Oscar De La Hoya Calls Out Floyd Mayweather Makes $100 Million Offer!!!


Oscar De La Hoya is gunning for a fight with one of the greatest boxers of all-time, Floyd Mayweather, telling TMZ Sports he's got $100 MILLION for Money if he accepts.

And, he wants to fight this year.

We got 48-year-old De La Hoya leaving Rossoblu in L.A. with girlfriend Holly Sonders ... and we asked the boxing legend how he felt after being hospitalized with COVID.

"5 days of hell" is how ODLH described the virus ... but what he really wanted to talk about was returning to the ring.

"You know who I'm gonna call out for my next fight? Floyd Mayweather."

And, that's when Oscar threw out the crazy lucrative proposal, saying ... "I'll offer Floyd Mayweather $100 million."

Remember, De La Hoya hasn't fought since losing to Manny Pacquiao in 2008 ... but was scheduled to return to the ring against Vitor Belfort earlier this month -- before he came down with COVID.

As for 44-year-old Floyd, he's been far more active. His last pro fight was against Conor McGregor in 2017, but he's had several exhibition fights since, including a June 2021 scrap against Logan Paul.

Of course, boxing fans will know Oscar and Floyd -- who had 10 division titles between them -- fought back in 2007 ... in one of the biggest fights of the decade. Mayweather defeated De La Hoya via a split decision.

Will Floyd take the bait and rematch Oscar over 14 years later? Stay tuned.

Devin Clark Brutal Photo of Smashed-in Teeth ... After UFC Fight

Talk about getting smashed up ... UFC fighter Devin Clark is going to be spending LOTS of time in the dentist's chair this week, because his teeth are a mess after losing a fight.

It's pretty gruesome ... Clark went the full distance against Ion Cutelaba, but it wasn't easy.  Clark was pummeled the first 2 rounds, and that appears to be when the damage was done.  Cutelaba smashed in the bottom row of Clark's teeth.


The fight, at the UFC Apex in Vegas Saturday night, almost ended after round 2. Clark told his corner his teeth were messed up and there was talk about throwing in the towel, but he came out for the third and final round.

Things got even worse in round 3 when Cutelaba bashed Smith's head into the canvas.

The decision was unanimous in favor of Cutelaba.

UFC honcho Dana White was impressed with Clark's fortitude to stay the course, posting the hard-to-look-at pic with the caption, "one tough dude." True that.

Robbie Lawler Nothing To Learn From 1st Diaz Fight ... Over 17 Years Ago


"Crazy that after 17 years we're back in it, we're still in the mix, fighting on a big card. All the fans are excited, so its nice to go out there and put on a show for the fans."

That's Robbie Lawler telling TMZ Sports about fighting Nick Diaz ... 6,386 days after first battling his fellow MMA legend at UFC 47 (we're at 266 now).

FYI, Lawler lost by knockout in the 2nd round.

We asked 39-year-old Lawler whether there's anything he can take from the 2004 fight ... but Ruthless Robbie said the fight happened just too damn long ago.

"Not too much [to learn], 'cause I mean I've evolved so much from that fight, learned so much from that."

To make prep even harder for Lawler ... 38-year-old Diaz hasn't fought since his no contest against Anderson Silva at UFC 183 in 2015.

But, Lawler doesn't expect a rusty or run-down Nick ... he believes he'll get a prime version of the fighter from Stockton, Cali.

As for Lawler's future (he's lost his last 4 against guys like Colby Covington and Rafael dos Anjos), we asked him if it's possible next Saturday will be the last time we ever see him in a UFC Octagon.

"Nah, it's not possible. I've been doing this for a long time. My body feels good. Just waiting for good fights that get me excited, and this is one of those fights. Nick Diaz is a big name, and this is gonna be a big event."

Robbie Lawler still fighting. Nick Diaz returning. Music to fight fans' ears.

Logan Paul Bad Casting in Berlin ... Busted Arm Will Sideline Boxer

Logan Paul has clearly been benched from boxing because we just got this pic of him in Europe with a busted hand.

Logan was at the airport in Berlin Saturday, on his way to Reykjavik, Iceland. His right arm was covered in blue Plaster of Paris. An eyewitness says when he got on the plane he was posing with a large stuffed penguin and a footlong golden egg.

Logan doesn't have his next match scheduled, so he'll have time to heal. We don't know how it happened, the extent of the injury or the timeline for recovery, but it's definitely a problem. Logan, BTW, is a right-handed fighter.

Now it's always possible this is a stunt -- it's half the Paul Bros for cryin' out loud -- but this seems like the real deal.

Paul was jawboning about Floyd Mayweather, asking for a rematch and promising a knockout. He also talked about changing it up and fighting as a mixed martial artist. He says he's a wrestler at heart.

Brian Ortega Gunning For Max Holloway Rematch ... After Volkanovski Fight


Almost 3 years after badly losing to Max Holloway, Brian Ortega is back, fighting for the UFC's featherweight title against Alex Volkanovski ... and if he wins, T-City has revenge on his mind.

TMZ Sports talked to 30-year-old Ortega -- the #2 ranked 145-pounder in the UFC -- just days before he headlines UFC 266 against Volkanovski.

Brian is a slight underdog ... but most expect a very close fight. And, if he wins the strap ... Ortega knows who he wants next.

"[Fighting Max Holloway] would be ideal. I'm not trying to speak ahead, nor am I trying to get past Volkanovski, right, cause he beat Max twice," Ortega told us.

T-City continued ... "I'm not here to say I'm already celebrating. But, that would be ideal. I'm a better person, better fighter than I was when I fought him. And, watching his last fight, so is he."

"You always want that as a fighter, as a competitor, you always want that, to make that s**t square. Or to say, 'Yo dog, you legit got the best of me. Good s**t."

You may remember ... Ortega lost to Max via doctor's stoppage in the 4th round at UFC 231 in 2018. Brian, who kept coming forward despite eating an ungodly amount of punches (and breaking his hand, dislocating his thumb, among other injuries), would not quit.

Brian took almost 2 years to heal up ... but once he did, he looked fantastic in the Octagon, toying with Chan Sung Jung a.k.a. the Korean Zombie in October 2020.

Ortega admits he looks at the 1 blemish on his otherwise perfect resume (15-1) ... and it ticks him off.

"I'm competitive. I want to make s**t even. It does bother me."

Bottom line ... "Even if he f**ks me up again, or whatever. I'll fight you 100 times. I'm gonna get one."

But, first things first, Brian knows he has his hands full with Volkanovski -- who last lost in 2013 -- next Saturday in Las Vegas.

UFC's Valentina Shevchenko Down For Third Amanda Nunes Fight ... 'I'm Here'


Valentina Shevchenko -- the UFC's #2 ranked pound-for-pound female fighter -- tells TMZ Sports she is definitely down to scrap with Amanda Nunes for a third time ... in what'd be one of the biggest fights in the history of women's MMA.

We talked to the 33-year-old flyweight champion days before she's scheduled to fight Lauren Murphy at UFC 266 on September 25, and while Bullet clearly wants to continue dominating 125 pounds, she also knows another fight with the Lioness would be huge.

"I think if destiny puts this fight in front of us, most of us gonna do it. I'm kind of focused very much on my flyweight division and I just want to be better fight," Valentina says, adding, "and when [the third fight's] gonna happen, I'm here."

Of course, Shevchenko and 33-year-old Nunes previously fought twice -- in 2016 and 2017 -- in two tightly contested match-ups.

The first fight was at UFC 196 (McGregor vs. Diaz) ... where Nunes won by unanimous decision.

Valentina and Amanda rematched at UFC 215 (they were the main event) ... and Nunes again won -- this time by split decision -- in a razor close fight.

In fact, there are many people who believe Shevchenko won the second fight, and should've been crowned champ.

The 2 losses are Valentina's only defeats since late-2010. She's won 7 straight fights.

We also talked to Shevchenko about her future inside and outside the Octagon (she's got a movie coming out with Halle Berry and wants to continue acting).

But, before any movies or a trilogy fight with Nunes, VS says she's fully focused on Lauren Murphy ... and is definitely not overlooking the 38-year-old MMA fighter.

UFC's Ryan Spann I Sparred NBA Star Deron Williams ... And He Beat My Ass!!


UFC fighter Ryan Spann trains at the gym owned by ex-NBA star Deron Williams ... and the light heavyweight contender once sparred with the hooper -- AND GOT HIS BUTT KICKED!!

"Deron whooped my ass one day. I'm dead serious. You can call him and ask him," Spann told TMZ Sports.

Context? We talked to the 30-year-old, 6'5", 205 lb. fighter just days before he's set to face 6th ranked LHW, Anthony Smith ... and we asked the 11th ranked fighter if he ever rolled around with 6'3" Williams at their gym, Fortis MMA in Dallas.

"I was training for a fight, and coach was like, 'Deron, get in.' And, I already knew he hooped, and I knew who he was, but I never got to go with him," Ryan said, "I think it was my 2nd or my 3rd round with a fresh body, and you put Deron in, I was like, 'Oh s**t, nice, I get a round off.' Little did I know Deron used to wrestle. And, he was about 230 at the time."

FYI, Williams was a damn good wrestler as a kid. Long before he starred at Illinois, was drafted with the 3rd overall pick, or made any All-NBA teams, Deron was a state champion on the mats in Texas. He won titles as an 8 and 12 year old ('93 & '97).

So, Ryan and the 3x NBA All-Star sparred. How'd it go?!

"It wasn't until Deron was on top of me and me struggling to get up, and coach gonna look at me and say 'I've been working with him for the last couple of years. You thought you were gonna get this round off?'"

Shocking, on the surface, considering Spann is one of the most dangerous men in the world ... meanwhile DW, surely a good wrestler as a kid and great athlete in general, is a basketball player -- not a fighter.

Then it was time for a little payback ... in the form of a knuckle sandwich.

"He got me, but the next round I hit him with the right hand and he hasn't sparred me since."

So, would Deron -- who's only 37-years-old and hasn't played ball professionally since he was with the Cleveland Cavs in 2017 -- ever take a real fight??


Ryan says Deron was once pitched a fight with Pro Bowl defensive lineman turned UFC fighter Greg Hardy (we actually talked to Deron about this in 2018) ... but unfortunately, the scrap never came together.

But, there is 1 other guy Spann believes Williams could fight (and get a little revenge for fellow former NBA star, Nate Robinson) ... Jake Paul.

UFC's Dan Hooker Pleads For Visa ... Ahead Of UFC 266

UFC fighter Dan Hooker's fight against Nasrat Haqparast is in serious jeopardy ... with the lightweight begging for a visa to make it to Vegas for UFC 266 next Saturday.

31-year-old Hooker -- who is from Auckland, New Zealand -- sent out a public cry for help to the U.S. Embassy’s Kevin Covert on Twitter on Thursday.

FYI -- Auckland is currently experiencing widespread COVID-19 outbreaks ... which has led the government to require folks to stay home and remain in bubbles.

Hooker tweeted at Covert in hopes of getting his situation handled ASAP ... saying, "Hi Kevin, apologies for messaging on here but it’s a last resort."

"My visa is with the US embassy here in NZ as I fight next week in Las Vegas on #UFC266 Update today is it won’t be approved until next week due to lock down which will cancel my fight. Please help."

"The embassy has my passport and all the completed documentation, all I need is it to be processed and returned," he added.

"This is an absolute last resort."

Hooker is slated to fight 26-year-old Haqparast --who is 5-2 since joining the UFC in 2017 -- on September 25.

Brian Ortega vs. Alex Volkanovski and Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler are also on the card.

The embassy responded to Hooker's tweet by asking him to reach out to them directly ... so it seems they may be on the case.

Here's hoping Hooker's situation gets sorted out in time for the bout.

MMA's Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Allegedly Involved In Bar Fight ... Police Investigating

Jason "Mayhem" Miller allegedly broke a guys ribs in a bar fight just days before his domestic violence arrest, TMZ Sports has learned.

Our law enforcement sources tell us they recently responded to a fight at a San Fernando Valley bar. When they arrived, the altercation was over, and we're told no one wanted to press charges, so everyone was allowed to leave.

However, the next day, one of the people involved in the brawl went to the hospital ... and was diagnosed with several cracked ribs.

We're told at that point, cops took an incident report for felony battery. They're expected to turn the case over to the L.A. district attorney sometime in the near future ... and they'll decide whether or not to charge Mayhem for the bar fight.

Of course, we broke the story last week, Miller -- who has a long history of trouble -- was arrested for felony domestic violence after a woman accused the fighter of roughing her up early Friday morning.

During the domestic violence arrest, Mayhem didn't go easy, with cops using a taser in order to slap the cuffs on him.

Police said the alleged victim had injuries to her face and neck.

That case is still active ... and depending on what the D.A. decides, Miller could be hit with more charges from a totally separate alleged incident.

Story developing ...

Anderson Silva Gives 1st Class Seat To Tito Ortiz's GF ... After KO'ing Him In Fight


Anderson Silva knocked Tito Ortiz out cold, but there's no bad blood between the MMA legends ... 'cause the day after, Spider gave his 1st class plane ticket to The Huntington Beach Bad Boy's GF -- so she could sit with her man.

46-year-old Ortiz posted a video on social media thanking 46-year-old Silva for the sweet gesture.

"The biggest thing I think Anderson Silva has ever done to me, I'm very thankful. He just actually gave up his 1st class ticket for Amber to sit here," Ortiz says.

"The flight's messed up, the airline, Jet Blue, messed up. But, Anderson Silva gave up his seat for Amber to sit next to me."

Tito's GF is Amber Nichole Miller ... one of the original UFC Octagon girls.

Of course, Anderson flatlined Tito towards the end of the 1st round of their Triller fight (full fight replay available on FITE) on Saturday ... catching Ortiz on the ear when a quick, left hook, sending him to the canvas, face first.

Tito ended his video with a final thank you to Silva.

"Anderson Silva, you're the man, dude. Thank you very much. Amazing man. Nothing but respect."

Very cool.

Derek Brunson I Deserve Another Fight w/ Adesanya ... This Time I'll Finish Him


Derek Brunson admits he lost to Israel Adesanya, fair and square, but says he wasn't right before the 2018 fight -- his last loss -- and now he wants to run it back with Stylebender, promising a different result.

"I'm not gonna discredit Izzy. He did a great job in the first fight. But, after looking at the fights, my coaches were like, 'Are you okay? What's wrong? Cause that ain't you,'" 37-year-old Brunson tells TMZ Sports.

Derek says he couldn't train for 2 weeks before the Adesanya fight ... as he was dealing with a hurricane that disrupted his routine. The time away from the mats made DB rusty.

Brunson also says he stopped lifting weights in the lead-up to the fight ... in an effort to increase his cardio. However, Derek says the strategy backfired in the fight.

Bottom line, Israel won, but Brunson says that won't be the case next time.

Since takin' the L, Brunson's been on a rampage -- winning his last 5 fights -- with dubs over Edmen Shahbazyan (his 1st loss), Kevin Holland and Darren Till, in addition to 2 others.

Adesanya's likely going to fight Robert Whittaker later this year or the beginning of next year.

Then, Derek says, "I'm gonna prove everybody wrong!"

MMA's Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Arrested For Domestic Violence ... Struggled W/ Cops, Tased

Jason "Mayhem" Miller, troubled ex-MMA fighter, was arrested for felony domestic violence in L.A. ... after allegedly getting physical with a woman, TMZ Sports has learned.

40-year-old Miller was taken to jail ... and his bail has been set at a whopping $1.385 million.

He is still currently in custody.

Our law enforcement sources tell us cops in the San Fernando Valley received an emergency call before 3 AM Friday morning ... made by a female who was screaming on the phone.

Police -- lights and sirens blaring -- raced to the scene code 3 ... and found the female caller with visible marks on her face and neck.

At that point, cops *attempted* to arrest Miller inside the home ... but, he didn't cooperate.

A struggle ensued, and LAPD tased him.

Finally, police were able to cuff Miller ... and he was taken to the hospital to be checked out by doctors.

Miller was ultimately booked for felony domestic violence.

It's not the first time Mayhem's lived up to his name ... he's got a (very long) rap sheet.

In 2011, Miller was arrested for allegedly putting his sister in a headlock ... and refusing to release her.

Then in 2012, he was arrested for allegedly going into a church and spraying a fire extinguisher, before getting buck naked.

In 2015, Jason was locked up for allegedly trying to use a ceramic tile as a weapon against cops ... before being tased and arrested.

During his day, Miller was a really good MMA fighter ... beating Robbie Lawler and Tim Kennedy, back in the day. Miller spent time in the UFC ... but last fought for the promotion in 2012. Mayhem hasn't fought anywhere professionally since 2016.

UFC's Daniel Rodriguez Calls Out Belal Muhammad ... I'm 2 Wins Away From A Title Shot


UFC fighter Daniel Rodriguez is fresh off a win over Kevin Lee ... but the L.A. native doesn't plan on sitting back and chilling -- he wants to fight, and he's got a name in mind.

TMZ Sports talked to the 34-year-old fighter who just cracked the welterweight division top 15 (he's ranked #15) ... and asked him who's next on the hit list, if he could call his shot.

"I think Belal Muhammad, I think like #9. I'm on the fast track," Rodriguez says.

And, D-Rod isn't concerned about being taken down by Belal ... 'cause he strongly believes his stand-up game is superior.

"At the end of the day, the fight starts on the feet, and that's my world."

FYI, 33-year-old Muhammad is coming off a unanimous decision win over Demian Maia in June.

Of course, Daniel is also coming off a big dub ... against Lee, who's no slouch. KL's beaten the likes of Edson Barboza, Michael Chiesa and Gregor Gillespie.

Most importantly, D-Rod -- who's fought 7 times in the last 18 months (6-1 during that time) -- says he wants to remain active, and anyone ranked above him can get it.

And, he doesn't plan on slowing down the breakneck pace ... 'cause Rodriguez says Kamaru Usman's belt is within his grasp.

"I say 2 more wins in the top 10 and I'm definitely in line for a title shot."

Darren Till Gunning To Be UFC's 1st 3-Div. Champ ... 170, 185, 205 lbs.


Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier and Amanda Nunes have held UFC titles in 2 divisions ... but a 3-division champ -- that's never been done -- at least not yet.

That's exactly what 28-year-old UFC star Darren Till tells TMZ Sports he's trying to do.

"For me, I’m chasing something totally different. I want to be great. I'm on a path to greatness and I'm a top contender. I want to be a champion in two divisions, maybe three. I know it sounds like I’m dreaming, but I’ve got to dream. That’s me."

18-3 Till, the #9-ranked UFC Middleweight (185 lbs.), has wins over big-name opponents like Kelvin Gastelum, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Stephen Thompson.

DT has a big fight this weekend against #5-ranked Derek Brunson. The winner, with an impressive performance, could find themselves in prime position for a title fight against Israel Adesanya or Robert Whittaker (they're likely fighting in early 2022).

That's 1 division ... but there'd still be 2 left to conquer, Welterweight (170 lbs.) and Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.). A 35 pound difference is HUGE ... but Till, who's 6'0" tall, believes he can shed the pounds.

"I believe [I can do it]. I know I can do one last hoorah at 170 [lbs.] against the champ Kamaru Usman, and 205, but who knows. I’ve always dreamed of being a two-weight division world champion in the UFC."

"I know three is a stretch and I know I need to rack up a lot of wins but I'm a young kid dreaming."


In fact, Darren used to fight at welterweight ... but dropping the lbs. was brutal.

But, he thinks he can make the weight ... and when it comes to the actual fighting, Till doesn't think there are many people more dangerous in the Octagon.

The 1st step towards ruling 3 divisions starts this Saturday at UFC Fight Night.

Stay tuned ...

Giga Chikadze Calls Out Max Holloway I'll Beat You Inside 2 Rds.


"Finally, you know my name. You see what I've done to Edson Barboza. It took me just 2.5 rounds, and if you step inside the Octagon with me, I'm sure I will finish you in 2 [rounds]."

That's rising UFC star Giga Chikadze -- 7-0 in the UFC (14-2 overall) -- throwing down the gauntlet ... right at the feet of featherweight G.O.A.T. Max Holloway.

33-year-old Chikadze knows a little something about beating legends ... he rather easily handled Barboza at UFC Fight Night on Saturday -- and is now the 8th ranked fighter in the division.

Giga -- who has called out 29-year-old Max before -- believes Blessed has been dismissive of him in the past ... and Chikadze is ready to prove he's more than a worthy opponent.

"Guess what, I'm not just a kicker guy, I kick the s**t out of the people, I mention this. I want to face him inside the Octagon and tell him what's up."

However, there's an issue ... Max has a fight scheduled against Yair Rodriguez in November at UFC.

Bottom line, Giga wants to fight Holloway, and prove it's him who is actually the best in the division.

"If [Max] thinks he's the best 145'er, that time has gone, now is a different time," Chikadze says.

"Now, it's Giga's time."

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