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'The Pregnant Man' No Longer Pregnant Again

6/9/2009 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pregnant Man Thomas BeattieGuess what folks? It's that special time of year when you try to re-figure out how Thomas Beattie -- aka "The Pregnant Man" -- gave birth ... because that's exactly what he just did. Again.

Beattie squeezed out a baby boy this morning, "20/20" is reporting. It's Beattie's second child (no name has been decided yet), joining his daughter Susan Juliette.

And just to further your confusion, "20/20" says it was a "natural childbirth" and that Beattie's wife will be the one doing the breastfeeding.

You now have permission to talk amongst yourselves.


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Why does the news media keep saying this person is a man? Female parts make it a female !

1932 days ago


"The only problem these childern will have is having to defend themselves from the stigma and ridicule of people like you. They will be raised in a loving home but you people will be the one's harming them with your comments and actions - THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK don't be hypocrites." ~ The REAL DEAL

I agree 100%. If you feel so bad for those "poor children" as some of you say, maybe you should teach your children to be tolerant human beings. Of course, with you as parents that seems pretty unlikely!

1932 days ago


Men don't give birth.

1932 days ago


Gotta agree with #14 ashe -
this dude is a female

1932 days ago


If it was two women who decided to have a baby together - no big deal. This is a woman who is pretending to be a man while enjoying the physical "perks" of still being a woman. She should DECIDE what it's going to be - male or female - not a combo of both that she flips at will to suit her selfish needs. In the year 2009 - men still can't have babies. This person is a woman. Period.

1932 days ago


this is sick

1932 days ago


The only person on Earth who makes Michael Jackson look halfway normal.

1932 days ago


These are two people regardless of their sex that have put their own selfish desires to have children ahead of the children themselves. These children will be so messed up. What a shame!! Poor kids!!

1932 days ago

Be Mischievous    

See, the problem is people like this SHOULDN'T be allowed to conceive, please next time save some time and money and just rip HER uterus out!!! same for the Octo-Mom!!!

1932 days ago


I hope this pathetic "thing" goes straight to hell

1932 days ago


Still looks like an ugly Asian woman with a mustache. So un natural and repulsive.

1932 days ago

who gives a shit    

This she/he has had it's 15 minutes of fame already. It has female parts and took hormones to grow a mustache, etc. I'm sure Oprah will have them on again Can't look at she/him! Very disturbing. Feel sorry for the kids who will have to grow up with these two parents!!

1932 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

That is one fugly looking chick! Who is the sperm doner, Bill Clinton? He would do her in a New York minute.

1932 days ago


We all know the guy's a gal. So get over it. Its sickening.

1932 days ago

chris t    

As a COMPLETELY POST OP FTM TS (yes, pipes, innards, and so on)...I find this person a DISGRACE. Have kids BEFORE transitioning...or look like a f-ing freak show...and keep your F-in life out of the damn media! This kinda freak gives EV1 a bad name......male, female, MTF, FTM....everyone!

1932 days ago
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