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OctoMom's Show -- Terrifying Reality

5/30/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, a company brave enough to put child slavery where it belongs ... on television.

, a television production company, has just inked a deal with OctoMom Nadya Suleman, finally making her dream a reality -- assuming that her dream was to exploit her children for as much money as humanly possible.

Octo's been trying to get a show going for a while, but now, despite all good sense and decency, it looks like it actually may happen. According to Us Magazine, Suleman is now committed to the show with Eyeworks -- a production company -- and they're currently in talks with networks.

If you count each of her fourteen kids as a large sacks of money, then this show will be six large sacks of money better than Jon and Kate Plus Eight.


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fortheloveofgod,get the chip off your shoulder. All posters have the freedom to offer their opinion. Why are you accusing justanothermom of thinking that she is better than anyone else. ? She has offered an opinion that is as valid as anyone else's. opinion. Read your post. Are you proud of it ? You shouldn't be. You sound stupid. This reality show will be watched by morons like you. Why do you accuse justanothermom of lying ? , saying that she will watch the show, after stating that she won't. ? Don't judge her by your standard. Is that what you would do ? Some people have ethics, principle. Your comment is insight to your character. It is not a good reflection,

1950 days ago


Mylittlegirls.....Hello.I have worried about you, & looked for you. How are you doing..I knew that we would hear from you again. I am so happy to hear from you again..............I know that you were on another were your usual intelligent , eloquent self. I did miss are your "little girls " ? It is so good to hear from you..don't leave us in the lurch again. No doubt your other friends will be glad to hear from you again....Warmest Wishes, Jane

1950 days ago


London_______exactly so.

1950 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Littlegirls....well, there you are Missy. I just called the FBI, CIA, IRS, Canadian Mounties, Texas Rangers, US Marshalls, the Bloodhounds and posted a missing persons on you. Now I have to call them all back....whadda want me to tell the IRS?

Nice to see you back, and posting again.

I wrote a post earlier..didn't get the email verification so I'll give it a bit and if it doesn't show up...I'll repost.

1950 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


Polluting the gene pool for generations to come...

1950 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I'm patient and hopeful and remain...

1950 days ago


To “by for the love of God” regarding her 5:45 PM message to “justanothermom.”

Your example about stage parents being worse that John and Kate or OctoMom is wrong. In all cases the kids are being exploited. None of it is right.

I’m fairly certain you, “by for the love of God,” must be a 13 year-old with no knowledge of the adult world. “Jusanothermom” does not believe she is better than anyone else - where did you pick up on that?

Usually people with arguments that don’t hold water will resort to calling others liars or other stupid names when they don’t know how to support their point of view OR their point of view is not viable. As far as OctoMom, don’t go putting her on a pedestal because she’s turned out to be a huge scam artist who has milked the taxpayers of money. Any idea how much she’s taken in so far? Millions. That’s why Californians are so livid about her. Every dollar that she receives from the welfare programs causes another kid to suffer. And if you think that OctoMom putting the kids on a television program shows she is “supporting” them.......think again. It’s exploitation. I’m better those kids are going to grow up with plenty of emotional problems.

Here it is, very simply stated: OCTOMOM = GREED.

1950 days ago

Capt. Howdy    

I hope the CA. Welfare system makes her pay back like they did me when I fell into a large sum of $$$.

1950 days ago

The 1 & Only    

If this is true, I'm very happy for her. I'd love to see how those 8 babies are doing. Little Noah has to have surgery in a few months and it will be interesting to hear the updates on him.

1950 days ago


You know she is no worse than Jon and Kate, the Duggers with 18 kids, all doing reality shows for money. Its sad because these kids have to grow up being in the public eye because there parents allowed it for money! And now look whats happeneing, that kate chic is just sad! Boy I never wathced the show but since all the hoopla going on and reading about it, she has changed alot since her frumpy brown hair and mom clothes to some wanna be princess of media. And seeing some of the clips, she really treated Jon like crap! He needs to move and find a woman who doesnt treat him like dirt!

1950 days ago


It felt so good not hearing about OCTO JERK and now this.Just add it to the long list of other sickning reality shows.I won't be watching!

1950 days ago


Eye works is a global production companythat spawns simple program entertainment for nondiscerning simple brain power required. It is as simple as that. A company that cleverly feeds off, & makes a financial fortune, compliments . of the dimwatts of society. In other words, It is profiting , while insulting the inherent intelligence of the individual by gauging it to be gratified by mindless .... a word................crap. !

1950 days ago


Ankaret....Not only do I have coctails........I've brought the bell with me too.! Bottoms up.

1950 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

Hi You Guys, I know it's been awhile but had a problem with my daughter after the airing of Farrah. She call here all upset about seeing Farrah's Story. The whole idea of what they showed really upset me becasue besides being in this situation, my sister was at Saint Joseph's Hospital in Burbank for 7 months on the terminal floor. I particly lived at the hospital and saw many people dying and no friends or family around. This wasn't the real story of what really goes on. Now I'm hearing they are making any follow up. If Farrah didn't what all this in public they wouldn't be airing these shows. They only tell of how she's suffuring and not the cause of the canccer or the successful in treating when you follow doctor's orders.
The way the story was being told, you would have been expecting a news break any time about her passing. I went on some of her websites and saw nothing but item's for sale and no mention of her illness. This really upset me and my daughter reacted because she feels I don't tell her the whole story. I don't want my children remembering me going through Chemo, so I don't tell them. My last treatment will be Tuesday and I'll get a break unitl November then it all starts over again.
Things have quieted down now and she focused on her Wedding in September. Thank goodness.
I sure missed hearing from all of you. Sure missed all of your posts, you guy's really make my

Now here's a site for all of you to check out:

I'll try and keep in touch. Punken just had her stiches remove and back to normal. Wish we could say that about

1950 days ago


Lets talk reality... Octomom has swindled thousands from the American public and we want to make her a celebrity. We should all live on welfare and still afford plastic surgery and invetro! How does that happen? I would be ashamed if the American public gave in and even viewed her on a reality show. When are we going to say enough is enough. All she ever wanted was attention and we are dumb enough to give it to her. Don't give in refuse octomom reality.

1950 days ago
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