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Barack Obama -- The Price of Love

5/31/2009 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Want to do "date night" like the Obamas? Just get your hands on an unlimited budget, a private Gulfstream jet, and the United States Secret Service. Dinner and a movie is for suckers.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama
President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle hopped a jet to New York last night to see a Broadway play and then grabbed some dinner at a chic West Village restaurant.

Barack Obama -- launch photosThe only problem, Barack critics say, is that it's the American taxpayers who footed the bill for the private planes that shuttled the Obamas back and forth (Air Force One got the night off). Obama sprung for the theater tix out of his own pocket.

With the economy in the crapper, the Prez can't even enjoy a night on the town without it being a national issue.


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driving miss daisy    

thanks for spending my money!! you jacka**

1941 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Good for President and Mrs. Obama to enjoy a night on the town, but please, TMZ, a movie is not for suckers. It is a nice night out--if it is a good one.

1941 days ago


Your underlings couldn't find you a little black sweater?

1941 days ago


This so-called president doesn't give a $HIT about the American public. Spread the wealth and spend spend spend. BTW - How does Michelle get that FAT A$$ through the doors on Marine One???

1941 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Obama is a communist and he is going to destroy America. Troops die in Iraq while he dines in New York. He is bankrupting the country, nationalizing companies, and destroying the middle class.

1941 days ago


This guy sucks!
Couldn't they have planned this night out during an actual trip to NY for something else?
I want a date with my husband too. Should I send the expense statements to the WH??

1941 days ago


GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! They look soooooo good together and seem to be really in love! I would take him back to the white house and screw his head off! lol. Go Michelle!!!!!!! lol

1941 days ago


Who cares, let them be! I don't care if it is on my tax money, its nothing compared to what bush did while in office. They look great, they derserve to get out of the white house sometimes, their still young. Not the Bush family people, they were quite boring, I love our new President and first lady, perfect couple. Keep having a good time with your wife Mr. president, forget all these baby whiners, their jealous they can bearly see a movie.

1941 days ago


This is so political. People will criticize him for anything. The Obama's had a decent amount of money before him being president what with being a senator and his book deals. He would have most likely done this before but now because he's president they can't go see a broadway play? It's not his fault that because of security he has to take private transportation. Jeez, Bush was vacationing all the time on taxpayer money. I want a hard working president which Obama is. But I don't want someone who just shuts themselves in the white house and becomes secluded from the world and doesn't do regular people things. I have some friends who are not rich at all but they set aside money to take weekend trips as a couple all the time.

1941 days ago


F^ck you A-hole hick republicans who don't like them! Your party is officially obsolete you nitwits.

1941 days ago


Just another example of how the Obamas think they entitled to everything. They are spending our money so they can have a night out while there are Americans losing their homes. I know that some people who are losing their homes overextended themselves but others have lost their jobs and now their homes. Obama should consider the people before he spends our money. Dinner and theater in DC would have cost less and still been a very nice "Date Night".

1941 days ago


Let's see... President Obama takes a SMALL jet to New York to have dinner and see a play, and this makes the folks that don't like him upset?

But these same people didn't say ONE WORD, when President Bush flew back and forth to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, MULTIPLE times, and used the BIG JET, all at taxpayers expense!

Hmmmm, good ol' politics as usual.

1941 days ago


Nice to see a man so good to his wife. What should he drink in hiding and spend our tax-dollars so his stocks in private comapnies can soar, by having a trumped up war? I guess thats is the Republican American Way after all.

1941 days ago

Gimme a break    

Whatever. He's the president of the United States. No one had a problem when other presidents do this. People need to shut the hell up and live their own lives. Especially repubs who complain about the economy when your burning "Bush" is the one who fuxed it up in the first place. Always hollering at the other people who have to clean up YOUR messes.

1941 days ago


The President & his lovely wife should have a night out whenever they can... My God he is a human being, although he is the leader of the free world he needs time away to clear his mind or it would all be too much. God bless him & his family & I pray always for his wisdom to help our great country.

1941 days ago
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