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Joel and Benji -- Officially Maddens

5/29/2009 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Which last name screams "emo punk brothers" more -- Combs or Madden?

Joel and Benji Madden

Joel and Benji Madden weren't actually Joel and Benji Madden until a few weeks ago -- they were legally known as Joel and Benji COMBS.

According to some court documents, the Good Charlotte twins have officially changed their last name to Madden -- Joel on April 14 and Benji on May 1.


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Where did they get the madden name in the first place. Kinda Tacky changing it if you ask me.

1941 days ago

Joe Mama    

Two posers. Who gives a flip.

1941 days ago


One married a whore and the other one got dumped by one.

1941 days ago


Madden is their mother's maiden name. They dropped their father's name after he abandoned the family.

1940 days ago


re 1:59:
nicole is NOT a whore if thts who u're talking 'bout,
moreover she and joel aren't married yet. get the fact straight.

1940 days ago


If Kate (post #5) is correct, I don't blame them for not using the name Combs.

1940 days ago

Just Noticing    

why did they wait so long to make it official?

1940 days ago


If your having children with someone and not married to him, you are a whore and a horrible example to your children and to other young people!!! You can say whatever you want but in the sight of god, it's WRONG!!!!

1940 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Hey, it's not like either one of them really has a use for 'combs' anymore.

1940 days ago


who cares??? they are both talentless

1940 days ago

Robin S    

My maiden name is Madden, and I hated it growing up...
I tell everyone that the only reason I married was to get a different last name...

1940 days ago



1940 days ago


Hey Tori you do know it's 2009 not 1950! Having a child with someone you love
and are not married to does not make you a whore or a horrible person.
As long as they are together and are not cheating and are happy it's nobodys
business. I did not marry my husband until our son was almost 5. We have been
together for 13 years & married for 3 years. Nicole had a different life before
her & Joel became a family. Having children changes a person. I am not defending
these two. I defending the thought that you can have children out of wed lock & not
be a bad person. Not everyone lives by every word of God doesn't make them bad people.

1940 days ago


Calling Nicole a whore because she had a baby? Really? That's such a loving wonderful way to prove just how insane you are seems like YOU spend a lot of time being hateful and evil, where's the love in that? Nicole is a wonderful mother who is an example for young women. Joel and Benji are talented musicians who have worked hard their entire life, no one handed them anything. They also represent UNICEF and travel the world to help children who are suffering greatly, so ask yourself "what have you done to make this a better world?". As for their name change that is a PRIVATE matter that does not need discussion.

1939 days ago


It is their mother's maiden name and they did decide to drop it after their father left their family on Christmas Eve of which there soon after they became poor and homeless and had to live in a small shed on their neighbors property with little food and 2 other siblings. I don't blame them. They are good guys. They just have a bad past. And they have pleanty of talent. I love them. I worshipped them growing up because they gave me inspiration. I basically gave them 4 years of my life devoted to them. I suppose I would know a thing or two...

1241 days ago

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