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'NJ Housewife' -- What Planet U On?

6/7/2009 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice (left) -- and Kim Hunter as Dr. Zira in the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes" (right).

Teresa Giudice and Zira
One of them is known to act uncivilized.

We're just sayin'.


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Jesus Christ does nobody else on here find this really offensive?

1963 days ago


Wow, take it easy on Teresa. Yes, she is spoiling those kids & making them little diva's, but hey, to each his own. I think comparing her to an ape is a shameful practice and serves no real purpose. She seems like a good person. The thing that stands out to me is Danielle trying to make her sordid past look like candyland. All of the women have a right to know who they are dealing with on some level. Danielle is manipulating Jacqueline to an extent that is frightening. You can clearly see that she wants to get away from Danielle asap but doesn't know how to handle the situation. By the way, the NY housewives are the best! Talk about crazy personalities all crashing together! The husbands are as crazy as the wives!!

1963 days ago


this is mean....
seriously, at least her face isn't mangled like "danielle's" or whatever her real name is. please make fun of chacha the goldfish if you are going to rip on someone.
better yet, i agree with teacup...replace teresa's picture with a picture of michelle obama. not only does she look exactly like dr. zira, but i'm pretty sure they have the same style. hah

1963 days ago

bonny bateski    

She is one of my favorites on this show. NOT COOL TMZ. Clearly you have not seen the show. I would compare Daniel to the ape anyday!

1963 days ago


This was uncalled for TMZ! Love the site but hate it when you jab people like this! I wonder about the people who have to take shots at others and their kids!! C'mon! Very easy to criticize and make fun of people anonymously!!!!!!!!!

1963 days ago

Ice Water    

Actually, I think the caveman looks like Bethenny from NY.

1963 days ago


Well, she's Italian. It's the North African roots.

1963 days ago


Hey TMZ writers~
why dont you put your photos out here and we can rate them? Sort of like your weekly contest. It'll be fun!!

Teresa is a beautiful person inside and out! TMZ is what is UGLY!!!

1963 days ago


All those ladies are trashy and her hairline is similar to the planet of the apes woman.

1963 days ago


I can see why Bethanny is not married, I saw her once in NYC she has the jaws of life and her voice is really annoying--she's very de classe in my opinion. I'm a woman and I wouldn't want to have lunch with her, I think men probably sleep with her then quit her just to avoid having to hear that grating voice.

1963 days ago

Interracial facial    

This is a new low in offensive media. Tabloid thugs at TMZ wouldn't dare put a person of color in that pic. Then they'd be accused of racism, which is what this still is since it exhibits an ethnic hate speech pattern. This is not entertainment. It's juvenile guerilla journalism. If an anti-paparazzi revolution comes, Hollywood celebs should invade and conquer TMZ.

1963 days ago


I always thought her eyebrows were disturbing.

1963 days ago


(TEACUP) HOW 'bout we put a pic of your mother next to a baboons ass punk and see what looks better punk!

1963 days ago


oh that woman is a joke im 29 lived in nj for my whole life and we dont sound like that!! she sounds so nasaly(misspelled i know) she has the ugliest eyes and sadly two out of three daughters have her eyes!! poor kids, plus i just watched the last episode and i thought the same thing about her hairline... really bad. She is a poor excuse for a jersey woman and mother for that matter, shes instilling poor values in her kids

1963 days ago


That was cold. Funny as hell, but cold! LOL

1962 days ago
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