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High Times Mag.

Puff, Puff,

Pass to Megan Fox

6/10/2009 7:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Megan Fox speaks, men listen -- even if they're stoned.

Megan Fox
The folks over at High Times magazine got their pot prayers answered when Megan Fox told GQ she'd like to see marijuana legalized. Emerging from a cloud of smoke, the editors of HT have decided they need Megan in the mag -- STAT!!!

Senior Editor David Bienenstock tells us he's reached out to Megan's people about doing an interview -- and possibly even a cover. There's no denying it: The idea of Megan posing half naked with an assortment of pot paraphernalia is enough to turn anyone into a stoner.


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Eric Loves Women Too.

1883 days ago


is sohot megan foz i love

1880 days ago


So what... I would rather Grass be legalized than alcohol.

1905 days ago


Amen! More people are killed by others drinking than someone on 'pot' .. more people OD on booze, over the counter and legally prescriped medications than on 'pot' .. matter of fact I'll go far as to question ANYONE EVER OD'ing on pot. You are more impared on NyQuil .. and you can go buy a gallon of that and drink it ... it's a plant people.. God gave it.. USE IT!!!

1905 days ago


Megan is having Cheech & Chong tattooed on her ass next.

1905 days ago


It's still hilarious to me the defense mechanisms that come into affect from potheads! LOL. Like it's required to "defend" the drug because they use it,.. it's "ok" or it's "healthy" or it's "acceptable".. and so on!

News for you, IT IS A DRUG! NO drugs for PLEASURE are "good for you"?? No way, no how will I ever be convinced that it is "acceptable" or "healthy" to do marijuana!!?? Any and all drugs can be ADDICTIVE. If you use it,.. to each your own, .. I don't judge YOU,.. I do judge THE DRUG!! I like YOU, I do NOT like "the drug"? Please understand my comment BEFORE attacking me personally because I DON'T use it!! Alcohol is ALSO a drug,.. however a LEGAL one. I do NEITHER of these,.. what kills me is that others have told me not to judge pot unless I have tried it?? Are you serious? We were not born with this necessity for sustaining our lives? Smoke is smoke,.. inhaling smoke of any kind is NOT healthy for anyone!

I think more people have judged me for NOT doping, than I have ever judged them for DOING it. Separate the person from the drug. And if the person cannot separate himself from the drug, THAT is called ADDICTION. If you're so proud of doing this to your body, then why do the defenses come up when someone insults THE DRUG?? Is it the stigma attached? It's called "dope" for a reason! It's called "getting wasted" for a reason. You do it to GET HIGH, end of story. It's NOT necessary, it's NOT a life dependency,.. it's your pleasure of getting HIGH. Being HIGH or DRUNK is dangerous no matter how you look at it! Your judgement is clouded! When you get high and proclaim you're hurting no one... I guarantee there is someone that's hurting. I have older siblings, ...alcohol and marijuana are quite the destruction of "family". You say you can quit anytime you want... or can you?

1905 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I'd like to stick my Bud in her Cannib-ass

1905 days ago


I've heard all the denial and rationalizing from potheads over the years. The most hilarious is the old "it's natural!" one, to which I say, "so's poison ivy! so's hemlock! have some, please!" Bottom line; this stupid girl is another dumbass ho that won't be able to remember her own name in twenty years due to her being a pothead for decades. I've seen what it does to people, I've seen it ruin lives in just as many ways as alcohol does, and it truly is a gateway drug to far worse chemicals. This girl is a trashy idiot and her films are mindless garbage. She deserves to be kicked to the curb by the industry, NOW.

1905 days ago

Tye Tanikk    

Pretty sure the last 3 presidents all have enjoyed the wacky tabacky. I think they dont want it legal, cus stoned peeps dont give a hoot about all the propaganda spewed in the modern media. And that would stop the agenda train from barreling down the track.
O and I always knew Megan Fow was a stoner chick... all in the hazy eyes and smokin fine bawd!

1905 days ago


The reason people DO smoke weed is so they don't become uptight and lame like #5.

Just sayin...

1905 days ago


Smoke up Megan... It couldn't possibly make you look any dumber.

1905 days ago


Psst, Megan, listen up. If you did not have your cute face, you would be a nobody, so STFU. You are such a great "actress", that you can't even get a TV gig unless you are showing some bumps. You are just another empty Hollywood soul who is so lost that you will try being a homo, or drugs, or anything to make you feel something real.

1904 days ago


You know what's real funny. I am Dutch, I do not smoke weed and I am so glad its legal here. I don't understand the people who are bitchin and cryin over weed, my God ! It's not cocaine, people do not die from it. More people die of alchohol than of weed and it is proven to be NON addictive. I am talking about weed, not albout the tabacco thats in it. I read on another site somebody 'preferred people like Emgan Fox to die, than innocent children in between a gang fight about drugs', I really don't understand how people can talk like that. Making things illegal increases the excitement and reward of doing it (higher prices are paid, people wonder whats its like) In holland you are not seen as 'cool' when smoking weed or not smoking weed, its not exciting, people do it, we never have gangfights over weed and people do not die of weed. So maybe you could open your minds and consider that Megan Fox is not somebody dumb with a cute face that says anything she wants, maybe she has a point. All you comments actually prove her point..

1904 days ago


If Governmnet could fiout a way to tax it & keep you from growing it yourself they would.

1904 days ago


I'd say cigarettes and booze 'ruin' WAY more families than pot.. I'll even say SEX ruins WAY more families than pot. People like #5 love to throw the drug word around.. well it IS a plant .. fact. And yeah so is poison ivy and hemlock and bella donna .. difference is NO ONE I LOCKED UP when these plants grown in you yard. If ANYTHING that you do for pleasure is bad then we might as well check out right now. And it's funny how those who argue the horrid dangers of pot totally ignor the dangers of every other DRUG on the market. Hey red meat is bad for you too... lets make that illegal while we are being idots.

1904 days ago
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