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That Jonas Brother

For President

6/24/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Jonas was walking around Washington D.C. yesterday like he was gunning for Obama's job. The only problem: Fans on the street thought he was one of his identically floppy-haired, purity ring-wearing brothers.

Nick Jonas: Click to watch


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Nick Jonas is a true GENTLEMAN. I am the mother of a teen who I would love to meet such a great guy. He is extremely talented...check back in a few years you nay sayers. He always dresses in suits even on stage if you pay attention. He writes amazing songs that rank up there with the best, he plays several instruments and sings more than those of you who type negitive comments about him. His only mistake is associating himself with Miley Cyrus and I hope as I suspect this is a publicity stunt. His desire to speak about teenage purity is to be commended. If he was a obviously sexually active teen who beats his girl that would make him a real man ... I think not. I am so glad he does what he has been taught by his parents and I wish him well. Look for him to blow up as he continues on his path as on of the greatest entertainers of all time. Lisa M Cincinnati.

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1906 days ago


I know Kevin proposed to Danielle CONGRATS KEVIN!!! And Danielle!!

I don't know why you all hate them so much I find this really sweet he could have just walked past them but he took his time and took pictures and stuff with them.

Love you guys!

1904 days ago


I tottally agree with Lisa.

Im a teen girl and Im old fashioned to you know like let the guy ask you out, pay for dinner ect... These guys are such gentlemen you can't critisize him or his brothers, And if your gonna make fun of them for wearing purity rings....Seriously?

Would you rather them be how they are or a version of Chris Brown beating women ? I say themselves. They don't deserve to be put down be a bunch of loser that have nothing better to do but follow people are film them and then make fun of them. Harvey, grow up get a show that is actually maybe like Entertainment Tonight, doesn't that show rank in viewers ?

I agree with Lisa again, Nick Jonas is only 16 and he's writing half of their songs, plays like 3+ instruments,sings and everything Im sure surfer dude in the office could only do one or something.

So chill off the JoBro's they don't need losers like you in their lives. And thank god their parents gave birth to them cause without boys like them these days this world would be a total disater. Thanks Mr & Mrs Jonas ;)

Alana, Mtl

1903 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

1st beeeches

1912 days ago


why can't we watch the video??

1912 days ago

I am    


1912 days ago

I am    

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fricking tired of these overated, in your face purity ring wearing bozos. Normally I'm game for abstinence in children but for the other two: GO BUST A NUTT, ALREADY!

1912 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Little boys should stay away from this dude...

1911 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Where is his two timing buck toothed, horsey face, skank Miley? These two are so overrated, they can't sing, act, or anything.

1911 days ago


The reason why he was dressed up like that is because he was at Capitol Hill speaking with the Senate Homeland and Government Affairs Committee about funding Diabetes research... I'm sure it wouldn't be proper for him to just walk into the White House in just a t-shirt and shorts when he met the president earlier that day haha

1911 days ago


why has TMZ failed to recognize or record the recent engagement of Kevin Jonas? He got engaged on july 1, 2009 and TMZ still hasnt reported on it.

1883 days ago


how the heck can they mistake him for joe or kevin.... they are not true
i wish i was that little girl....oh my gosh to hug him.....ha ha...
his voice is amazing even when he is just talking

1870 days ago


i have a big long dream about nick jonas right now with all my love for you i have a feeling for nick Jonas

387 days ago

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