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La Toya Races to Her Brother's Side

6/25/2009 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson was in tears as she ran inside the UCLA Medical Center to be with her brother. Sadly, Michael Jackson had already died.


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No matter what you thought of him, fan or not the fact remains that 3 children have lost their father far too young. It is just so sad and my thoughts are with them

1945 days ago


To all of you people with the sick comments - Just remember: People may be "prasing" your death death one day too. Just because you don't like him dosen't mean you have to Bash him after he's dead...So DISRESPECTFUL!!!! R.I. P Michael will be missed dearly by the ones who matter!

1945 days ago


I cannot WAIT for the doctor's side to this tragedy. I was sceptical about that at-home physician from the moment I heard he lived with Michael. Something is fishy about that doctor! I will definitely stayed tuned. He DID SOMETHING WRONG in my opinion. I hate all of these "pain killer meds ..etc, anyways...especially IF there is more than 1 being used. People, PLEASE!!! If you don't feel right about these "so - called meds" we are advised to take because we have put all of our trust in doctors, get a second opinion on it. It could save your life. I had a minor scare with a PX in April/May. I got a second opinion from another Dr. and he told me to discontinue 1 of the meds. The positive results were instant. I wish everthing could heal naturally but oh well.... I am praying for Michael's family and children.

1945 days ago

janice jernigan    

To The Jackson Family! Today is yet another sadden day without Michael in our lives! We will always love and Miss him very much. He was the best of everything to the fans and we know he loved us all as we all loved him. I cannot imagine life without him and I know if he had known he was leaving suddeny he would have rtold us all he loves us all very much.
Thank you Mr and Mr Jackson for sharing such a wonderful part of your life with us . Love and Prayers to you All!

1945 days ago


Only the bests die early.

1945 days ago


This is so sad.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Jackson Family.

I know what they're going through. My sister passed away last year from a heart attack and we didn't even get to say goodbye.

1945 days ago


To the family of michael jackson, i am sorry for your loss.
he will be missed.
my prayers are with you.

1945 days ago


I feel like I have lost a uncle even though I never met him I always watched his videos and I even cried until my mom bought me a red jacket just like his with all the zippers for christmas when I was little thats all my mom and dad would listen to. I give my prayers out to the whole Jackson Family and we all have to hang in there and we will get through this together.Love Terri and Family

1945 days ago


to all the people that are disrespecting micheal should be ashamed you people dont know him and things that were said about him were not proven unless u were actually there and saw him with u own eyes hurting kids then u have no idea what really happened you dont have the right to be so mean this man just died and already u take ur chance to smash him what if someone accused u of something that u say u didnt do would u want ur kids reading bad things about u online whether its true or false i dont think so you have the right to believe what u want too but atleast show respect for his family and kids and leave ur nasty mean comments to urself dont post it online its just not right rip micheal and my thoughts and prayers go out to the jackson family i know this is a hard time but know he is looking down on all of you he is in a place now where all this negativaty and hateful people cant bother him you know he wants yall to be strong and hold it together for his kids and to make sure they get through this painful time in their life

1944 days ago


. You people are about to make me sick. Knock off the blubbering. He is only one of millions worldwide who died on the 25th......................KNOCK IT OFF.

1944 days ago


Oh, La Toya, WHAT did you do to your lips? Sad...

1944 days ago


that picture is of latoya running? it sure looks like michael running.

i still say they swiched identities years ago! look at the moustache in the close-up "latoya" pic. that's michael i tell you!! the king of pop is ALIVE!! rip latoya. :-(

1943 days ago

un known    

iM CrYiNG.........
R.I.P mIcHAEl JacKsOn ...i lOvE yoU..

1939 days ago


So sorry .... It has been a long 2 weeks. My feelings go out to the Jackson family, especially Michael's children. It is fine now with all the hoop-la and sympathies which are sincere and important. But wait until things quiet down, then the sadness will begin. Michael, what a caring individual and awesome talent - he will be missed. Wish he would have called ..... R.I.P.

Humm, I also wonder what role Debbie Rowe played in the drug world??

1929 days ago



1946 days ago
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