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TIME Mag Rushes Out Jackson Issue

6/27/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here is your first look at the cover of the Michael Jackson commemorative issue of TIME magazine being rushed to newsstands Monday morning.

michael jackson time magazine

The last time the magazine published a special edition in between weekly issues was in the days following 9/11.


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Well said "Peace". What a wonderful idea. But I still wish he was here with us.

1908 days ago


I guess the way we feel about the loss of MJ, is the same loss felt by the previous generation who lost Elvis. Unfathomable.

1908 days ago


I am so frusterated with this whole michael jackson thing. Him and Farrah Fawcett died on the same day but no one has heard of anything about her since it was announced that she passed away, It is truly sad that we focuse more on the life of a perverted man who touched little boys and couldnt make up his mind about what skin color he wanted, than that of a brave women who led a good life and fought an amazing battle against cancer. While i try to not speak ill of the dead i couldnt hold it in this time. My thoughts and prayers are with the jackson family beacuse they did lose a family member, but maybe we should start focusing a little more on the family and friends of the Farrah in their time of need as well. And to those who dismiss Farrahs death because we saw it coming, you should be ashamed of yourself, just because we see a death coming doesnt make it any less tragic.

1907 days ago


This is such a great picture! I hate knowing that we get to see this because of Michael's death! R.I.P. and my prayers to the Jackson Family and the children.

1907 days ago


That's a great photo; very nice choice, TIME. That is how he should be remembered.

1907 days ago


The picture of Jackson is from the cover of his "Remember the Time" single.

1907 days ago

Jane Taas    

So now the crowds gather...
Endless tributes.
The kind of love and adoration he seemed to crave for.
Too late.
He is not here to feel any of it.
Suddenly, it is cool to like Michael Jackson again.

My heart breaks in every way.
For his children.
For the child that he was.
For the dreams he tried to live up to.

We all saw him suffer.
Many made millions off him.
Friends and family unable to reach in.
He, unable to reach out.

His life - the Hollywood dream.
His death - the bitter truth.
Isolated and lonely.

May you finally Rest in Eternal Peace Michael xxx

1907 days ago


He was, is , and remains the KING of POP MUSIC. Michael made the change in culture and music. He was the way forward for the younger generation of Ginuwine, Usher, Chris Brown, Justin T and you name it. We love you MJ. Rest in peace!

1907 days ago


it is just hard to believe that this man is gone. seeing this picture on Time Mag is just surreal. I keep waiting for someone to say it's all a horrible joke. When I think about all the pics on my wall of Michael when he was with the Jackson 5, being part of the fan club, watching him and his brothers on any show they were on back in the late 60's and early 70s and having the biggest crush on a boy back then just makes this so hard to accept and believe. My mind just cannot wrap around the fact that he is gone.

1907 days ago


number 110, stop it. we all felt horrible about Farrah and we watched her pain for years and it was sad, but you know that when Michael Jackson died, that would kick Farrah's death to the side. Regardless of how you feel about Michael and the accusations made against him, his death would naturally overshadow Farrah's. We knew Farrah was going to go, and that didn't make it easier, but when a person of this stature dies suddenly, Michael Jackson , ah hello, you know damn well that Farrah, Ed McMahon and all others would be pushed to the side. Now, if our President had been killed or suddenly died on the same day that Farrah and Michael died, who do you think would get the coverage that day? come on now, put your emotions to the side and use common sense.

1907 days ago


That to say furthermore... If is not that you are going to miss us a lot. S.T.P you who ragarde us from there height, do not pay attention On the journalists. Look at the affection of your fans whom they carry(wear) you. You will also excuse me for not looking at the reports which are dedicated to you, but it is STUPID of journalist break you TOO MUCH! GRRR!
I prefer to keep(guard) the best of you.

That God protects you,

1907 days ago


Number 119 Im sorry but when someone who abuses prescription drugs like he did dies, they dont deserve to be idolized for their death. I used common sense unlike the hundreds of parents who continued to let their kids go to neverland ranch after the first allegation. How money hungry do you have to be to put your kids at risk like that. We can use Farrahs death as an oppourtunity to raise awareness for anal cancer, and all cancers. Michael jackson was on a crap load of prescription drugs, he was basically playing russian roulette with his life. That should not be idolized like it is. If he died of natural causes not brought on by the copious amounts of drugs he was on i would be just as sypathetic as the next guy but that is not the case. And number 119 dont tell me what i know. I thought that farrahs death would be just as important as michael jacksons death but the coverage of her death is minimal.

1907 days ago


I loved Michael Jackson my parents knew him, me and my husband knew him and our kids were just introduced to him with the Jackson 5, he will be missed.

1907 days ago


Michael Jackson was born black and died white. He sprung out of the era of black nationalism rise in America with the Nation of Islam and Motown. He was not happy inside so chose to get out of his skin becoming something differant only to find desolation and confusion. I give credit to M.J. for what he did for the arts but as far as for his people, Black Americans, he did absolutely nothing. For shunning Islam and the black race the last 10 years for M.J. was painful, stressful and miserable. It is no wonder he drugged himself to death.

1907 days ago

Lisa Warner    

This picture is from his video "Keep It In The Closet" with the model Beverly Johnson. He was so beautiful during that time in his life. I just wish he could have seen it too. Dance with the stars Michael, and ask God to forgive those who said (and still say) and did (and still do) terrible things to you. Wherever you've gone, I hope to see you there some day. I want to give you a real hug, a kiss on the cheek, and look in your eyes and say that I understood you and loved you.

1906 days ago
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