Jorge Masvidal Rips Conor McGregor 'That Dude Don't Want This'

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Conor McGregor is straight-up SCARED to fight Jorge Masvidal -- so says Street Jesus himself -- which is why the Irishman hasn't said a PEEP since he beat Nate Diaz.

The UFC's reigning BMF champ went on the 'Dan Le Batard Show' and was asked about a potential fight with Conor ... and that's when Masvidal spelled it all out.

"To be quite frank, [Conor] was flirting with fighting the winner when the possibility of the winner was Nate," Masvidal said.

"He kept throwing it out there. He even made his prediction. But, since I've won, he hasn't said a peep."

"That dude don't want it, man."

Masvidal says he's not a bully -- and won't trash Conor in the hopes of baiting him into a fight -- but it seems pretty clear Jorge wants it.

"If you wanna fight, I'm licking my chops."

As for Conor, he announced his return to the Octagon will go down on January 18 -- but didn't reveal his opponent.

Dana White recently told us the UFC is eyeing Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone but the deal isn't done yet.

Jalen Hurts Meets Bullied Autistic Fan ... 'He Has a Friend in Me!!!'

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Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts brought a special VIP guest to celebrate with the Sooners this weekend -- 12-year-old Rayden Overbay -- and the video is awesome!

Overbay is the special needs student who was targeted in violent attacks by classmates who mocked him for being autistic, diabetic and deaf in his right ear. He suffered serious injuries and had suicidal thoughts after the incidents.

But, MMA star Justin Wren took Overbay under his wing and has rounded up famous and non-famous friends to offer support. Stars like Baker Mayfield, Mick Foley and more stepped up.

And now, Overbay can add a Heisman Trophy candidate to his friend list -- with Hurts inviting Overbay into the Sooners' locker room after their 42-41 victory over Iowa State.

"You got a whole squad of people behind you," Hurts told Rayden ... who was STOKED to meet the football star.

Hurts tweeted about meeting Rayden on Sunday ... saying, "It was great getting to meet Rayden Overbay this weekend! He is a true soldier and such an inspiration to many."

"He has a friend in me! Much Love! #StopBullying"

Not only did Rayden get to meet the star QB ... he also got introduced to the whole squad by head coach Lincoln Riley, who gave him a game ball and let him break the team's final huddle!!

Oklahoma Sooners

Props to all involved!!

UFC Walt Harris' Stepdaughter Blood Found In Car 'Indicative of Life-Threatening Injury'

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Terrible news in the case of Aniah Blanchard -- stepdaughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris.

Officials say they found blood in Blanchard's recovered vehicle that's "indicative of someone suffering a life-threatening injury," according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the Montgomery Advertiser.

Officials also say they found a witness who observed kidnapping suspect Ibraheem Yazeed forcing the 19-year-old woman "into [her] vehicle against her will and then leaving with her in the vehicle."

According to the document, the blood in the vehicle was tested and came back as a match for Blanchard.

As we previously reported, law enforcement tracked down Yazeed in Florida on Friday after a nationwide manhunt.

Officials say they chased Yazeed on foot before apprehending him -- and he suffered an eye injury that required medical attention.

So far, Blanchard has not been located. Unclear if Yazeed is cooperating with officials.

Auburn Police

Auburn Police Chief Paul Register said Thursday there may be other suspects in the case.

"We do anticipate other arrests, so we do think there's a likelihood someone else is involved in this case and we hope to bring that person to justice as well."

Cris Cyborg Down for Amanda Nunes Rematch ... Suggests UFC vs. Bellator Crossover


Don't count out a Cris Cyborg vs. Amanda Nunes just yet ... Cyborg tells us she's still down for the fight if her boss at Bellator can work out a crossover deal with UFC.

Remember, Cyborg parted ways with UFC back in August and signed with Bellator the next month. She's set to fight Julia Budd on Jan. 20 in L.A.

But, you can tell Cyborg feels she has unfinished business with Amanda Nunes -- who knocked her out in the 1st round when they clashed back in Dec. 2018.

Now that Cyborg fights for a different promotion, it's highly unlikely the two will ever face off again ... but Cris says there's still hope!

In fact, Cris says she's already asked Bellator boss Scott Coker if he would be open to a crossover fight with UFC and Coker told her that he would be down!

Of course, the issue ... Dana White.

UFC did a crossover event with Pride back in 2003 -- but we can't recall a crossover fight in recent memory involving UFC and another MMA promotion.

The closest thing we've seen is when UFC teamed up with Mayweather Promotions for the Floyd vs. Conor McGregor boxing match in 2017.

Bottom line ... anything's possible but don't hold your breath.

UFC's Israel Adesanya Warns Jon Jones ... 'You'll Face Me Eventually'


UFC superstar Israel Adesanya says he will "eventually" brawl with Jon Jones ... and he's spelling out the situation to TMZ Sports.

"He will face me eventually, but I'm gonna respect the game," the UFC middleweight champ told us.

"I'm gonna honor the game and defend my belt. I mean, he didn't jump up to heavyweight right after he won the belt. I want to do the work. If he wants to come down, come see me. But if not, shut the f**k up and wait 'til I come see you."


Seems Israel and Jon are on a collision course ... but first, Israel wants to continue to wreck everyone in the middleweight division, starting with Yoel Romero.

"I've called the guy out. I've said I want to fight him. The UFC don't think it's gonna sell, but f**k records, I just want to fight," Adesanya tells us.

Israel says he's got a plan B in case the Romero fight doesn't come together, but it's clear Yoel is the priority.

"I said I want Yoel. F**k records, he's a great fighter. I want to beat all the greatest of this era. I've taken Whittaker, I've taken Gastelum, I've taken Silva."

"I've said I've wanted to fight [Romero]. I've never backed down. I'll see you soon, boy."

And, get this ... Adesanya -- who put together one of the greatest ring walkouts EVER for the Robert Whittaker fight -- says he's already planning to TOP IT!!

"Expect the unexpected. I might f**king fly from the rafters like Shawn Michaels right into the Octagon!"

Stay tuned!

Greg Hardy I Want Putin At UFC Moscow ... 'I'm a Big Fan!'


Vladimir Putin, you up?

Greg Hardy says he's got one wish for his UFC fight in Moscow this weekend -- AND IT'S FOR THE RUSSIAN PRESIDENT TO SHOW UP FOR IT!!!

"I been hoping to meet him since I got here," Hardy says. "I'm a big fan. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's going to be super hyped."

Of course, Hardy's fillin' in for the injured Junior Dos Santos this weekend against #7 ranked UFC heavyweight Alexander Volkov ... and GH tells TMZ Sports he's STOKED for the bout.

But, Greg says there's one thing that could make him EVEN HAPPIER to step in the Octagon on Saturday ... and that'd be if Putin himself is sitting cageside for it!!!

Hardy says he's bummed he didn't get to fight in front of Donald Trump at the last UFC event ... and says a Putin appearance would DEFINITELY help make up for it.

"It would be a big deal for me," Hardy says. "That's royalty for me, man. And, you know, I'm the Prince of War. I'm all about the royalty!"

As for how Hardy's enjoying his time in Russia so far, he says he's actually loving it, telling us he feels like he's treated better over there than in the US!!!

Hardy also talked with us about his disdain for Derrick Lewis ... and he broke down how he sees the fight with Volkov ending on Saturday.

SPOILER ALERT: Hardy says, "Face punch, face punch, face punch, face punch, SLEEP!"

Conor McGregor Not the Father of 2-Year-Old Love Child ... DNA Test Shows

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Conor McGregor has fought his way out of ANOTHER sticky situation -- reportedly proving he's NOT the father in a dispute of a 2-year-old "love child."

26-year-old Terri Murray had accused Conor of knocking her up back in 2017 -- just weeks before Conor's GF Dee Devlin gave birth to their son Conor Jr.

Murray claims she and Conor slept together at his hotel during the '17 Grand National in Liverpool. There is a photo circulating of Conor partying with Murray around that time.

But, according to Conor's rep, the UFC superstar has taken a DNA test which proves once and for all ... (switch to Maury Povich voice) ... HE'S NOT THE FATHER!!!

"To conclusively end any and all erroneous media reports, Conor McGregor took a DNA test recently which confirmed to all parties that he is not the father of the child in Liverpool," Conor's spokesperson said in a statement.

The Irish Independent claims they have seen the results showing a "zero percent probability" McGregor is the daddy.

So, another big win for Conor ... who was just slapped on the wrist for punching a man in a Dublin bar, slapped on the wrist for smashing a phone in Miami and slapped on the wrist for attacking a UFC bus in New York.

UFC's Walt Harris Stepdaughter's Kidnapping Suspect Arrested

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The man officials believe kidnapped the stepdaughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris has been arrested -- and you can see in the mug shot, the dude's eye is swollen shut.

Cops had been on the hunt for 30-year-old Ibraheem Yazeed -- who was spotted at a Chevron station in Auburn, Alabama on Oct. 23, the last time anyone saw 19-year-old Aniah Blanchard.


Now, officials say ... Yazeed was apprehended by U.S. Marshals in Escambia County (western Florida) early Friday morning after a brief foot pursuit. He was booked at 2:32 AM.

You can see the suspect's left eye is jacked up bad -- he was hospitalized after being arrested.

Officials believe Yazeed is a bad dude -- he's awaiting trial in an unrelated kidnapping, robbery and attempted murder in Montgomery involving a 77-year-old man.

Auburn Police

Aniah's stepmother, Yashiba Blanchard, issued a statement after Yazeed's arrest -- saying, "I  am relieved that we can finally obtain some answers and locate our daughter."

"I am prayerful that the Lord touches this young man’s heart so he will be honest and truthful and tell the authorities where our daughter is located."

"I feel as if the Lord has heard our cries and the community’s cries for help with finding our daughter. We are continue to put our trust in God and pray that Chief Register and the APD with other law enforcement bring us Aniah and justice."

Nate Diaz 'F*ck a Rematch' with Masvidal ... 'Peace Out Fight Game'

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So much for a BMF2 ...

Seems Nate Diaz has changed his mind about running it back with Jorge Masvidal -- saying, "F*ck a rematch."

Remember, Diaz lost the first-ever Bad Mother F*cker match at Madison Square Garden on Saturday ... when the doctor stopped the fight after the 3rd round due to bad cuts on Nate's face.

At the time, both Nate and Jorge declared a rematch WOULD happen -- with Nate saying, "I would love to run it back. That's the only thing I want to do."


But, Diaz has had a change of heart ... and posted the update on IG on Wednesday night.

"F*ck a rematch this shit was over before it started. I’m goin on out on tour. Peace out fight game."

So, is he retiring or just taking a hiatus? We'll try to get some clarity on this ... but if the possibility of a rematch is truly off, that sucks!!!

Jon Jones Finally Picks Next Opponent ... I'll Beat Dominick's Ass!!!

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Jon Jones says he's FINALLY decided on his next opponent -- revealing his sights are now set on Dominick Reyes instead of Corey Anderson ... and he's looking to make a statement.

"Just finished a coaches meeting studying Dominick and Cory‘s careers. Established Dominicks definitely the more dangerous fighter. Beating his ass next."

Jones had been debating between the two UFC fighters after they both SHOWED OUT in recent fights -- Reyes KO'd Chris Weidman and Anderson beat up Johnny Walker.

Both men have been calling for a fight with Jon for a while -- with Reyes telling us Jones was ducking him.


"I got these hands. I got this heart. I'm Mexican. He's never fought a Mexican. I'm tough as s**t and I'm never gonna stop!"

32-year-old Jones tweeted that he just wasn't interested in 29-year-old Reyes ... but clearly, something's changed.

Recently Dana White told us Reyes was the fight to make but the deal wasn't done yet.


Now, it seems Jones is laser-focused on Reyes ... and barring an injury, this one looks like it'll happen soon.

So, where does this leave Corey Anderson? Great question ... dude's been on a tear lately and recently cracked the Top 5 rankings in the UFC's light heavyweight division.

Stay tuned ...

UFC's Francis Ngannou '200% Down' to Fight Tyson Fury ... MMA and Boxing!!!


UFC star Francis Ngannou is finally responding to Tyson Fury -- telling TMZ Sports if Fury is serious about competing in MMA, Francis is "200% down!"

Remember, Fury -- one of the top heavyweight boxers on the planet -- says he's dead serious about trying his luck in the Octagon ... and plans to train with Conor McGregor.

Fury also said he's eyeing Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou and possible opponents.

So, we reached out to Francis to see if he was game -- and man, HE'S ALL IN!!!

In fact, the 6'4", 258-pound heavyweight says he'll make a 2-fight deal with Tyson -- if Fury agrees to meet him in the Octagon, he'll do a SECOND match in the boxing ring.

Ngannou tells us ... long before he became an MMA fighter, he had dreams of becoming a boxing champ -- and he believes he has the skill set to compete with a champ like Fury.

Ngannou says he's already instructed his management team to reach out to Fury to see if there's a way to make it happen ... and thinks the UFC would be on board.


We recently spoke to UFC honcho Dana White who told us he's a huge Fury fan and would love to get in business with him ... but advised Tyson to focus on boxing instead of trying to transition to MMA.

But, if there was a 2-fight deal including a boxing match, you gotta wonder if White -- who's launching a boxing promotion in 2020 -- would be more open to getting a deal done.


Ngannou has already gotten some pointers on how to fight Fury from Mike Tyson -- and Francis says Iron Mike has offered to train him if Fury accepts the fight.

This could get real interesting ... stay tuned.

Mike Tyson Hey Francis Ngannou ... Here's How to Fight Tyson Fury!!!

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Here's Mike Tyson giving a few pointers to UFC superstar Francis Ngannou on how to fight Tyson Fury ... and the video is awesome!

So, why is this happening???

Remember, Fury has been teasing a move over to MMA -- he's apparently dead serious -- and he even called out Ngannou as a potential opponent.

"Who’s the heavyweight champion of the world in the UFC? The American-Croatian, Stipe Miocic. I’ll fight him in a heartbeat, no problem. Or, Francis Ngannou," Fury said.

"Any of the heavyweights they’ve got, I’m not afraid of any of them. I’m the Gypsy King. I’m a boxer, but I’m one badass motherf**ker."

So, when Ngannou met up with Mike Tyson to appear on his 'Hotboxin' podcast recently -- Mike decided to run the heavyweight fighter through a few moves to help him out.

Ya gotta watch the footage ... 53-year-old Tyson sticks, moves and sticks again -- the guy clearly still has explosive power and skill. Even the footwork is still super impressive.

Dana on Tyson Fury in UFC

Will Ngannou get a chance to unleash his new moves on Fury? UFC honcho Dana White told us it's "possible" Fury could step in the Octagon ... but unlikely.

Still, Ngannou is clearly curious about a potential fight -- and with everything in combat sports, if the money's there it'll probably happen.

Donald Trump Jr. Colby Covington Is a Real Friend I'd Walk Him Out For Fight!!


Colby Covington's support for President Trump has turned into an all-out bromance with POTUS' son ... 'cause Donald Trump Jr. says he considers the UFC star a good friend!!

Of course, the Trump family has been frequenting UFC events lately -- Trump Jr. and Eric were Covington's personal guests to his fight against Robbie Lawler in Aug. ... and they both attended UFC 244 last weekend with #45 himself.

As for Colby, he's been invited to 1600 Penn ... and even snapped a pic with Trump in the Oval Office.

So, when we saw DTJ out in NYC on Tuesday, we had to ask about the UFC megafight -- and if he'd ever consider walking a fighter out to the Octagon.

"I'd go out with Colby," Trump Jr. told us ... "He's become a good friend. There's a lot of great fighters out there but Colby's become a friend."

He might get his wish soon ... Colby is set to fight Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship at UFC 245 on Dec. 14 at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.

In fact, Colby put Don Jr.'s new book "Triggered" front and center at the official UFC 245 press conference last week to announce the fight. He also rocked his signature red MAGA hat.

Dana White I Love Tyson Fury But Why Come to UFC To Get Smashed?!?


Dana White is a HUGE fan of boxing superstar Tyson Fury -- but tells TMZ Sports he thinks the Gypsy King would get "smashed" if he's serious about fighting in the UFC.

Fury has been very vocal lately about wanting to take a stab at MMA -- and says Conor McGregor has personally offered to train him up.


So, when we spoke with UFC honcho Dana White, we asked if there was a possibility the two could work out a deal to get Fury in the Octagon.

"Listen, anything's possible," White tells us ... "If Tyson Fury wants to fight in MMA, I've got a ton of guys that would love to fight him. I just don't know why."

White says Fury is an "incredible fighter" -- but he's one of the top heavyweight boxers in the world and should stick with that sport to make as much money as possible.

"Promoted the right way. [Fury] could be a part of 3 or 4 of the biggest fights in heavyweight [boxing] history. Why come over and get smashed when you could stay there?"

But, there is ONE boxing champ White says he'd love to see in the UFC -- Claressa Shields.

Shields is undefeated and has WRECKED every woman who has stepped in the ring with her. She recently told us she's begun MMA training and wants to take a fight in 2020.

"I understand Shields wanting to come over here," White said ... noting top female UFC fighter are making way more money than top female boxers.


"Yes, I'm definitely interested in that. If you look at [Shields], she's the best in boxing and I have the G.O.A.T. I have the greatest female fighter of all time right now in Amanda Nunes."

Claressa has said she'd LOVE a superfight with Nunes -- but needs time to work on her ground game first.

In other words, things could get VERY interesting in 2020.

Conor McGregor 'Vehemently Denies' Sexual Assault Allegations ... Manager Says

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Conor McGregor "vehemently denies" sexually assaulting a woman in a car outside of a Dublin pub in mid-October ... this according to his manager.

Audie Attar, who's been working with Conor for 8 years, appeared on "Ariel Helwani's MMA Show" on Monday where he was asked specifically about the allegations.

"[Conor] vehemently denies any allegation of sexual misconduct or any wrongdoing," Attar said.

As we previously reported, officials are reportedly investigating the allegations made by a woman in her 20s. It's the second time someone has accused McGregor of sexual assault in less than 12 months.

McGregor was reportedly arrested in Dublin back in January as part of an investigation into another alleged sexual assault at a hotel in Dublin in Dec. 2018. McGregor's rep slammed the report as "rumors."

And on Monday, Attar chalked the reports up to "relentless" tabloids pushing fake news.

Attar told Helwani ... Conor is laser-focused on returning to the UFC Octagon on Jan. 18 -- and the reported allegations won't prevent that from happening.

Remember, Conor was asked about the new sexual assault allegations while on a media tour in Russia recently ... but his translator shut down the question before Conor had a chance to respond.

UFC's Kevin Lee Gunning for Khabib or Conor ... 'I Want Bigger Fights'


UFC star Kevin Lee says he's not ready to sit back and enjoy his VIOLENT victory over Gregor Gillespie ... he wants another fight ASAP, and he's looking for a big-name opponent.

27-year-old Lee -- the #10 ranked lightweight -- says he wants to fight again as early as December ... and he's naming some of the biggest names in the sport.

"If I had my pick, it would be somebody like Conor," Lee says ... also mentioning guys like Anthony Pettis, Tony Ferguson and, of course, the champ, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Lee knows he's gotta wait for his title shot -- but he's willing to put in the work and take out whoever the UFC puts in front of him to climb his way to the top.

But, for now, Lee says he's happy he was able to earn such an impressive victory over an undefeated 13-0 opponent at one of the biggest UFC events of all time!

"The President was in the building! The President was watching the fight and I guarantee you he remembered me after that night," Lee said.

He's probably right ... Lee's crushing head kick KO earned him "Performance of the Night" honors, which comes with a $50,000 bonus!

Remember, Lee fought Ferguson back in Oct. 2017 -- and lost via submission in the 3rd-round. It was a pretty solid fight.

Lee says he's down to run it back ... as long as it gets him one step closer top fighting for the belt.