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Carradine Family -- More Evidence of Foul Play

6/5/2009 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CarradineOne of the reasons David Carradine's reps and family smell foul play is because people are saying the hotel has been slow at turning over evidence to cops in Thailand.

We're told the family has been getting calls from Thailand saying the hotel where Carradine's body was found has been slow on the uptake in handing over hotel surveillance video to cops.

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Are they really in a hurry to see surveillance video of their grandpa jacking it with a cord wrapped around his neck? I would think they'd thank the hotel for keeping that on the QT.

1966 days ago

arte help    

David was a great guy, I known him since the late 60's. Actually I taught him the whole auto-erotic thing, but I guess this time it just got out of hand, pardon the phrase. I'll miss him. RIP

1966 days ago


Unfortunately this seems to be turning into one of those nasty, kinky sex-related deaths. I feel bad for him family, especially his kids and grandkids. No one wants to have their loved one remembered in such a horrific manner. Too bad he coudn't keep it together.

1966 days ago


that's the first thing I thought of when I heard about Carradine's fast and efficiently will the Thailand police and hotel people be in submitting all evidence.

1966 days ago


How could he be "jacking it" with his hands tied behind his back? Looks like this man was murdered.

1966 days ago


What? Are they saying there are cameras in the closet and/or the hotel room? Highly unlikely. This guy was a martial arts expert with years of experience. If someone did this against his will, I'm sure he would have gotten out of it or at least there would be strong signs of a struggle. They are trying to cover up his kinky little session. Nothing more.

1966 days ago


Auto-erotic asphyxiation would bethe correct term.

In other words, he tied himself up in order to increase his masturbation experience and he could not get himself untied fast enough afterwards.
He came and went at the same time.

1966 days ago

Vessa Allan    

He was a sick MF. Staff said he was drinking beer from morning to night and he has a history of past drug abuse and depression. More than likely found some honey on the streets of Bankok to slap him around while his hands were tied and she freeked out and fled the room when he died. The ropes were actually from the curtains. What gets my goat is the man had a wife sitting home back in the states. And his ex wife Marina said he had a history of kinky sex and had had a incestous relashionship with a relative in the past which he would not get help for. Liked him as an actor but his moral compass points to zero. At 72 he should have had enough common sense and maturity to seek profesional help.

1966 days ago


This may be murder, pure and simple. Don't know why he had a rope around his penis, but that could be a ruse to throw off suspicion.

1966 days ago


Regardless, I think out of respect for the dead, he should be given the benefit of the doubt. All of us Einsteins who are sitting around speculating what REALLY happened when we've seen none of the evidence (myself included) really don't know anything at all. Mostly heresay.

1966 days ago


Degenerates !! "The soul that sinneth, it shall die"

1966 days ago


Joe Francis too. And it couldn't be soon enough!!!!

1966 days ago

Vessa Allan    

Hmmmm..your right. All of us Einsteins are just speculating. I just think when you hear something like this happening to a major star it takes people by shock. But then again the way the human race is heading nothing should shock us anymore. It's like what ever floats your boat and I don't care who gets hurt in the process. Almost a better scenario for the family if it was murder. Either way it's not good and I'm just sad for the kids and family.

1966 days ago


I think he had some nasty up there. Things turned bad when doing some kinky things, and the nasty ran out of the room. The only people this hurts is his family. Goes to show you how selfish some people are! Has a wife back at home and homie doing some nasty in a foreign land! People are hoping this was a murder b/c they dont wanna see him as a nasty ass old man!

1966 days ago


Isn't Thailand the country of kinky sex and sex with children ? And wasn't that the same country where John Mark Karr was hanging out ?

1966 days ago
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