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Amy Wino is the World's Worst Lifeguard

6/6/2009 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At least the dog has the right idea: When you see Amy Winehouse, run away as fast as you can.

amy winehouse

Wino was the only "adult" hanging on the beach with some young friends in St. Lucia.

Where are the parents?!


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that 's effed

1935 days ago


the girl in pink has better tits than wino....

1935 days ago


I guest she's cool sober. If she was drunk it would have gotten nasty for everyone in her path, including the baby.

1935 days ago


like most caribbean culture, kids, pickneys, children, are much more mature over there, and able to go on without having their parents always watching over like a hawk. parents don't need to be overprotective. i'm glad i was able to travel and stay in many places away from resorts to experience the real culture.

1935 days ago


Where are the parents? I'm sure the smaller kids in the picture are the offspring of the taller kids/teens in the picture.

The cycle of poverty continues because of babies having babies.

1935 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

I'm all for tabloids and fun but your coverage of this is totally poor in taste and judgement. It's just going too far. It's way below the belt and you need to reconsider what you are doing. Celebrities are people, even the eccentric and different. They are the reason you have your job. Wake up!

1935 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

Wasn't she credited with saving someone from drowning awhile ago?

I'd like to see some TMZ reports on the people that work for TMZ. How they spend THEIR lives. That would be cool. I'm sure the readers would agree.

1935 days ago


seriously, where are the parents, apparently you have never been to the Carribean.
The industry in St.Lucia is tourism or picking banana's at 20 cents a day.
The parents are working.

1935 days ago

moe moe    

i am sure she is wasted!! i met her on my honeymoon last month in st. lucia. it was 10am and she was gooonnnee!! that girl in the picture all the way to the right acts like her bodyguard and is very very rude!! while my husband and i were talking to amy she forgot that she was talking to us and just started hugging this little boy next to us who by the expression on his face did not want her touching him. also while we were hanging out with her she went into the bathroom about 5 times. god only knows what she was prob snorting!

1935 days ago


Amy is yucky! There is no way I would let her breath the same air as my children. Those young girls are beautiful, with beautiful sun-kissed skin. Amy is a sore-covered, druggie piece of trash. Their parents should've soaked them in hot water after coming in contact with her. She looks like a drunk beach bum.

1934 days ago


when I was in tanzania children would run up to us and take our hand and walk with us for quite awhile and the parents wouldn't care.They are quite trusting. We could learn a thing or two. Life is very diff there.

1934 days ago


She IS a druken beach bum - one with money! The expresession on the dog's face - priceless!

1934 days ago


i see 5 year old kids, taking public buses on their own daily when i'm in rural jamaica.. no parents around. no school bus either, so they have to take taxi or regular bus. that was not a problem. here in canada, i see parents on the side of the roads with their kids, completely the opposite of what i see when i'm in ja. ;-)

1934 days ago


You do not know anything about these children to just assume that the older kids are the parents of the younger kids - not everyone on the island goes around breeding. And not everyone on the island picks bananas for 20 cents a day. And not all of the wealth is in the tourists hands...sheesh...My word where do you get this from? Oh right your stereotype of what "island" life is like. I live in the Caribbean and I have lived in St. Lucia. We are very open and trusting and friendly and we are not "star struck" like other you remember when you were a child and you were not tainted and prejudicial? Maybe these children really do just like Amy Winehouse as a person...anyways it is kind of the Michael Jackson syndrome where she feels more comfortable around children than people her own age because we are all backstabbing, nasty pieces of work who want something from her. I lived in the area where Amy is currently staying in St. Lucia and I have seen her on the beach - chilling, reading, talking to people...I am sure she has her demons in her life - don't we all? But the media keeps sensationalising her drinking and bizarre behaviour...and everyone thinks it is a joke...there needs to be an intervention sort of like Britney's...or just leave her be and she either comes around or she dies...

1934 days ago


That woman should NEVER, EVER, take her clothes off in public. That's just nasty, I'm sorry.

1934 days ago
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