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Madonna Has Mercy

6/21/2009 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Finally -- the first photo of Madonna holding her newly adopted child, Mercy.


Or, more accurately, the first photo of Madonna's hair, part of her shoulder, and Mercy's left hand.


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Kooky Fan    

Nobody cares...1st bitches

1949 days ago

kosa! kosa! kosa!    


1949 days ago


And who says you can't "BUY" a human?

1949 days ago


Good job Madonna it is always great to see some one who wants to give back no matter what people say. you have save a life God alone knows what you have done and may he alone rewards you. Keep working on it and don't ever give up to any silly comment.

1949 days ago


To all the rich, white women who are interested in adopting black children, thank you. By the way, I am a petite black woman and am interested in being adopted by one of you. I would be an excellent assest to your family. Due to the current economic crisis, the benefit of adopitng me are: I am small enough to be carried on your hip, potty-trained, no breast feeding needed, and eat very little. I can jump off your hip every once in a while, and do small chores at the cost, of course. Thank you for your consideration.

1949 days ago


happy for them!people don't be mizerable...if u didn't care then u wouldn't be there commentin...

1949 days ago

who gives a shit    

Yeah, you can buy humans! What did she bribe this country with, more schools and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! She just wants to stay in the news. And who do you think will be raising this child anyway???? A nanny..........................

1949 days ago


P.S. You don't have to leave the country, I can take a bus to where you are:((((((

1949 days ago


That baby needs a medical checkup...notice how swollen the hand is?

Post just made a giant leap BACKWARDS for your race...I know you making jokes, but during these days, these jokes aren't working.

1949 days ago

cosmo in texas    

Madonna has to do something to stay in the limelight, goodness knows she done everything else to be there. Has anyone spotted the child with that stupid red piece of string around her wrist that she will be required to wear?

1949 days ago


# You just put your race by 10 years by responding. Don't be so anal.

1949 days ago


you must be really desperate for a story!

1949 days ago


For the person who says the child needs a checkup due to having chubby hands (1) The child is from a foreign country and would have to have had an extensive medical checkup before making an international flight, and (2) many children have chubby hands. To make an assumption merely looking at a child's hand, makes you look dumb. I hope you are not the leader of your race.

1949 days ago


She got another exotic pet, just like Brangelina (i.e. "who can snatch up the most, and save the world!").

There are plenty of children here in the U.S. who need adoption. It's just the new Hollywood fad. Dispicable

1949 days ago


While I feel for these poor children in foreign lands, could someone please tell me why these celebs won't adopt American children? We have kids here who are just as needy. Guess it won't get them the media attention they crave to do something like that for their own country's children. Angelina and Madonna seem to be in some kind of sick competition by "donating" things to the country the kids come from. Tell me this isn't buying these children for their twisted sense of self-importance.

1949 days ago
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