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'The Pregnant Man' No Longer Pregnant Again

6/9/2009 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pregnant Man Thomas BeattieGuess what folks? It's that special time of year when you try to re-figure out how Thomas Beattie -- aka "The Pregnant Man" -- gave birth ... because that's exactly what he just did. Again.

Beattie squeezed out a baby boy this morning, "20/20" is reporting. It's Beattie's second child (no name has been decided yet), joining his daughter Susan Juliette.

And just to further your confusion, "20/20" says it was a "natural childbirth" and that Beattie's wife will be the one doing the breastfeeding.

You now have permission to talk amongst yourselves.


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This is not about being anti-gay or anti-trans gender. It is about being against media whores. This person (what ever they want to call themselves) could have quietly shaved, had a baby and gone back to their life and no one would have known about it. Saving their children any embarrassment, humiliation, ridicule or teasing. No, he/she announces to the world what he/she was doing. Why? Did they think about how this would effect their children? This was a selfish act done for 15 minutes of fame and a few bucks. And I think the anger you are reading on this board is directed at the mother for not thinking about the children first. And the fact that the media keeps calling her a man. SHE IS NOT PHYSICALLY A MAN! Regardless how she feels inside. If woman has a masectomy,does that make her a man? If a woman has a hysterectomy, is she then a man? If a woman grows facial hair, does that make her a man? You don't get to keep changing your mind: Today you call yourself a man, then the next day you're a woman when you want a baby, then you're a man again. Then you are not committed to any gender but only to what is convenient at the moment!

1961 days ago

something smells    

she/he still has a vagina and uterus. his wife can breast-feed if she takes ocitocin (sp?) and produces milk.

1961 days ago


this sheman needs to make up its mind about what sex its going to be.... it cant be both...........

1961 days ago


I could care less what they do with their lifes. I have nothing against gays/transgenders. I don't think they should be missleading people to believe that an actual man gave birth when it's not though. You're born a man or woman and that's all you will be your whole life, despite getting operations. Biologically, you're still what you are.

1961 days ago


I don't understand why this is a story? And what is there to figure out? A woman who lives as a man (live and let live) gave birth. Why do some media outlets still try and make this story into 'a man gave birth'? A woman who lives as a man gave birth. Big deal. Creepy, but not news.

1961 days ago


Wow. Some of you all really need to kick that hatin' down a notch. You sound ridiculous.

1961 days ago

Doesn't take a rocket scientist    

Let's see he is a she, and still has all his 'she parts' so technically he is not a man.... Duh!!! Let's stop sensationalizing this when he's not a man..... Just because she had her breasts removed and takes male hormones it doesn't make you a man... Duh! He's got a uterus, tubes, the whole nine yards, he's not had a sex change.... Come on world, are we that dumb and gulable!!!!

1961 days ago

Brian Peppers    

Goddman that thing is grossssss

1961 days ago

Perez Hilton's Bumhole    

Ew Gross. But easy to answer. She/He/IT never had da pussay sewed up and made into a peen. But IT took too many hormone treatments to have usable tittays for breast feeding. That is your sex ed lesson for today kids. Bye.

1961 days ago


It's not a "pregnant man", it's a chick with a moustache and chocked off tits giving child. A child that will be trauma and bullying all his life for the inconsiderate thoughts of his/her MOM-Man-Wanna-Be!!!

1961 days ago

boogers (brampton)    

it looks like a man talks like a man walks like a man.........pee like a man? dummies he was born a woman and women can produce milk if they once had childern before and i believe in this case the wife does have childern from her first marriage.

1961 days ago

Oscar The Grouch    

After all the male hormones he/she/it has been injected with, surely that has to have a detrimental effect on the child who shares the same body for 9 months.

1961 days ago


"Thomas" was born a female and will always be a female -- that is how SHE squeezed a baby out. Odd? Yes. Confusing? Not really. I'm definitely not against same sex couples having children, but at least stay your gender so that the child doesn't grow up under false pretenses.

1961 days ago


Well, this is certainly not a story you come across everyday. I am surprised at the anger people have in their responses - I suppose people have the need to judge another's situation without trying to understand it. And as far as understanding it, it's quite easy - a person is born a man, but identifies as a woman, has a sex change, marries a woman, gets pregnant, has a baby. I'm not sure why this is a news story, but perhaps it is confusing for people who don't know him and the fact that he is transgender.

As far as the children, generally kids are so egocentric that they think their family is "normal." We all know that no family is "normal." It's the outside world's comments that will effect the kids. I hope this family decides to be a little lower-key (i.e., discontinues allowing any media coverage) for the sake of their children.

1961 days ago


It's very simple how this "MAN" gave birth. It isn't a man at all. It's a woman who had her boobs cut off, and took hormones to look like a man, but is still, INDEED, a woman.

1961 days ago
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