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Stern to Letterman -- Good Riddance, Leno!

6/9/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanna know why Howard Stern wasn't one of the big guests on Leno's "Tonight Show finale?" Just listen to what the King of All Media had to say about Jay on Letterman last night. Brutal!

 Howard Stern & David Letterman: Click to watch


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Stern is just a big windbag. Just keep to your lesbian pole strippers, nobody cares about anything else from you.

1901 days ago


Leno was a pompous azss. Glad he's gone. Conan is awful.

1901 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I'll prolly get this comment removed, but they both eat the Matzoh is you know what I mean. Besides Howard is a washed up idiot - F'EM

1901 days ago


Is Howard Stern sick? He looks like he has cancer or something. His face is so gaunt.

1901 days ago


Anyone who calls Stern an idiot or thinks his show is mindless or appeals to the lowest common denominator is an idiot themselves. Many successful people listen and love Howard, many attorneys in my office listened to his show on Sirius, many other successful people are big Howard fans. The people who criticize the show have probably never listened to it on a consistent basis, he is probably the best interviewer ever, can make anyone seem interesting and relevant. Long live the king!

1901 days ago

lost in lalaland    

#14 said it perfectly. My take: If the only way you can get laughs is to humilate others, you're not really funny. You just have a juvenile audience. He thinks and acts like a mildly clever teenage boy. I'd love to see his demographics. 98% male I'm betting.

1901 days ago


Howard you are so gross. You finally open up your big mouth now that Leno is off the air. Are you pissed that your Stuttering John is on Leno now and not your failed show? How is your albino looking ugly horse face wife doing:?

1901 days ago


Howard Stern looks more like a tranny every day. I used to be a big Stern fan but he is just so tiresome now. It's the same schtick for 25 years. Kinda like Letterman.

1901 days ago


Leno beat Letterman like a drum consistently for years and years. Stern's show is a mere shadow of what it used to be, now it's the Stern & Artie Show. Stern also looks really old. He's aged about 20 years in the past 5. Pathetic.

1901 days ago


Who the hell cares what Stern thinks. He's an old man who behaves like a 12 year old.

1901 days ago


Stern - great face for radio. great voice for silent film. shut the *&%$ up. He's peurile and misogynisitc. Who cares what he thinks?

1901 days ago

Slow Moe    

Howard who??!?!?!

1900 days ago


Howard Stern is so damn butt-ugly! And, that wig he wears! Him and Bigbird look like they were separated at birth! Anyone who still listens to him are retarded.

1900 days ago


Leno hands down over Stern. Not even in the same league. Stern got lucky with the contact but a lot less people listent o him now. I don't. Letterman has always been funny as has Conan. But Leno is someone I'll miss in that time slot and I wish all the luck in the world to Conan. I don't watch Letterman (or haven't since the 80's) except on the odd occassion but certainly, Stern is the worst of them all and to be "King Of All Media", you can of have to be on all media formats, which he obviously isn't, his telentness aside,

1900 days ago

maggie mae    

And who really gives a big crap what Howard or David really think? Letterman's show is not that great and he only can see his side of the news and nothing else. Who wants to deal with that??

1900 days ago
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