celebs are doing the cha-cha with the chicken of the sea.


No Avatar


I think Mr. Vick should be chained to a fence and let the dogs have at him. It really looks like he's going through hell....Not!!
What a big jerk. I bet he's learned nothing.

1937 days ago


Yes I am very overweight and not jealous of Kelly Ripa. If she wants to build her arms like a man's that's her choice and if she has confidence and thinks she looks good then who cares what anyone thinks. Who is anyone to start commenting at how hard and bony and unsoft she is. She's not YOUR girlfriend, and YOU don't have to touch her. She is happy with who she is. She is a beautiful, funny person and I'm sure she doesn't even care what any of you fat cows and chauvinists think of her anyways.

1937 days ago

Mike Sanders    

I cannot see her body, in the the picture, but to this man... She posesses and elegantly attractive, mature beauty. God certainly blessed her with a beautiful face and to me, a beautiful face is very important. Caught this man's eye... Is she single?

1937 days ago


OMG!!! WHY DON'T U GUYS LEAVE JON AND KATE ALONE!! There are 8 innocent victims that will not only forever be scarred if their parents break up, but they also will have to watch it on the media for times to come. NOT ONLY THAT, these nasty comments floating around in cyberspace could even outlast their precious lives. Imagine yourself being a parent of multiples. I have have found difficult times with even just ONE. And what do you know about Jon or Kate's personal lives other than what is filmed on TV or splashed accross the tabloids. YOU DON'T KNOW if any of it's true anyways, so why even have an opinion of one person over another.

1937 days ago

debby in elizabeth    

I think Jon and Kate both need to take a step back forget about the money or who quiet there job if your doing it for the kids then jon look at your picture at them with out you ... you can see the sandness. both parents need to get there act together and take care of the family. Kate that means give up the show yeah it gave u a nice house, paid for the kids college, etc but look what happen there getting older .... jon and kate you don't think there be talk about in there school kids can be twice as mean then any star magize or national equirer

1937 days ago


I stop watching Jon & Kate because Jon always looks like he disgusted. He acts like he would like to get away from Kate and the 8 kids. I thinks he just does the show to get famous. I bet before long he is going to have an affair, and by the look of him knockin' down a few beers with the ladies, he's well on his way.

1937 days ago


why don't people leave vick alone. done his time,actually still doing his time. what he is under house arrest. that doesn't mean he can't have a personal life

1937 days ago

shaq fan    

Why is everybody hating on Vick so bad? He did and is doing his time. People who kill other people (especially kids) get less time. He deserve a second chance. Dog fighting hasn't stopped nor has it slowed up. Horse racing, chicken fighting, all the stuff we use animals for, is no better. I'm not saying what he did was right, but they are trying to make him the fall guy and we all know it. He has a right to return to the NFL. He has a right to a living. If not, than we (tax payer will be paying for his living). Don't be stupid. Sign, a women who love sports

1937 days ago

jacqueline M.    

i am not jealous of kelly ripa consuelos. i am in my 60's and not in shape right now.
her "boy" body is sickening. her knees look arthritic, her head is too big. it almost matches her tremendous ego; but she is a witty one!! i agree to that.
regis IS the show. when she hosts with a guest, it is a boring show!! i would rather watch channels 5 or 2 at that hour.

1937 days ago


why dont we leave these people alone??? life is hard enough without having everybody's commentary attributed to each and everything they do......why add to the misery??? misery doesnt love company and it doesnt want more misery...lets remember that at the end of the day, they are people just like us, and that what they are going through right now has to be hell without everybody trying to make it worse???

1937 days ago


Kelly Ripa was a beautiful girl on All My Children and after she had her 3 children she looks like she is anorexic....her bones stick out everywhere and I am surprised that her parents in New Jersey or her husband don't worry that she looks like a skeleton walking and could die like the Karen Carpenter did years ago when she became this thin.

1937 days ago


I would like to know who determines the ratings. I'm not sure they are being honest . I do not believe anyone can be entertained by a group of screaming, fighting kids. I've had that all of my life with my 3 brothers. I was happy to leave for college to get away from my 3 younger brothers and to some peace and quite, or at least older kids. There is nothing entertaining , where a bunch of kids are on every single show, as I said screaming, crying, fussing and cluttering. Their house is all cluttered an full of junk. I've only watched it twice, now I hurry by it when I'm channel surfing.

As for Kelly Rippa, she got that body from working out and sweating every day. All you jealous fat ladies could do the same if you work out enough.

1937 days ago


Now come on people!! You can look at that picture of Kelly and honestly say that she looks good? She looks very unhealthy. Why would you promote someone looking like a skeleton and at deaths door. Being fat is unhealthy and doesn't look good, but the same goes for being too skinny. This is such a messed up world!

1937 days ago


Those of you who Kelly is bony and disgusting are just jealous and overweight. You know you would die to look like her. She has a very small frame, and looks amazing because she has worked her butt off to add some muscle. I am tiny too, but I wish I could build muscle mass like her. Why is it okay to call someone bony and disgusting, but it is not okay to call someone fat and disgusting?? You jealous haters are disgusting with your fat rolls, cellulite, and big frames then! Fair enough. If you can tell someone to gain some punds and eat a cheesburger, I will be sure to tell all of you fatsos out there to stop eating for once. Same principle. Until you stop volunteering your rude opinions about thin people that no one asked for, I will not stop being critical about you fat sloths.

1937 days ago


Kelly Ripa is beautiful. Great personality, funny, sweet. and very bright. She is a doll. Leave her alone. I would give anything, to look like her, although I'm 78 yrs. old, and that would never happen. Don't let anything negative bother you, Kelly. You are loved.

1937 days ago
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