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Jackson Fam -- Debbie Rowe Can See Her Kids

6/27/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to the family of Michael Jackson tells TMZ if Debbie Rowe reaches out to them, and wants to see her kids, they won't stand in the way.

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson

However, we're told the family is holding strong in its position that the kids should stay with their grandmother Katherine.

We're told the family believes it would be "unfair" for the kids to grow up not knowing their biological mother.

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1911 days ago


All I can say is well done to the Jackson family for such a positive decision, when they're going through so much heartache at the moment. The children have to come first.

1911 days ago


I wonder if Michael had a will stating who should be their guardians?

I think it's best to keep Michael, Jr. and Paris with the relatives they know the most, e.g. Grandma Katherine. I hope Michael's siblings have close-knit families of their own to help with the healing process and ensure the 3 kids can grow up happy. It would be a shame if some of the siblings shut down and not help out. I hope they think of the kids' needs first before their own.

I also think Debbie should be able to see them on a regular basis, but not have sole custody of them. They don't know her!

I just hope things don't get ugly in the courts system while settling custody.

1911 days ago



1911 days ago


UNCLE! Enough already. Can we have at least one story, sometime this weekend, that has nothing to do with this child molesting, alcoholic, drug-addicted, spoiled manchild?

Please? Surely there's another newsworthy story out there somewhere? There must be some starlet without panties that you pap smears can upskirt. Is it really THAT slow this weekend?

1911 days ago

Hayley B    

It doesn't matter if those kids are MJ's biological children or not. They are legally his children and entitled to whatever portion of the estate remains. From all accounts he was a wonderful and caring father. Those children have to be hurting right take them away from the only family they know and give them to a stranger would be just plain cruel.

Biology doesn't make a parent - love does. Debbie Rowe may have given them life, but that doesn't make her a mother. There was an interview with her some time ago. She had her walls covered in photos of her "babies" - her ANIMALS, not the children she bore for Michael. Apparently there was not one snapshot of a kid anywhere. She's made claims to "see the children all the time," yet during MJ's trial, said she had not seen them in years....inconsistency much????

Sadly, those kids have very few awesome choices - but imo, their family is where they belong...

1911 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Amen. And I do think it is a good move on the part of the Jackson family. I'm still not convinced that DR wants custody of the kids.

1911 days ago


Debbie Rowe should get her kids. The grandmother is 80 years old. Let her be the Grandmother. Debbie is Mom. The kids need it that way. Any kid would.

1911 days ago


There is rumors circulating that the sperm donor/biological father of the childres is THE Mark Lester.

Mark Lester is the actor who portayed the character Oliver, in the film Oliver Twist.

He is also the Godfather of Michael Jacksons children.

Google childhood photos of Mark Lester and they are of uncanny resemblance to both Prince and Paris Jackson.

1911 days ago


A recent photo of Blanket shows his darker skin tone, and his resemblance to MJ. ( A recent photo of Michael, Jr. from three weeks ago show similar facial features to MJ. ( and also His daughter Paris looks most like the biological mother, Ms. Rowe. Both Blanket and Michael, Jr. have the same nose and eyebrows. Michael, Jr. has a similar ear structure as did MJ as well as being rail thin like MJ was at that age. Those beautiful kids are clearly his. To suggest otherwise is ignorant and foolish.

1911 days ago


#79 (and I ask this kindly) How can he be LEGALLY obligated to take care of the kids if he is not the biological father? They were married but divorced--but then again, I could be wrong according to the law since they were married maybe that made him the legal father. Again, I'm talking legally, not morally--as we all know he was a loving father to him.

Legally, if a DNA test proves that he wasn't the bio father--are they entitled to his estate?

1911 days ago


Come on people....I know it has been hard to tell in recent years, but has everyone forgotten that MICHAEL JACKSON WAS BORN BLACK?! THESE ARE CLEARLY NOT HIS BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN. Maybe there was a legal adoption, but these are not kids conceived with his sperm. No matter how white he bleaches his skin and thins his nose, he was a black man and these chlidren are not (maybe I should say, don't appear) biracial. DNA NEVER LIES and I would bet his future estate that THESE KIDS ARE NOT BIOLOGICALLY HIS! So please, as you post, post accurately. Their biological parents, as far as we can guess, are still living. Michael Jackson was merely a guardian.

It really burns me up that they stand to inherit his estate. I really hope that he died intestate and did not legally adopt those kids so that all future earnings of the estate go to his biological heirs -- the REAL Jackson family.

1911 days ago


These kids were STOLEN from Debbie! How many people have the power and money to fight Michael Jackson?Michael claims they were gifts from Debbie. Children are gifts? Debie found peace in that she thought Michal was a good father, but she did try to fight for her kids when he was being tried as a pedophile. What me think the kids aren't even Michaels is that he married Debbie. In CA, the husband is always the legal father and his name goes on the birth certificate.

1911 days ago

Chez Portland Vic Australia    

What ever arrangements are made for MJ's Children I hope they are given supprt as i think they will need a lot in time.
Love should always comes first.. Money should be secondary.
Please keep the three children together always,,
I'm sure that is what MJ would have wanted.
Rest forever in peace MJ

1911 days ago


It is true the Jacksons are the only family these children have ever known. However, they deserve to know their maternal family free, as well as their paternal one. Debby Rowe is the natural mother. If something can be arranged between these two families and they can work together, it will be beneficial to these children. These children need to have some idea of a life without veils, masks, etc. Michael didn't do these kids any favors with the strange things he forced on these children. Being who they are, their life will never be normal, but these adults around them need to show that there is life and fun out there and they don't need to be covered to enjoy it. I would be interested to know if any DNA tests have been done on these children or if only Debbie Rowes or MJ's word was accepted that Michael was the donor. Look at these children, they don't show any African American skin coloration, they are too white. Most children of different races will show something of the two, hair, coloration of skin, etc. Well, anyway, I wish these children the best and I pray they will be able to stay together. Michael was an exceptional entertainer, he will be missed.

1911 days ago
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