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Jon Cryer's Ex

Arrested for Felony Child Abuse

5/29/2009 3:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer & Sarah Trigger The ex-wife of Jon Cryer was arrested today and booked for felony child neglect.

TMZ has learned Sarah Trigger was taken into custody early this morning at her home in Hermosa Beach, CA. Trigger and Cryer have an 8-year-old son, but police could not confirm that their child was involved in the alleged crime.

Sources tell TMZ the child's neck had rope or cord marks when police arrived. We're told officers found a weapon on the scene that matched those marks.

Trigger's bail was set at $100,000. She was released this evening. Police say the child is safe tonight and the Department of Children and Family Services is now involved.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned the child involved in the alleged crime was NOT Jon's 8-year-old son. Police say it was Trigger's two-year-old son with her current husband.


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what's a "chord mark"????????

The story is horrific, obviously. The typo is unforgivable--FIND AN EDITOR

1952 days ago

Dirk the Impailer    

I'm not trying to be funny, but John Cryer is STRAIGHT???????????? I NEVER would have guessed that. My "gaydar" must be slipping...

1952 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

CBs tony and the molesting priest show LA`susan beavers GAYdar child molester crewSS

1952 days ago

mellon bruse N    

LA` susan beavers and tony& L wrkn4 the priest`ss BROADcasting child molesting sucks go to jail than hell

1952 days ago

server recovery man    

Once you become a celeb, you leave us and get on stage. What ever you do will be our entertainment even if you chop each other to pieces

1952 days ago


Put those mobster child molesting broadcasters in jail than hell.CBS susan beavers and that CBS house hord mobster crewSS.two and a half is a hord of mobsters into child molesting.

1952 days ago


That is terrible, but I thought that Jon Cryer was GAY...and he is a lousy actor too.

1952 days ago

sick of paris    

John is straight- he married a tv reporter out here in LA in 2007, she is Lisa Joyner. He divoced crazy Sarah in 2004

1952 days ago


Why is the charge merely child NEGLECT? Rope marks do not equal neglect -- they indicate abuse!
And shut up, #28: Jon Cryer is a marvelous comedic actor. The hilsious takes from his Allen character are priceless.

1952 days ago


Just when I thought that the laundry-list couldn't get any dirtier than that being hurled between Tori and her mom Candy Spelling -- this terrible child abuse incident is announced on TMZ. I am speechless. I am a mother and grandmother; a nurturer, a protectress, an Earth Mother, and I live on a fixed income a stone's throw away from tony Hermosa Beach. Thank you GOD, I am no actress!

1952 days ago


Hope Charlie is okay and will get to live with his Dad 24/7. Sarah needs some serious jailtime.

1952 days ago


Just a thought - but couldn't it be quite possible that a child did the abuse to the other child? Getting booked on Child Neglect would indicate to me that she is taking the fall for not properly ensuring the children's safety. I'm just sayin.

1952 days ago


Poster #3 (Whatever)--didn't you read the FIRST SENTENCE of this story? It says, "The EX-WIFE of Jon Cryer was arrested today...". To me, that would indicate that at one time they were MARRIED!! Duhhh

1952 days ago

Well the Police arrested her so that fact alone tells us she has to be guilty since the police never arrest anyone who is not!
Oh and I hear that evryone who has made such informed statements about her have all been chil molesters their whole lives but just have not been caught yet! And since i put it on here it has to be true RIGHT!
How do so many idiots think that because the news said something someone is guilty and would they be so quick with the guilty verdict if it were their mom or dad or other family member accused and have those same idiots ever heard of a trial?

1952 days ago

not a hater    

How in the hell is this woman free? The kid is safe for "tonight."? This is a two year old baby! What a sad excuse for a parent. I hope the father is the one who called and will make sure this baby stays safe. I should hope that he can file for divorce and take full custody and she will decide to get her tubes tied! She is crazy! There is no chance she could get custody at this point right?! THERE ARE TOO MANY KIDS BEING KILLED WHILE SOCIAL SERVICES TURNS A BLIND EYE!

1952 days ago
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