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Carrie Prejean's Lawyer -- Fellow H8er

5/31/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanIt would make sense for Carrie Prejean -- the poster child for "traditional marriage" -- to hire a lawyer who shares her beliefs. And wouldn't you know it -- she picked one of the most famous ones of the bunch.

TMZ has learned Prejean has hired Charles Limandri, who acted as as general counsel to the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) when the group spearheaded the California ballot initiative to include the marriage definition in the constitution (aka Proposition 8).

We're told Prejean is trying to use Limandri to help her negotiate her contract with the Miss Universe Organization so she can make unauthorized public appearances with whomever she wants. (*cough cough NOM)

Prejean appears in an ad for NOM that is displayed prominently on their website -- despite the objections of the Miss Universe Organization.


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Big Bear    

Carrier has an ok body but she has the brain of a common horsefly. Sorry Carrie but you make Paris Hilton look smart.

1933 days ago


So is this gay bashing chaos??????

Carrie is one smart cookie. She has been pushed around, insulted, vilified and had her family and personal life scrutinized by the gay community, liberal media and tabloid gossip sites like TMZ. Does she own anyone anything.... not on your life. Does she have a few bones to pick.... I would think so.

First she got old Perez Hilton's wee wiener in a big knot by denying him the pleasure of forcing his political agenda on her like some kind of foul rape.

Then Hopefully the real piece of trash in this event, Shanna Moakler, was forced away into a nice quiet place.

Then she managed to produce one of the nastiest scowls I have ever seen on old Larry King, who of course deserved it after giving Perez Hilton royal treatment when he appeared on Larry's show. Larry never once mention Hilton's vile, misogynistic rant (were did all the women's libbers got on that one???)

I hope she's got a good lawyer to help her and I hope we'll be hearing more from her. Now you're hearing those gay activists and liberals saying they wish she would just go away and why are we still hearing from her......

...... well maybe it's HER TURN .............

Our culture is so programed for you that your not use to any resistance. Well ya'll better go were the infamous Ms Moakler has gone hopefully you'll find Perez Hilton there !!!!

For the record, I was always a liberal and not very religious. Before this despicable display I had no opinion on gay marriage but this has opened my eyes to just how foul the gay movement is.

1933 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Thank you, Gina

1933 days ago


Gina....very well said.....kudos

1933 days ago


When do we stop having to hear about this idiot? She can't just respect that people disagree with her.

1933 days ago


Funny how liberal douchebags are so concerned about "guidelines" and "rules" when it directly effects and ruins their propaganda. There's not a single Dem in any level of office that would be have won their election had they not cheated in some way or fashion, but of course it's ok then not to worry with pesky little rules and laws. You Socialist hypocrites are getting a taste of your own medicine. Carrie wins, you and gay marriage lose, BIG TIME, HAHAHAHAHHAA!!!

And TMZ, "fellow hater?" Are you serious? You give more leeway to attourneys that have gotten obvious murders off the hook than you are this guy. Your agenda is so obvious. Glad to see you wallowing in your anger since Carrie and the State of California object to your bullying and Nazi style tactic ways.

Carrie -12, Gay mafia & fellow kook liberals - ZERO!!! :)

1933 days ago

Jack Wilson    

I estimate that Perez Hilton has single handedly stalled the same-sex marriage movement by a good ten years.

1929 days ago


Carrie had fell victim to the wicked entertainment circle

You can see the entertainment circle is full of self-centered, wicked people. They are not even democrats. They are communists. There is no free will in their small world. There is no fairness here.
Why did a homo judge, Perez Hilton, ask such a homo question that has noting to do with Miss USA. Perez is an ill-willed person in my opinion. He should call himself a bitch instead. He is no gay. He is a homo. The word gay is for happy people. It is not a word to be used by homosexual. It lowers the meaning of the word, gay, because most homos are self-center, whiny and unhappy. They do not think of the good of mankind.
Carrie Prejean is a beautiful, intelligent, and, most of all, brave lady. She is a rare gem in today’s society. You go girl.
When she opened her month, goodness comes out. Carrie won the Miss USA in my book.
By the way, marriage is between a man and a woman. That has been the tradition for thousands of year and throughout all cultures.
Homos, do you get it? Call yours a union or anything but marriage. Fool.
People, you got to stop being stepped upon by homos. Push back. We all have some kinds of shortcomings. We deal with them ourselves. But homos do not. They use their way of life to attack us. I will fight!

1929 days ago


Carrie is right on with her comment ! 94% of americans feel the same way and i do not understand how our country has gone so far in the toilet that anyone cannot express their personal beliefs without worrying about whether it is "PC" or not.
How did American people lose the intestinal fortitude to express themselves, p hilton deserves a smack up side the head and the American people need a resounding wake up call !!

1922 days ago
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