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Octomom: I Just Called to Say ... I Got a Ticket

6/2/2009 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can't have your hands at the "10 and 2" positions on the steering wheel while talking on a cell phone -- a lesson cops say Octomom Nadya Suleman just learned the hard way.


Cops tell us the unfortunately famous mother of too many was just ticketed in La Habra for talking on her cell phone while operating her OctoVan.

Wonder how the kids are gonna help her pay that one off.

: Cops tell us there was at least one kid in the car at the time she was pulled over. Must have been an important call.


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Gawd stop giving this ugly waste of space that calls itself a mother the attention it so desperately wants. The only news story I want to hear about this b*tch is the when the state FINALLY steps in and takes her kids away and places them in loving, safe homes.

1968 days ago


Now that John & kate plus 8 are having problems, their back to bothering Nayda. Doesn't anyone have anything else exciting going on in their life. Leave these woman alone!
That cop is a dumbass

1968 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Come on this is news? Like she is the only one who does it give me a break I thought this was going to be something inportant not about something so many people do to but because she does it now it is front page news can we please get something new worthy on here.

1968 days ago

Bruce Sanders    

Let's send this Stupid, Self-Centered, Bitch to Iraq. If she gets shot, her kids will be better off and the USA will have one less idiot to deal with. Better still, maybe she can take Paris with her!

1968 days ago


RE : Bruce Sanders. That's a fabulous idea. You've got a standing ovation from me over here.

1968 days ago


TMZ stop giving her freaking publicity!!! If you want to her disappear, stop talking about her for every little thing! I certainly don't care, you make it sound like you don't want to see her either, what's the problem here???

1968 days ago


Thanks to the officer who ticketed OctoMoron. It's about time someone did. There have been a number of photographs published with her doing this and she's never been ticketed [of course the police were probably not around but the news media sure was].

Excellent work, Officer. This woman is only concerned about herself and making her business deals......has no concern about the safety of others.

The La Habra police ought to put one of those Speed Demons on her car so that every time she violets she gets a rude awakening.

1968 days ago

eyes glued opened    

I wish she and all the brats were in the car, it hit a phone pole, caught fire and they all burned up so we wouldn't have to read about her trashy a-s-s ever again.. low life.

1968 days ago


I promise I won't be watching! " Reality "stars" who would whore their litttle ones out for money disgust me!! Whe this crap comes on TV, I feel so much better after a long sweaty run, or a fantastic horseback ride.

1968 days ago


That fool will do anything to get in the news!!! WHY DOESN'T GO TO THE UK AND GIVE AMERICA A BREAK !!

1968 days ago


Ahhhh, it was just a set up for her reality show.....

1968 days ago


So, our tax dollars weren't enough for Bluetooth? I'd better get back to work!

1968 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

Well, it's about time someone is going their job. She thinks she a "Princess" and can get away with everything.
She better enjoy her time now becasue her world is going to be coming down around her.
Her' court date is coming and they will only want the truth about the Children and not lies. I'll love to see how she explains putting Solomon on all the birth records and not giving all the information to the Welfare department. If the Father's name isn't Solomon then she misrepsented fraud on a legal records.
I guess La Habra Police Department is getting tired of all the problems with OctoMom and making her responsible for her actions. Now maybe, it CPS and the IRS would follow up then just maybe the Children will get a chance to live a normal life.

OctoMom's court date is soon here, and she will have to explain where all the money went......... Her Attorney said, "he will be setting up accounts for the Children and that trust have already been set up. Ok.. Let's see how much truth is in what he's saying, when the records have to be produced in court. Nayda, OctoMom, The clock is ticking and it's past your 15 minutes of fame. Get over yourself, you have 14 Children to love and protect and they come first. Atleast that's the way it is with regular Mom's.

1968 days ago


If I were the LAPD, I would just assign a permanent squad car to her every time she leaves the house. It's guaranteed she's about to do something stupid, illegal or both whenever she gets behind the wheel. She already proved she's nuts and dangerous, by having 14 freaking kids without any means of supporting them. All her other decisions are bound to be as bad.

1968 days ago


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWW... her lips look like a puffy "ouite" an|us after WAY too much an|al sex!!!!!!!!!! :-(

FON - Freak Of Nature

Middle Eastern Monster, if you ask me.

1968 days ago
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