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Taylor Swift Goes Gangsta

6/10/2009 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's teen country darling Taylor Swift is shedding her angelic, virginal image and co-opting something a little more street.

T-Pain and Taylor Swift

The 19-year-old wannabe hardcore rapper rehearsed with T-Pain in Nashville on Tuesday.

Taylor swift launch photosEminem may have finally met his match.


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Sue Wong    

I don't know who they are but they look good, cool and cute. A little funny but good. I wear those pants she's wearing, I get a lot of compliments on them. I don't like rap though and only the odd country song. It would be interesting to see what they do musically.

1962 days ago


Omg its obvious that MOST of you aren't Taylor Swift fans. Its a JOKE shes not trying to look cool or gansta! Shes just being Taylor, shes a dork, she doesn't take herself to seriously. Shes just a 19 year old girl having fun. Shes a great song writer and she doesn't want to just make one style or music, she tries a little bit of everything. Shes awesome, keep up the good work and keep releasing great music Taylor!

1962 days ago


#13: how do you figure? Oh you went to school w/ her? No, so then you've met her? No . Then stop runnin' your suck as*hole. She is a girl w/ looks, talent & money (that you don't have) and your just envious because most likely you have no job, no talent and you have a face that not even a mother could love. Di*k

1961 days ago

yr momz    

it's like she's the new chloe sevigny, but with less talent - who'd of thought it possible?

1961 days ago


White people make white people look bad

1961 days ago


This chick is not a country singer. She's a pop singer. Always has been. The whole country thing is a sham.

1961 days ago


Well I use to like her!

1961 days ago


She is so damn cute!!!!

1961 days ago


So sick of young kids (yes she is still a kid) trying to look cool by acting/dressing gangsta. We need more good black role models.

1961 days ago


don't we have enough black crap-music to deal with...all of it sounding ALIKE, without some little dumb blonde deciding to help create more crap ? the industry and the world is just getting tackier every minute. be true to YOURSELF, little blonde girl. there's enough ignorant music going on as it is.

1961 days ago

white debbil    

Looks to me as though Taylor is not very Swift at all these days.

1960 days ago

white debbil    

If the people who manage Miss. Swift's career think it's such a great idea to dress a country music artist up like a inner-city white trash fool, and have her go from singing to babbling like a tone deaf no talent sub-human, then It's only fair that they should have her collaborator (the large fellow with the Toys Are Us shades and the oversized street sign hanging around his neck) dress up in a cowboy outfit and record some country songs with her in return. I'm sure this wouldn't do as much harm to his image as the indulgence in "Crap music" along with those degrading pictures will do to poor Taylor's.

My advice to the showbusiness weasels responsible for this ill conceived public relations catastrophy, is to go back to managing acts like Babs Streisand, and stay away from Country Music.

1959 days ago


She was probaly just posing for the picture to match him. Did you really expext tpain to dress country?

1958 days ago

white debbil    

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah,Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Hey, whut dat smell? whut dat smell? Good lawdy,de kids mus be huffin dey Jenkem again!

1956 days ago


What the hell is you guys problem?? Did you even see the skit this was all done for??? Talking about her selling out and crap, you obviously don't even know what this was for. It was a funny ass skit for the opening of the CMA awards.... where she also played a NFL football player and showed up in the Star Treck movie. I think some of you like to comment just to do that... comment, and not even with an educated one on the subject.

1930 days ago
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