Sharon Tate Manson Murder House Front Door Goes Up For Auction

The front door to the infamous house where Charles Manson's maniacal followers murdered Sharon Tate is up on an auction block ... and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor played a key role in the artifact making it there.

The door once stood at 10050 Cielo Drive, but had quite the journey following the grisly Manson murders in 1969, according to Christopher Moore ... the door's current owner, who's selling it through Julien's Auctions.

Trent recorded his group's "Downward Spiral" album in the house while renting it in 1992 ... but Christopher tells us the singer took the door with him when he moved out the next year before the place was razed.

And, as we reported, "Full House" creator Jeff Franklin's mansion sits on the land today -- and that's been re-listed multiple times, first going on the market for $85 mil but now it's just under $55M.

Christopher says Trent went on to use the door as the entry to his New Orleans recording space -- but he relocated the studio to L.A. in 2004, and put the NOLA building up for sale.

We're told a doctor scooped up the property in 2012, but took the front door out of the trash when he found out its historical significance.

From there, Chris says he bought it off the doc in 2017 and was planning on installing it into an old church he owned, but the historical district said no dice ... so, instead, he put it up on the auction block.

The piece was expected to fetch anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000, but it's skyrocketed past $22k with just 7 bids! FYI, the auction doesn't close until September ... so we're guessing it's gonna keep climbing.

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BTW, the door's been repainted at some point during the handoffs. Manson family member Susan Atkins infamously wrote the word "PIG" on the door using Tate's blood ... but it's long gone.

Neal McDonough Stopped by Cops While Going Door-to-Door ... I'm Just House Hunting!!!

Neal McDonough might need a realtor ... we've learned he was stopped and questioned by sheriff's deputies while driving around and knocking on doors, but he says he was just looking for his next home.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Sheriff's Department got a call earlier this week about a man behaving suspiciously around a Westlake Village neighborhood.

We're told the person who called said the man was driving around, getting out of his car and knocking on some doors. The caller was concerned he was casing the area, and up to no good.

Of course, Neal's got a knack for playing bad guys really well (see "Minority Report") -- maybe too well since his mere appearance freaked out the caller.

Anyway, we're told deputies responded and made contact with the door knocker, only to realize he was Neal.

Law enforcement says Neal was super nice and told the deputies he was looking for a house to buy and was just checking out the neighborhood. Anyway, after a friendly chat -- kind of like the one Neal had with us on the TMZ Celebrity Tour -- it was clear no crimes were being committed.

Neal went on his way, but like we said ... maybe let a realtor do the legwork for ya!

Kodak Black All Smiles, Performing Minutes After Jail Release!!!


Kodak Black didn't let a quick stint in the slammer jack his groove ... the "Super Gremlin" rapper made bail and quickly hit up a charity event where he raised thousands of bucks!!!

Bradford Cohen, Kodak's lawyer, tells TMZ Hip Hop, his client was released from the Broward County jail only 40 minutes after being booked. He was arrested for failing to check in for a mandatory drug test.

Kodak almost immediately put the short jail stint in his rearview... jamming out to his classic, "No Flockin'" record ... as G Herbo looked on. He drew a big crowd and everyone was celebrating.

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The money raised went to the Innocence Project, which works to free people wrongfully convicted of a crime.

The concert went down inside the Pompano Beach Amphitheater ... with performances by Herbo, Rico Cartel, iCandy and Sniper Gang.

As we reported, Kodak had his bond upped from $75k to $250k ... but has had his travel and tour restrictions lifted ... which clears the way for his upcoming show in Europe.

Fighter Pearl Gonzalez I Regret Getting Tatted At Age 11 ... Paying More Than $10k For Removal


Ex-UFC fighter Pearl Gonzalez says she wishes she could go back and stop herself from getting tattoos at such a young age ... telling TMZ Sports it ended up being more than a $10,000 mistake!!

As we previously reported, the Chi-Town Princess is getting her signature boob ink -- along with three other pieces -- removed over the next few weeks ... a process she says she wishes she didn't ever have to go through in the first place.

Gonzalez tells us getting the tats lasered off is something she had been planning on doing for a while ... but knew it was time to clean up her image once and for all.

Twitter / @PearlGonzalez

"I'm currently having four tattoos removed," Pearl tells us. "If I could have them all removed, I would. Maybe two I would keep."

Gonzalez says she first started getting body art before she even became a teenager ... and the majority of her collection came from going to tattoo parties before she was 18 years old.

As for her most recognizable piece -- the fighter says she can't stand the clouds and moon she got above her nipple when she was around 15 ... even if others still appreciate it.

"It is the stupidest t***y tattoo I've ever gotten in my life," she said. "But yes, everybody loves the t***y tat."

"I just don't like it. It doesn't look good. It looks ghetto to me. I want cleaner skin, a cleaner body."

Gonzalez is one of the toughest ladies on the planet ... but admits the removal process is pretty excruciating.


Gonzalez also has some advice for any youngins looking to get tatted -- so be sure to take note.

Romeo Beckham Being Soccer Royalty Is Both Good And Bad ... Says Alexi Lalas


Being the son of one of the most famous athletes ever is a gift and a curse ... so says Alexi Lalas, who tells TMZ Sports Romeo Beckham will experience both highs and lows throughout his soccer career.

Of course, David Beckham's 19-year-old son just signed with Fort Lauderdale CF over the weekend ... the sister club to Inter Miami CF, which the soccer icon co-owns.

We spoke with Lalas shortly after the signing ... and he's giving props to the kid for taking on the challenge of following in David's footsteps.

"Probably not easy running around with that name on the back of your jersey," Lalas said.

But, AL says Romeo's probably not even concerned about living up to the pressure ... adding, "I don't think he's worried about that. I certainly don't think his father's worried about that."

"As long as he's having a good time and he's good, he can be his own man and figure it out himself."

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Lalas says the Beckham last name will provide more opportunities for him ... but will also undoubtedly make certain things harder as well.

"It opens doors for you but it also can provide some barriers for you so as long as he appreciates the opportunity he has and does the work, I'm all for it."

We know what you're thinking -- is this a case of nepotism?? Lalas has an interesting take.

"We all have our different opportunities and our different privileges and our different advantages in life. That's just the way life is. Life isn't fair and soccer isn't fair but it's what you do with 'em and, obviously, you have to appreciate him and respect him."

"I think he recognized that some doors may have been opened for him but they only stay open so long. If you don't have the chops, they'll kick your ass right out."

'Marrying Millions' Star Bill Hutchinson Arrested for Sexual Assault


8:34 AM PT -- Bill tells us, "I’m innocent of this charge and accusation. Anyone who knows me in this city knows that I am not capable of assault, sexual or otherwise. Hopefully all of my colleagues and friends will give me the benefit of the doubt until I prove my innocence in court."

Bill Hutchinson, a wealthy man famous for dating much younger women, got busted by cops in Texas for allegedly sexually assaulting a high school girl without her consent.

Hutchinson, who appeared on the most recent season of "Marrying Millions" on A+E, was arrested Tuesday in Dallas after the accuser told cops he assaulted her inside his Highland Park home.

According to the arrest affidavit, obtained by TMZ, police say the 17-year-old girl reported the alleged incident last month. She claims Hutchinson frequently let kids drink alcohol and smoke marijuana at his home and, in May 2021 -- after she'd passed out on his couch -- he allegedly digitally penetrated her vagina.

She told cops she woke up to Hutchinson sticking his finger inside her and she was frozen with fear.

To be clear Hutchinson isn't facing charges for assaulting a minor, because the age of consent in Texas is 17.

According to the affidavit, the officer says the investigation led police to believe the girl's allegations, so cops got an arrest warrant on June 29.

Hutchinson's been released on $30,000 bond.

Originally Published -- 12:40 AM PT

Lovie Smith's Son Ex-Bucs Asst. Coach Arrested Accused of Pimping in Arizona

Mikal Smith -- son of ex-NFL head coach Lovie Smith -- was arrested in Arizona this week after officials say he's been pimping, TMZ Sports has learned.

The 43-year-old -- who served as an assistant coach under his father with the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Bucs -- was booked on Thursday for a slew of disturbing charges.

Officials tell TMZ Sports ... Smith is facing everything from pandering (another word for pimping) along with receiving earnings from a prostitute and sex trafficking.

He's also facing charges of money laundering and conspiracy.

The details surrounding the case are unclear -- we're working on it.

Mikal was a former college football player at the University of Arizona back in the day before getting into coaching.

He worked as an assistant coach with the Chicago Bears when his father was the head guy over there ... and later followed Lovie to the Tampa Bay Bucs, where he worked with defensive backs.

Mikal also coached at Trinity International University before working at the NFL level.

Attempts to reach Smith for comment have been unsuccessful so far. We'll report back if we hear anything.

'Happy Days' Star Anson Williams Potsie's Calling it Quits Again ... Divorcing Wife for 2nd Time


11:28 AM PT -- 6/11 -- Anson just explained why he filed divorce docs for the 2nd time in 10 months, telling TMZ ... "When I canceled the divorce filing in September, we agreed for the sake of the children to remain apart and to lead separate lives. However, even that arrangement didn't work and our status needed to be clarified with a decree of divorce."

Ya can't say Anson Williams and his wife didn't give it the ol' college try, but the "Happy Days" star is filing divorce docs for the 2nd time in less than a year.

Anson, who played Potsie on "Happy Days," filed in L.A. last Friday ... and we're guessing all he really had to do was change the date from the docs he filed last September.

Anson and Jackie Williams have been together more than 30 years now, and have 5 kids together -- but things have clearly been rocky since at least last year when they broke up, but pretty quickly decided to try again.

As we reported, Anson first went down divorce road last year on 9/11. However, by October 1 he was back in court, filing to dismiss that divorce.

Fast forward 9 months and they're back in splitsville. Unclear what led to their parting of ways this time around. Last year, Anson told us "sometimes you have to do what's best for everyone."

We've reached out to his rep. No word back yet.

Originally Published -- 6/10 6:09 PM PT

UFC's Dominick Reyes Teaches 'Fight School' 'How to Beat Jon Jones'


This is awesome -- UFC star Dominick Reyes teaching us exactly how he landed those CRUSHING uppercuts on Jon Jones ... WELCOME TO FIGHT SCHOOL!!!

Dom hit up the secret gym at the TMZ offices recently -- where he told us straight up, "I definitely won" that fight.

Remember, 30-year-old Reyes took Jones the distance in their Feb. 8 matchup at UFC 247 -- a lot of people think he deserved to win that fight and got screwed on the judge's cards.

So, when Reyes hit up our gym -- he took our resident punching bag, Lucas, to class (with the help of "Fight School" host Paige VanZant!).

Ya gotta watch the whole ep on Snapchat -- Dom shows us how he baited Jones during the fight so he could land those devastating shots.

He also tells us he's dead set on a rematch -- and this time, he won't leave it up to the judges!

Yankees' Ron Guidry Blasts MLB Games ... They're Too Long!!!


"You know what's going to happen in the 9th inning, but it takes five hours to get there!"

Yankees legend Ron Guidry clearly dislikes watching the MLB these days ... telling TMZ Sports games just take too damn long to finish!!

We got the ex-pitcher out in NYC when he told us straight-up, "The game has changed, and it's long, and it makes it harder to watch because it's so long."

The MLB has been accused of juicing baseballs this season in order to see more offense ... but all the home runs and scoring has led to much longer days at the park.

Guidry says it's really killing the game ... and he thinks more needs to be done to help speed things up.

His solution to the problem? "Let the pitchers pitch."

Did you expect anything else from a former ace?!?!?!

'7 Days' Singer Craig David Throw Epic Parties at My Penthouse ... If Ya Got Many Millions!!!

Craig David's walking away ... from his baller penthouse cause he's ready to sell it, and he wants a pretty penny for it.

The "7 Days" and "Fill Me In" singer is unloading his Miami crib -- Tower Suite 5 at the iconic Mondrian South Beach. The 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom pad sits on 1,895 square feet and is listed at $5.75 million. It features a terrace with sweeping views of downtown Miami ... but it's the epic parties Craig hosted there that truly gave the penthouse its legendary reputation in the 305.

Luxhunters Productions

What started out as a 10-person bash with his friends at Craig's penthouse quickly became the premiere destination for Miami's It crowd to pre-party. Craig has previously said he's easily hosted as many a 150 people in the penthouse before bouncing for the club scene around 1 AM.

The pad has 2 master suites, lounge areas and day beds in the terrace, a professional recording studio and special light effects throughout the place to give it a true party vibe.

Craig is being repped by Alexander Goldstein and Adi Amuial of Miles Goldstein Real Estate.

Kevin Sorbo Round 2 of Jesus-Trump Debate ... WWJD Now?


Kevin Sorbo is still positive Jesus would be down with Donald Trump -- even on day 82 of his very eventful presidency.

We got Kevin leaving LAX, where we asked what Jesus would think now that Trump has tried to implement an immigration ban and fired missiles at Syria. The 'Hercules' actor explains why neither would sway JC's support for the prez.

Ya can't say Kevin doesn't stick to his guns -- especially when you see what his stance was on this topic about 10 months ago. Awfully familiar.

JUNE 2016

Margaret Cho My Ex-BF Threatened ... 'When You're Dead, You're Dead'

Margaret Cho's ex-boyfriend lost it when she dumped him, and resorted to sending her menacing social media threats ... according to legal docs the comedian filed.

Margaret claims she broke up with David Moraga back in May after nearly 2 years because he was "severely controlling and abusive." She says he refused to accept the breakup, and wouldn't move out of her home ... so she evicted him and changed the locks.

In the docs, she says Moraga undeterred and broke into the house, changed the locks again and barricaded himself inside. That same week, she says he posted a pic of her lying on the ground with the caption, "When You're Dead, You're Dead."

Margaret went to court seeking a temporary restraining order, fearing David would physically harm her. The judge agreed and ordered him to stay 100 yards away, and to stop posting threatening or derogatory pics or statements.

Kourtney and Scott Mi Butt es Su Butt When We're in Mexico

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick snuck away for a weekend trip to Mexico without the kiddos.

The on again, off again, on again couple hit up Cabo ... days after they visited their new niece, Dream Kardashian.

Looks like they contracted a case of baby fever.

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