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Carradine's Family Suspicious of Death

6/5/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Carradine's family believes foul play was involved in the actor's death because they've been told he was found with his hands tied behind his back.

Earlier today, Thai police added to the mystery saying, "It is unclear whether [David] committed suicide or not or [whether] he died of suffocation or heart failure." Police say he could have died from an "accidental suffocation."

David's body was discovered in his Bangkok hotel room early Thursday morning -- police said there was rope wrapped around his neck and genitals.

Initially cops suspected suicide, but Carradine's close friends and family immediately refuted the claim -- saying David would never do that to himself. But cops say there's no evidence to suggest anyone was in the room at the time of David's death.

Now, suspicions of foul play are growing even stronger among family members who claim the hotel has been incredibly slow in turning over surveillance video to cops.

We've been told by the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok that David's body was shipped back to the States Friday evening (Thailand is 14 hours ahead of PST).

Story developing...

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No Avatar


I have not heard of such shabbily Police Work to have more than one outcome of how or why he died! I smell a cover/up for something! This is much more than meets the eye or even the truth!

1904 days ago


I knew it from the beginning! This man would never do this to himself. His hands tied behind his back are a sure sign of foul play! God Rest His Soul. A fine man and Actor. Blessings to his family.

1904 days ago


David ,is gone I think the fact's in a case like this are "not" a public need to know.The Media at large will disect a well known's person life for Head Lines...You can not believe half of what you read anyway ! David,gave us his talent I pray we give him some" Dignity." (The Media needs to give his "Family" some peace!!! ) David,you know I will miss you...
Rest in peace >>>>>>>>>(Your Bud...) Kyisha

1904 days ago


What a way to go and yes rest in peace. He had a heart attack while persuing some sexual fantasies. Jeez, just let it go.

Posted at 2:54PM on Jun 5th 2009 by Pete

1904 days ago


Hmmm, sounds like Carradine was into some sort of kinky sex that went wrong. Bummer. What a way to go out. Condolensces to his family.

1904 days ago


Pete: What a way to go and yes rest in peace. He had a heart attack while persuing some sexual fantasies. Jeez, just let it go.........Ok so how the hell did he tie up everthing with his hands tied behind his back?
Can't happen. I hope they catch the ass that did this. The survelance camera tapes were not given freely nor soon enough.

1904 days ago


Celebrities who make many films overseas,usually have bad things happen sooner or later. Especially in countrys with an open sex trade. Am I right?

1904 days ago


i really thought the same way you people thought,this man did not kill himself,i believe the ti girl he was with did this. so the hotel needed some big advertisement they were going under and what a better way to get notice. god bless his family and my they get the real story. i really like this man he was one of a kind.

1904 days ago


He offed himself. Sooooo many celebrites are doing that these days....

Lucy Gordon
That guy from Brokeback mountain

and now this clown.

1904 days ago


lets pray that his family gets what they are looking for. and it comes out to their bet intrust. this man really influenced alot of people in his day.and really deserves alot better then he got at the his family,the lord is my shepherd i shine not want he maketh me lie down in green pasters and restores my soul.hes now in the hands of god. may he go in peace.and love from the family.

1904 days ago


that is the most stupidest thing i ever heard, the man tied himself up with he,s hands tied behind his back. there is know way it can be done its impossiable. he is a very good actor and always will be in my eyes. i will miss him. God bless him and his family you are in my prayers.

1904 days ago

Jimmy Wang    

Thailand is plague with organized prostitution where all hotel overnight "dates" are required to register with the front desk for criminal investigation just in case which is for the protection of the hotel guests. Many customers have been beat up or threathened if the date went bad-e.g. price isn't right? Not knowing the culture (pay the mamasan plus a tip which generally amounts to 3x the take out fee and much of it may support the drug habit or to pay off the pimps. If you are a celeb, expect to shell out alot more or face the consequences. That is why it is NEVER GOOD to hire prostitutues. This had happened thousands of times..NOTHING NEW.

1904 days ago


Snatch the pepple from my hand, Grasshopper!! Suicide 101- How does a person tie his hands behind his back #1, Why tie A rope around your genitals then tie the other end around their neck #2 is it possible for a person with a rope tied around their genitals and nesk totie their own hands behind their back #3, we are talking about a 72 year old David Carradine not Harry Houdini here #4 This doesn''t require someone from CSI to think it looks and sounds suspicious to be ruled a suicide. One has to also remember we are talking about Bangkok's officials that are releasing this information or shall I say mis-information let alone what the rumor mill does with it. What bothers me the most is that this man who has devoted his life to the arts for the purpose of giving us all entertainment from the dulldrums ofordinary life is now being met with the ignorance of speculation and tabloid sensationalism in dying.Simply to say that he was found dead in his hotel room is not enough, at least till all the facts are sorted through.Perhaps, Bruce Lee came back from the dead and exacted his revenge for loss of the lead role in the Kung Fu series. My Condolences to the Carradine Family and David's many friends, He has Left much to Remember him by!!!

1904 days ago


Why do people have to know everything? Please, I'm begging you! If Bobby Flay is ever found dead... alone... with a choke chain pulling on his peter, don't tell me. Please don't tell me. I would never be able to eat in one of his restaurants. EVER.

1904 days ago


Yes, Pete and Perezette, I agree with you, he was obviously into bondage and was probably bonded the way he asked for it, now they will search cameras high and wide to find out if some "lady or man of the evening" left his room and should be found and charged. why else would his genitals be bound? If it was just someone just looking to take him out, I doubt theyd care to bind his private parts. so, no, no foul play, just some kink.

1904 days ago
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