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Billy Mays -- 'I Got a Hard Head'

6/28/2009 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what would turn out to be his last interview, Billy Mays recounted his experience aboard US Airways Flight 1241 which landed roughly at Tampa International Airport yesterday.

Billy Mays -- play video
Billy Mays was found dead in his home early this morning.

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I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Michael Jackson's doctor killed him - it's a fact.

1907 days ago


Wow! Sorry to hear about this. My condolences to his family.

1907 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

They,celebs,are dropping like one a day!! If I were any of themthey might try throwingslat overthe shoulder. Carry a rabitt's foot.A4leafclover.Hey,what they really need is get on their knees and pray!
Stop believing inwhatever new fad comes up.

Anyway, seems like May's estate is going to file and win an unjust lawsuit.

1907 days ago

j. e. harris    

Now my "mute"botton can get a rest. Don't mean to be disrespectful but then again the way he burst into my tranquil living room way to often was not very respectful of him either.

1907 days ago


Personally this is far more tragic than Wacko Jacko. He didn't freak people out with his bizarre behavior. He didn't invite children to sleep in his bed. He really helped inventors get their ideas out there to help people. And I agree, it's nice not seeing Jacko plastered on every article on this redundant site.

1907 days ago

None of Your Business    

I sense a lawsuit against the airline coming if that bang on the head is what killed Billy!!!

1907 days ago

Negril Hotels    

I cant believe it. Another head injury. When I was about 19 I got slammed in the head from this pole. I never got it looked at, turns out Im lucky. Get your head checked, like the Beastie Boys say.

1907 days ago


Honestly? My very first thought when I found out he was dead was, "thank god!" I can't tell you how many times I've run into the living room tripping over furniture, usually naked and dripping wet from the shower, to grab the remote to shut that guy up. I have never bought any products that he represented in protest of his use in their commercials. It's likely that many share my feelings in this regard. That said, to the family of this man who was probably well loved, I am sorry for your loss.

1907 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

That was last night with WTVT-TV reporter Shannon Mulaire (a.k.a. Super Fox) at Channel 13. I wonder if this could be another Natasha Richardson type injury where a small hit on the head propagates a brain hemorrhage? If I were USAirways I would be circling the wagons with attorneys after that screw-up on TIA runway 18R. From initial reports it wasn't simply a couple of nose gear tires blowing, it was a hard handing.

1907 days ago


Yes, it is VERY important to get thoroughly checked out after head trauma. I learned this the hard way myself. Long, difficult story there I will not get into.

And for what it's worth, Mighty Putty is not worth it. Get a real epoxy putty designed for the specific purpose you need, like plumbers' epoxy steel, for example.

1907 days ago

dr fred    

lucid interval after head injury the brain swells & causes pressure on vessesl cuts off oxygen followed by death
lucid intervals can be minutes hours days weeks

1907 days ago


That is very sad news. My sincere sympathies to his family and friends. I wonder if it was a piece of luggage from the overhead bins that hit him on the head? It even says in the safety guide that heavier items are supposed to be stored under the seats and lighter items on top in the bins. Whenever I'm on a plane I am shocked to see them letting people with ridiculous sized and very heavy suitcases put them in the overhead bins. I think the airlines need to have more strict regulations for carry-on items.

1907 days ago


probably that hit on the head caused an aneurysm same thing that happen with Natasha Richardson...

R.I.P Billy Mayes

1907 days ago


I thought he was a neat guy! He had his own way of getting everyone's attention. It was up to us if we wanted to listen or not, but a lot of us listened. I will miss him because he had such enthusiasm for the products. He seemed like he must have been a pretty nice guy...

1907 days ago



1907 days ago
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