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Carrie Prejean -- Clear My Name or I'll Sue

6/18/2009 6:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean says she means business. She's giving the Miss California USA team one last chance to clear her name -- or she's gonna sue.

In a letter Prejean's lawyer fired off to the lawyer representing pageant honcho Keith Lewis, the attorney says Lewis defamed her by making her seem uncooperative and difficult to deal with. He did not address Donald Trump's comment to us ... that Carrie treated people "like s**t."

The letter also accused Lewis of using Carrie to push a gay agenda.

And here's the best part ... Carrie's lawyer says Lewis had no right to release her confidential medical information -- aka, a boob job.

The letter claims Carrie has suffered "severe emotional distress." If Lewis doesn't recant his comments, Carrie's lawyer promises a lawsuit.

UPDATE: Keith Lewis gave TMZ the following statement: "Mr. Limandri obviously has never watched "THE APPRENTICE" if he believes that Mr Trump could be so easily fooled. Facts are facts and we stand by them. No matter what strong wind the General Council of NOM will blow, Our vest of truth will stay on."

Carrie Prejean


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For goodness sakes, the smell of desperation is nauseating. I hope she goes ahead with her lawsuit and has to wait tables for a few decades to pay off her lawyers. She sure doesn't have a leg to stand on.

1951 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sue away honey - and good luck taking on Trump's lawyers.
Seriously, she won't sue, unless she's got idiot lawyers...oh wait, they are the same lawyers as for the Natl Organization for Marriage. Nevermind. A lawsuit will just bring up MORE dirt - let's have it!!
Why doesn't she just SHUT UP and go away - anyone with a brain knows what a fake, bible thumping, phony. lying bitch she is. But she has such a sense of entitlement that she's too stupid to know when it's over.

1951 days ago


That little brainless, Bible thumping twit needs to just GO AWAY!!!

1951 days ago


The more I read about her, the more I dislike her. What a bitch.

1951 days ago


Sue all you want. She will never have a career and will go down in history as the Anita Bryant of the 21st century.

1951 days ago


You know I believe everyone has a right to marry whom ever they want, but I also believe people have a right in thier own beliefs. Now if the Gay community wants to be consider equal than they have to treat people and the views the same way they would like to be treated. You cant say if she hadn't had made the comment about Gay marriage that this all wouldnt of happened. I use to love Shannon Molerk but after the way she has behaved and Donald Trump the all mighty doing this I don't have any desire to watch anything the two of them are in. Remember everyone has there beliefs and they may not be yours but you should respect her because she was honest and didn't lie.

1951 days ago


Holy Smokes -- if you visit the site, they actually have a picture of her giving the Nazi salute, as if she is a poster child for the Gestapo. Her fans are clearly out of their frickin' minds

1951 days ago

Lisa C    

Ok..note to Keith Lewis..You are to issue a statement immediately that says Carrie Prejean, has not had a boob job, is not a boob and has never exposed her boobs in a magazine spread.

1951 days ago

Illinois person    

PreWhore didn't feel she was under any distress when she opened up her vest so pictures could be taken of her boobies?

1951 days ago


Couldn't she make money more easily by just working at Hooters?

1951 days ago


I'd rather read meaningless gossip about reality TV stars than this woman. Her fans are nasty and she's a spoiled brat.

1951 days ago


Damn right she should sue!!! Everyone knows that Lewis and Moakler were abusing their positions and trying to force their radical, Neo-Gay Nazi liberal agenda with what little bit of "power" they had. What director in their right, sane mind would seriously begin insulting their own representative and demand they be fired for giving an honest answer to a ridiculous question that was asked by a gay radical extremist?

All the facts are on Carrie's side. Dumbass Lewis accused her of missing 52 appearances, and then Greta made the pig squeal like a bitch and forced him to admit he was lying by saying she really hadn't missed a single appearance.

Lewis and Moakler came across as bullying nutjobs with a clear agenda and the proof is in the pudding. Asking your representative to attend crazy pro-gay events and do a Playboy shoot?!!? What a dumbass!!!

These douchebags are toast and I can't wait for Carrie to sue. Maybe after Carrie owns them in court that will finally give Trump the sac to do what he should have done from day one. Clean house at the Miss California office and get some sane, unbiased, normal personnel in there that don't have radical liberal agendas.

Put the f'n fork in Lewis!!! He's DONE!!!!

1951 days ago


Please! Stevie Wonder could tell she had a boob job.

1951 days ago


And the Martians! Don't forget to include the Nazi Gay Martians in the lawsuit! They are a threat to godly people everywhere! And divorced people! The Bible says divorce is forbidden and divorced people are Satan's little helpers. Help! Help! I am surrounded by sinners who are conspiring against me!!!

1951 days ago


Girl needs a shrink, not a lawyer.

1951 days ago
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